Here is our own Little Red Hen with her rooster, Big Red!


This was a very fun day with my grandson’s and a very well teaching day too. They enjoyed it so much and Granna did too!

My grandson’s, Creighton and Gage,
 picked the wheat’s grain from the stalk.

We took turns pounding the wheat grains to make the flour.

My grandson’s and I read the book THE LITTLE RED HEN.  
After reading the book: 
I asked my grandson’s, now who will help me pick the grain from the wheat, they chimed in we will, who will help me make the flour, they chimed in we will, now who will help me bake little cakes, they chimed in we will, now who will help me eat the cake, they chimed in we will, at last, who will help me clean up the dishes, 
they chimed we will.
Gage and Creighton at Granna’s giving a helping hand!

As you can see we did not make enough flour for our cake, my grandson’s wanted to know how the mix turn chocolate. I had to do a little fudgeing to sneak in a chocolate cake mix and by having a chocolate syrup near by and we added a little bit.

 They loved adding the eggs, and milk, and oil. The biggest fun was when they spooned the mix into the mini cupcake pan. They watched the clock while the cake was baking. Another teaching process, that was just plain and simple fun to them. 

Yes, we were careful and washed our hands,
 after handling the eggs.
Our table is set to eat the little cakes,
 off the plate!

I wish everyday could be as this day. 
With my little grandson’s helping hands!

The boys were staying the day. 
Such a wonderful day spent with my Grandsons.

Here is an updated photo of my kitchen above the stove.

 I cut boards and painted the shelves in my favorite Gentleman’s blue. Hubby put the shelves together for me. For the vertical shelf, I placed the boards just right to fit each old pieces, I have collected,
 On top of this shelf is some kind of grinder, Grind O Mat, not sure what it was used for, plus a wire rooster basket.

On third shelf has a metal French fry cutter, ( I bought in Tappahannock,VA at the Antique Mall),  it is like the one I used as a young girl. I just loved making French fries with this cutter! 

Second shelf holds a fruit juicer, it has a spout to pour out the juice, found this juicer in our Craftsman’s Bungalow! 

The Fourth shelf holds my Husband’s family Juice King, they always squeezed lemons and oranges in this old machine. 

The fifth shelf holds an old coffee pot, that was used on the stove eye to make coffee,  a garage sale find. A new Folgers coffee tin sits beside the coffee pot.
For the shelf above my old 1950 stove, I used a leaf from an old round table. I added a board across the front so thing would not fall off  onto the stove. My husband added the braces to mimic the look of his grandparents mantel which is hung above a doorway to hold my old tins. The shelf holds old enamel blue pots,pans, a roaster, and a jar of Apple Cider, from Williamsburg, VA.
Wish I had a jar of Apple Cider now! It was so good!

Notice my trash can, it’s a laundry basket!
Just above the stove, I had a blacksmith hand forged rack and hangers to hold my spatulas. Behind it I added a rooster rack and two cast iron larger rooster at each end. 
I spray painted the black iron shelves, bought from a yard sale. 
The red stoneware, gift from my daughter, Suzette, came from a yard sale. Does she know where I love to shop? lol

As always save a cup of Tea for me!
Lady Katherine

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  1. How special! You made the story come to life, and made memories too! I’m waiting for my grands to be ‘big enough’:)

  2. So cute! I love The Little Red Hen story and have great memories of reading it to my kids. We used it as a life-lesson as they grew up:)
    I would say “not I said the duck” and they quickly got the message that they needed to help:)
    Hope your have time to visit me:)
    ~Linda C

  3. Look like you and the boys had a nice time together today.So good to see you enjoying yur time with the grands.Boy those two boys are growing so much.Love your Show and Tell,you are going to have to explain to me how to do Show and Tell,it looks interesting.Glad your day went well today.

  4. Oh, you are the BEST sort of Grandma. You make me long for mine, she was like this too. How sad that before long you WON’T be able to fool the boys, the world rubs all their childhood off and some of the ‘magic’ with it.

    I’m sure they will treasure this day.

