TABLESETTING- Putting on the Pink- Mini Cup Cake Plates

Here is my Mini Cup Cake Plate!
Place setting: with mini cupcake plate and dome,
Flatware: mongramed with an S
Stemware: from an antique shop in Water Valley, Mississippi
white damask napkin, from Outlet linen shop in Mississippi
The handpainted pink rose napkin ring,
Is a Shower curtian ring! from Ross for $4.00
Pink rose and silver China: Pink Rose from a thrift store,
4 plates and 10 desert plates, all for $10.00

Place setting: using my Great Gathering dinner plate,
with the Royal Swril China desert plate.

View of the table lengthwise.
I mixed in my White Gathering dinner plates to make an eight place setting,
using the Royal Swirl dessert plate.

View of my Prescut Crystal Punch Bowl on the stand,
with a wreath of pink flowers around it.
Desert dishes are also part of my Prescut Crystal collection.

View of Table,
showing the buffet I made and plate rack, with my wonderful wine chalk board.

View if table, facing my little porch, Notice chandlier, still has not got a bottom light! Not decided if I going with the shade or glass. lol

See my black and white plates above the door way, from Marshalls,in
the plate holder hubby and I made.
The Table cloth is a Shower Curtain!

Centerpiece: ladies from Dollar Tree,
Prescut Crystal cake stand, a crackled bowl,
and more pink roses that are shower curtian holders,
pink rose candle holders for $1.00 each from thrift store,
4 green tea candle placed in Prescut Crystal Berry bowls.

View of table facing my side board I made from wood off our walls,
The two lamps bottoms are my Prescut Crystal pattern from a garage sale for $5.00 eachwith shade from Walmart,
making it a total of $18.00 each for lamp and shade.

This table setting is for my Daughter,
Jennifer 28th Birthday , she said: I love it for it looks Shabby Chic!

Jennifer and her daughter Brianna

Today is also my daughter, Suzette’s husband Shane Birthday. Knowing he would not love a pink table setting, we planned to do a table outdoors, where dinner was being cooked. Shane was not feeling well, at last minute, he did come. Sorry Shane, we did not set up a table for you!

My daughter Suzette, her husband Shane, their children Hannah and Creighton. Oh that my hubby on the end!

How did you like my Mini Cup Plate?

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Today At How Sweet The Sound, Beverly Asked The Question:
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I loved this question, for as a young girl, I read novels about the olden days, and how the ladies would have a rose garden and go out and pick flowers for their homes. They would have tea in their parlor, while recieving guest, they would do needle work, knitting, and have a castle wheel just for the parlor to spin on.
I took Vocational Training in Floral Design in School, worked in a Florist for hands on training. I also took a cake decorating class, and helped a caterer on weekends. I sold Home Interior, took a Interior Design Course. I learned to spin on a spinning wheel, knit, needle work, and many other things.
I think during all this time, maybe I was trying to work at being a Lady some day, for that is what I wanted to achive, as a young girl.
I do have my Parlor now, and working on having a Rose Garden.
I wonder have I achieved my dream of being a Lady?

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MINI CUPCAKE PLATES – Here’s how to make ’em

Making Mini Cup Cake Plates with glue, candle sticks,
candle holders, and shower curtian hooks.

I bought at Dollar Tree:
clear glass candle sticks
round green, and blue candle holders in the boxes, with tea candles
FromWalmart: glue made for glass
From Dollar Tree I bought:
a clear glass round candle holder

From Ross I bought:
pink hand painted roses,
which are shower curtian hooks, twelve for $4.00

I glued the glass candle stick to
the bottom of the round green tea candle dish
Let it set for 24 hours
I took off the shower curtian hook, and cleaned off the glue from the pink hand painted roses

I glued the pink rose to the over turned round clear glass candle holder
Let it set for 24 hours

The mini cup plate plates were so easy to make, and at very little cost.
I made twelve

I just love my mini cup cake plate!
What do you think?
Does this make you want to run to Dollar Tree?

Be sure and come back, on Thursday.
I will show you my setting using the Mini Cup Cake Plates!

As Always save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine

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View of my China wall closet.
This was a bedroom off the kitchen, The clothes closet, was on the right, with two open shelves above the closet, two plank doors, one for hanging clothes and the other one had built in shelves. We took down one door, and added shelves in it. The wooden plank door on the right stayed the same. My husband built shelves in the clothes hanging closet and added shelves out to the doorway. We the took two old windows from the kitchen and cut them down to fit the upper shelves. Took the old original French doors, that were in between the family room and old dinning room. Painted them . I still need to find one more window to make on more door.

