MINI CUPCAKE PLATES – Here’s how to make ’em

Making Mini Cup Cake Plates with glue, candle sticks,
candle holders, and shower curtian hooks.

I bought at Dollar Tree:
clear glass candle sticks
round green, and blue candle holders in the boxes, with tea candles
FromWalmart: glue made for glass
From Dollar Tree I bought:
a clear glass round candle holder

From Ross I bought:
pink hand painted roses,
which are shower curtian hooks, twelve for $4.00

I glued the glass candle stick to
the bottom of the round green tea candle dish
Let it set for 24 hours
I took off the shower curtian hook, and cleaned off the glue from the pink hand painted roses

I glued the pink rose to the over turned round clear glass candle holder
Let it set for 24 hours

The mini cup plate plates were so easy to make, and at very little cost.
I made twelve

I just love my mini cup cake plate!
What do you think?
Does this make you want to run to Dollar Tree?

Be sure and come back, on Thursday.
I will show you my setting using the Mini Cup Cake Plates!

As Always save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine

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28 thoughts on “MINI CUPCAKE PLATES – Here’s how to make ’em

  1. Those mini cupcake plates are THE CUTEST! I have a cakeplate on a stand that was my Mother’s. My Dad gave it to me before he passed away. We always have cupcakes for birthdays and it sure would be nice to spring these on them the next time we have a birthday. Hmmm, might just have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OOOhhh girl how cleaver and cute are those…and so easy which I really like…Now I have been making the faux cupcakes with spakling compound and flowers from the Dollar Tree and girl it was so funny I had these cupcakes out drying and my daughter came and tried to eat one oh I laughed so hard I was crying…Hope you have a wonderful week my dear friend…will talk to you when I get back from Texas…take care…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Now this is so clever. Why in the world couldn’t I think of something like this. I just love them. I can’t wait to see your tablescape with them. Hugs, Marty

  4. Those are so cute and adorable, Katherine.Youa re so creative. The colors you picked are so pretty too….Christine

  5. Oh, Katherine, I am so sorry that you have had such a hard week. I will have to remember that if I ever see a bobber at the end of a driveway that it is your house.LOL
    I wanted to ask you a question. I think you are in the area of New Liberty Baptist Church. Do you know anything about it? We have yet to really find a church and my children really need for us to. My email address is:

    Thank you,

  6. Hi, sweet lady..I’ve been gone all day, on the lake and just got home at midnight…found your sweet comment and wanted to say thank you for featuring my photo. I love that.
    I am so tired I can’t see straight so will talk with you a little later…love, bj

  7. We always see cake plates in dome. And now cupcakes! A dozen is a lot. But How beautiful it is to use/display them all. A nice table setting too. Each guest will have it’s own display.

    This is just wonderful!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  8. Katherine These are darling! I saw hand painted ones in Steinmart and thought they were such a cute idea–now you have given me the urge to make a Dollar Tree run 🙂

  9. Oh dear, you may have created a real sensation!

    I can just picture us all running to our Dollar stores! Careful ladies dont stampeed!!

    What a charming idea! Love it.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  10. How did you ever think of this? What a great idea! You are so smart and so crafty! When I saw all of those on your table, I started wondering “where in the world did she get those darling cupcake stands”. I cannot believe you made these. They are fabulous! Thanks for sharing how to make them. And yes, you made me want to run to the $ Store! laurie

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