    I loved visiting you today.

    ~ Barb (Mrs. Miles)

  5. What an EXCELLENT day with your grandboys! As a former preschool teacher, I love that you ground wheat and read The Little Red Hen, and then baked something. A great learning experience!

  6. What a memorable day and how awesome that you made the story come to “life”.
    BTW, after reading your “tea” review, I’m up for trying vanilla cream tea. I love my Earl Gray and usually stick with it, but after such a rave review, I’m willing to try Vanilla Cream :0)

  7. Looks like a wonderful time with your grandsons. I so enjoy the visit of mine too, I read up on collecting seed for the nasturtiums And I will send you some. This is my first year with them and I have enjoyed the benefits of fewer bug damages on my veggies. My corn was perfect. Last hear I had corn borers eating them. Sorry I have not been by till now. I was working on baby shower gifts for my daughters shower. It is today at 2. Then I will be going back with her till next weekend to help her with the final move this way.
    Have a great week.

  8. Thanks for visiting my irish blog.

    Love your post today, and how you are teaching the kids that flour does not just come from a supermarket!

  9. How cool to make the story come to life. I’m going to borrow that (if you don’t mind)for our homeschool group book day. Thank you for sharing.

  10. What a wonderful combination of memories. It looks like something my grandma would have done with me. Thank you for sharing this. I’m also glad you visited my blog about setting up home in Germany so that I would be able to find you during show and tell, too.

  11. What a neat thing for your grandsons to do. Have you ever read “Pancakes, Pancakes” by Eric Carle? I just read that to my boys tonight and it talks about all the work to make pancakes, from milling the wheat into flour, gathering the eggs and milking the cow and making butter. We read that at bedtime tonight and then I found your post. How fun!

  12. Katherine…what a fun, fun day! Your Grandchildren must LOVE coming to your home…all the critters and fun things to do! I loved hearing the their sweet answers to your questions…how cute! Bet the cake was yummy! Susan

  13. Katherine, what a charming post. Such a fun day for your darling grandbabies! Everything sounded so delicious. What lovely memories you are creating for them!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely day!


  14. Katherine–You must have been a teacher! There is nothing children remember more than a Hands-on experience. You even coupled it with the perfect book–an ideal teacher’s lesson plan. Your grandsons are adorable and I love their names!

  15. What a wonderful post… I felt as if I was reading a lovely story, a picture book for me!

    (The Little Red Hen is such a wonderful classic; I remember reading it to my girls over, and over, and over again.)

    How sweet that your grandsons could help you, and experience the wheat being turned into something useful. They will never forget such experiences.

    And your kitchen is FABULOUS! Love the horizontal boards… love the stove, love the shelves and your collections — I could stay there all day, and share some tea with you!
    Thanks…. Cass

  16. I so look forward to visiting with you when I see your link on Show n Tell….’cause I know you will have something very enjoyable. And this post doesn’t disappoint. Love the shelf unit you made…charming and fits so well with your decor. And the wheat with your grandsons….priceless!!!!! Ahhh, the memories you’re making for them.

    My Show n Tell is posted too, I sure hope you can stop by for a visit….if you have time?

    Happy Friday Katherine.

  17. Good Morning, Lady Katherine! Hope all is well with you today, and it looks that way from the smiles on those two little boys’ faces! How darling they are and how much fun to teach them the joys of cooking. The best chefs in the world are men… but I think we women (well, some of us, maybe not me, but YOU) can hold their own with them! 😉

    Loved this post SO much. There was nothing in this world I loved more than being in my grandmother’s kitchen when she was making cupcakes. I would help stir the batter. She made cupcakes for me until she was well into her 90’s! 🙂

    Love to you, sweet lady…


    Sheila 🙂

  18. I loved your kitchen show and tell. You should decorate for other people because you are so creative. I need a friend near by that does things like this so we could do them together. The story of the little red hen reminds me: My youngest sister was to play the part of the hen in this story when she was in kindergarden or 1st grade. The day of the play she had the chicken pox and couldn’t participate. Thank you for sharing. I love show and tell. It is like looking through a magazine for free. It is so relaxing and fun and I love the friends.

