View of my China wall closet.
This was a bedroom off the kitchen, The clothes closet, was on the right, with two open shelves above the closet, two plank doors, one for hanging clothes and the other one had built in shelves. We took down one door, and added shelves in it. The wooden plank door on the right stayed the same. My husband built shelves in the clothes hanging closet and added shelves out to the doorway. We the took two old windows from the kitchen and cut them down to fit the upper shelves. Took the old original French doors, that were in between the family room and old dinning room. Painted them . I still need to find one more window to make on more door.

My husband and I built the chandelier, from three garage sale lamps, one chandelier, and an antique bowl that had a hole in it an a glass piece lamp that is in the pattern of my Early American Prescut Crystal, one lamp shade. I have now silver leafed the chandelier and trying to decide if the lamp goes or I add another glass piece for the bottom light.

Do you like the shade, or just image a glass and smoked antique light at the bottom.

Now for this make over notice the left side of the cabinet where the brooms.

In place of the brooms,
we built shelves down the end of the china closet.

Now filled with some of my collection of pewter, silver, and aluminum.
Slight adjustment needs to be made!
My silver and pewter pitcher and coffee/tea pots will not sit on the shelf!

View of my china closet, with door closed,
I still need one more window,or I thinking of cutting down the extra plank board door and adding it.
Then my Gingermint dishes will not show.
to make a door on the open shelf.

What do you say: old wood door, or glass door?

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  1. What a beautiful cabinet to display your collections, Katherine. You and your hubby sure are so talented and did a great job putting it together. That lamp is one of a kind gorgeous too!

  2. Katherine, What a beautiful makeover!!! I love and I mean LOVE that silver/pewter!!!!! Nancy

    Come by and enter for a giveaway I am having. nancy

  3. Katherine, I love the china cabinets. It is so pretty and I love the glass doors, you can see all the pretties inside. I think another glass door, but then the plank door is nice too. Very well done. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  4. Is there anything you don’t do? I need to live next to you or at least on the other side of town so I could get some inspiration. I like the glass doors.

  5. woo hoo!!! I am loving your transformation!!! that looks incredible. You now have such a pretty place to share your dishes!
    as for that chandelier…outstanding!!!

  6. You and your husband are one duo to behold! :-)The project you guys make are major!

    I love your cabinet. Yes, I think glass doors would be nice. You get to display your beautiful china πŸ™‚ I like that it has a connecting open shelf on the side.

    Now for the lamp, It seems like a real hard one. oh but the hardwork is worth it just by looking at it hanging πŸ™‚


  7. katherine,

    What an incredible makeover!! Not only a great idea, but it must have taken a lot of hard work!! I love seeing all of your beautiful pewter and dishes displayed.

    The chadelier is awesome too. You are SO talented. Love it all!!

    Happy Met Monday!!


  8. Hi Katherine…I love your new shelving down the side…looks awesome…what a great idea! I adore all your china storage with the glass doors. There’s just something about seeing all that beautiful china through the panes. You and your DH just amaze me with all the wonderful things you create! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. I’m salivating over your cabinets!! I have dishes and trays…stashed all over the house. I think I’ll have to start shoving them in a box under my bed soon?

    I’m soooo happy for you and I bet you go in that room just to look and sigh that your dreams have come true in there.

  10. Such a beautiful cabinet, Katherine. You and your husband do amazing work. I definitely could use one of those. My cupboards are busting at the seams.


  11. Very beautiful makeover and very beautiful blog! This is my first visit here…Melissa @ Heart & Home suggested I come by and I’m so glad I did!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    (Treasure the Moment)

  12. First of all… I am IN LOVE with that glass-doored cabinet — it’s perfect. And with the small shelves now along the side … even better! You accomplish the most amazing things; I am in AWE.

    This is really beautiful!

  13. What a great idea. I love that. I wish I had room for something like it. Not even close here.
    I say the doors should all be glass. If you want one to be a little more private then hang a lacy vintage sheer curtain on the inside with a rod at the top and the bottom to keep it from swinging when you open and close the door.

  14. I like the glass doors. You and your husband are very talented.
    When ever mine and I work together we almost have a divorce! (44years)

  15. Hi Katherine…

    My friend…I just adore your china wall cabinet!!! What a grand idea…I would have never thought to change a closet into something this beautiful! You and your honey are just soooo creative…taking a closet and turning it into that beautiful cabinet…using french doors…and glass windows to the cabinet doors! I love how it looks…and so perfect for showing off all your pretty dishware!!! Ohhh…love how you built the shelves on the end so that you can display your pewter, etc!

    Hmmm…you asked about placing another glass window or a solid wood door on the upper right hand side…honestly, I think that either one would look great. It might be more symetrical using the solid door above…since the bottom is solid wood. But then again, I really do think that either would be beautiful! Girl, I really, really do love this idea!!! And I just love the beautiful chandelier that you built out of all the other lights! It’s gorgeous…and definitely “one of a kind” since you constructed it yourselves! I really think that the lamp shade that you have on it now…is gorgeous!!!

    Well my friend, I’ve just gone on and on…Hehe! Guess you can tell that I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed your post today…thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites!

    Warmest wishes,

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