My husband and I built the chandelier, from three garage sale lamps, one chandelier, and an antique bowl that had a hole in it an a glass piece lamp that is in the pattern of my Early American Prescut Crystal, one lamp shade. I have now silver leafed the chandelier and trying to decide if the lamp goes or I add another glass piece for the bottom light.

Do you like the shade, or just image a glass and smoked antique light at the bottom.

Now for this make over notice the left side of the cabinet where the brooms.

In place of the brooms,
we built shelves down the end of the china closet.

Now filled with some of my collection of pewter, silver, and aluminum.
Slight adjustment needs to be made!
My silver and pewter pitcher and coffee/tea pots will not sit on the shelf!

View of my china closet, with door closed,
I still need one more window,or I thinking of cutting down the extra plank board door and adding it.
Then my Gingermint dishes will not show.
to make a door on the open shelf.

What do you say: old wood door, or glass door?

As Always Save A Cup of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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This One Is For You Daddy!

Daddy sat down at the table, and said: This is a Lawyer’s Table!
I said, Daddy this is yours and Mama table.
He said, the table is set Fancy!
I had to hold back my laugh, and smiled.

For my daughter, Suzette and I
had tried so hard to give Daddy a southern home style setting,
like the ones Mama use to make, when I was a little girl.

My Daddy came for a visit, he had been outside in the heat for an hour with my husband, working on his truck. Living in the country ,
I never know someone is here unless they come to the door!

My Daddy came in with my husband, He was weak and not feeling well, knowing it was lunch time and Daddy is a diabetic. While Daddy was cooling off with a drink and resting. I went to kitchen!
Lucky I had put up fresh corn and peas the night before, and had some cooked!

I called my daughter, Suzette, who live next door, What do you have we can fix fast, we do not have time to thaw out chicken. She calls back, steak fingers, I said yes! Suzette cooked at her house the steak fingers, gravy, and cornbread,
while I made the other food.

With Suzette help we set the table, FAST with the food, and dishes.
Taking off the setting I had on the table, and leaving the napkins,
( forgetting she was to take pictures,)
and just put dishes everywhere! lol
I have finished silver leafing the chandelier,
hubby has to add the bottom light back.

I can’t believe I am going to show you a picture of me with no make up on,
I ran and put a little lipstick on, while Suzette took pictures!
Now you can see, my Hubby took a dinner plate and set at the end of the table!

Here I am taking the napkin out for my Daddy,
Daddy, I enjoyed your visit so much!
I wish I could have had fried chicken for you, just like Mama use to do!

View of the place setting
Cobalt blue chargers: bought 12 from thrift store for $2.00 each
Dinner plate: White Gatherings from my 64 piece set from Big Lots
Bread plate pattern: Staffordshire Engravings, Wild Rose,
from my 12 piece setting, was a gift from my sister, Gloria,
while I in the hospital instead of flowers.
Cobalt Stemware: bought in South Carolina
Flatware: had for years
Napkin ring and napkins: garage sale finds under $1.00

Now remember this meal was made and the table set in 30 minutes!
No Garnishes Here!
Centerpiece is the Food for this Southern Home Style Lunch!
View from above of table set with a southern meal of:
Iced Tea, garden fresh peas, corn, slice tomatoes,mashed potatoes, white gravy, steak fingers, and cornbread is a must to go with the fresh peas!
Yes, you have to sop your pea juice with the corn bread!
Sorry Daddy, I forgot to put out the pepper sauce for the peas!
What! No fried Chicken! Where’s the brown gravy?
I used my new white gravy boat from Marshall’s cost $5.00, and White Gathering platter, is from my 64 piece set from Big Lots.
All the bowl I have collected for years.
View of the fresh garden tomatoes, fresh corn, mashed potatoes.
View my country dining room, with sideboard in background.
I built from the wood we took off our walls of our Craftsman’s Bungalow. I painted it with my favorite Gentleman’s Blue Milk Paint, and stained the top and bottom shelf with Red Mahogany Stain. The chairs all garage sale finds cost $2.00 for the cream chairs and $3.00 for the stained chairs. The bench is an old church pew, my husband cut down. I paid $10.00 for the bench.
Daddy, Terry says: Come back Soon!
For he wants more of these meals, with fried chicken !
As Always, Save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine
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Here is our own Little Red Hen with her rooster, Big Red!