  19. What a great! Grandma you are to create such a wonderful day for the boys. Funny about…where did the chocolate come from?
    Cute kitchen, a place for many more–I’m sure–baking days with the boys.

    Cheers, Candy

  20. I just loved every little bit of your wonderful post. I have two grandsons too. I know how fun they are. Your hens and rooster are so sweet. I want your kitchen.It is wonderful. I am doing mine in rooster/chicken decor too. I am coming back here for sure to look at your whole blog.
    thanks for such an enjoyable post.



  21. What a fun day indeed! I remember when our sons were small and helped in the kitchen. Now they are men and do it themselves, but still like to come in when I’m making something.

    Enjoy your time with them!


  22. What an absolutely wonderful post, Lady Katherine:-). I loved the lesson, the cake and your charming nostalgic kitchen. You are always welcome at my table. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  23. You have no idea what emotions this post evokes in me! My mother told the story of the Little Red Hen often as I was growing up and even into adulthood. Her nickname was lovingly known as “The Hen” until she passed away.


  24. Katherine, thank you for coming by my little spot. I did not realize they also have fireworks at Leesburg. I love your kitchen. I think I would love to see your whole house. When we were looking for a house, we wanted an older home with character and a little bit of land. Well, we got the land and are having to create our own character.
    The wheat grinding looks great. You are the kind of hands on teacher my children love.

  25. Lady, your comment letters are always a treat on my blog, so anytime is a good time!

    Feel free to use anything I inspire you with, I think… 😉

    I can only imagine your exhaustion and feeling of being free again. Glad to know you got your wish before the surgery, we can all use those, can’t we? I think you can do anything dear Lady and hence your daughter asking you to take on a design redo for her. What a lovely time you have with your grandchildren though they zapped your energy. I call those good and worth while exhaustion.

    The SITS is a blog of bloggers encouraged to visit other bloggers by featuring one blog a day M-F. It’s a quick way to “advertise” a blog and have others find them. I tell you, I wasn’t expecting that many to come by, but I sure am I glad they did! 😉

    Have a lovely day and enjoy every bit of your freedom… LOL I will pray that things go well for you and yours and that you find those yellow dishes and that tray. 😉

    Hugs, Chandy

  26. How fun for the kids! I just picked my oats and am having a hard time threshing it. The kernels are so small. I think it need more water. Yes, I eventually plan on planting the ginger in the ground. I just haven’t decided where yet. But the lady who sold me the plant said you have to divide every year otherwise it spreads. She says it freezes well. So maybe a pot is a better idea?


  27. How lovely to spend such quality time with your grandkids!
    It was fun to see all the items you have on your shelves.

  28. HI Katherine !
    I enjoyed your post with your grandkids – they are stinkin cute ! Love how you read the book and made the flour, the cake….so fun. The kids will have great memories of grandma ! Your kitchen is so cute and I love looking at others collections !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  29. Oh Lady Katherine! What a fun post! You are so sweet and so clever to use the book as a teaching tool like that. And I am sure that you have created some wonderful memories for your grandsons! They are such cuties! I love your kitchen and all of your wonderful finds! And the chickens peeking in the door…priceless!! I hope you are doing well. Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  30. Hello Lady Katherine…

    I just read the sweet note that you left for me on my Christmas dishes post…it’s always such a joy when you visit! Thank you for coming by and for your very sweet comment!!!

    Ohhh my friend, it sounds like you had the best day ever…I’m so very happy for you!!! There’s nothing like spending time with the grandchildren!!! Your two grandsons are just precious and so eager to help…so sweet!!! I love what you’ve done up above your stove..the shelving is beautiful and so perfect for your collections!!! Girl, I just love that stenciled border at the top…did you do that also? Your kitchen is soooo charming!!!

    Hope that you’re having a terrific Tuesday, my friend!

  31. What a fun day spent with your grandkids. And they learned something too. Can’t beat that. Love the shelves.

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