This was a very fun day with my grandson’s and a very well teaching day too. They enjoyed it so much and Granna did too!

My grandson’s, Creighton and Gage,
 picked the wheat’s grain from the stalk.

We took turns pounding the wheat grains to make the flour.

My grandson’s and I read the book THE LITTLE RED HEN.  
After reading the book: 
I asked my grandson’s, now who will help me pick the grain from the wheat, they chimed in we will, who will help me make the flour, they chimed in we will, now who will help me bake little cakes, they chimed in we will, now who will help me eat the cake, they chimed in we will, at last, who will help me clean up the dishes, 
they chimed we will.
Gage and Creighton at Granna’s giving a helping hand!

As you can see we did not make enough flour for our cake, my grandson’s wanted to know how the mix turn chocolate. I had to do a little fudgeing to sneak in a chocolate cake mix and by having a chocolate syrup near by and we added a little bit.

 They loved adding the eggs, and milk, and oil. The biggest fun was when they spooned the mix into the mini cupcake pan. They watched the clock while the cake was baking. Another teaching process, that was just plain and simple fun to them. 

Yes, we were careful and washed our hands,
 after handling the eggs.
Our table is set to eat the little cakes,
 off the plate!

I wish everyday could be as this day. 
With my little grandson’s helping hands!

The boys were staying the day. 
Such a wonderful day spent with my Grandsons.

Here is an updated photo of my kitchen above the stove.

 I cut boards and painted the shelves in my favorite Gentleman’s blue. Hubby put the shelves together for me. For the vertical shelf, I placed the boards just right to fit each old pieces, I have collected,
 On top of this shelf is some kind of grinder, Grind O Mat, not sure what it was used for, plus a wire rooster basket.

On third shelf has a metal French fry cutter, ( I bought in Tappahannock,VA at the Antique Mall),  it is like the one I used as a young girl. I just loved making French fries with this cutter! 

Second shelf holds a fruit juicer, it has a spout to pour out the juice, found this juicer in our Craftsman’s Bungalow! 

The Fourth shelf holds my Husband’s family Juice King, they always squeezed lemons and oranges in this old machine. 

The fifth shelf holds an old coffee pot, that was used on the stove eye to make coffee,  a garage sale find. A new Folgers coffee tin sits beside the coffee pot.
For the shelf above my old 1950 stove, I used a leaf from an old round table. I added a board across the front so thing would not fall off  onto the stove. My husband added the braces to mimic the look of his grandparents mantel which is hung above a doorway to hold my old tins. The shelf holds old enamel blue pots,pans, a roaster, and a jar of Apple Cider, from Williamsburg, VA.
Wish I had a jar of Apple Cider now! It was so good!

Notice my trash can, it’s a laundry basket!
Just above the stove, I had a blacksmith hand forged rack and hangers to hold my spatulas. Behind it I added a rooster rack and two cast iron larger rooster at each end. 
I spray painted the black iron shelves, bought from a yard sale. 
The red stoneware, gift from my daughter, Suzette, came from a yard sale. Does she know where I love to shop? lol

As always save a cup of Tea for me!
Lady Katherine

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I heard this pecking sound at the door. Thinking it was my granddaughter, Hannah,who is just a bit little to open the door. Surprise, I had a few visitors at the back door.

My hens came for a visit to share my tea!

My daughter Suzette, bought these for me at Walmart, Frozen Blueberry Tea Biscuits. There is nothing like homemade but these do the trick if someone comes to visit,
 or just to go with A SPOT OF TEA FOR ME.

The chicken lamp holds a candle, and was given to me by my daughter, Suzette,  found it at a garage sale.
The table, once was a child school desk, is set and ready for me, but my little visitors are still at the door staring at me.

The tea biscuits turned out great! 
Here is my rooster tray, from Crackle Barrel and my rooster tea set, from Walmart.

I am still using my favorite vanilla cream tea, Yes, I added the milk, I love the antique little white creamer, I used it for a fresh hydrangea from my daughter Jennifer’s flower garden. The tea tin, I bought two! I found at the Antique Mall in Tappahannock, VA and my tea kettle came from Quincy, La its brand new. 
I just simply love enamel white and  black cookware.

As you can see my kitchen is full of roosters, my favorite is the one above the staircase, it says Country Life, and Good Morning.

PS: Not to worry,
 I shared a few crumbs with my little visitors at the door.

As Always Save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine
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