I heard this pecking sound at the door. Thinking it was my granddaughter, Hannah,who is just a bit little to open the door. Surprise, I had a few visitors at the back door.

My hens came for a visit to share my tea!

My daughter Suzette, bought these for me at Walmart, Frozen Blueberry Tea Biscuits. There is nothing like homemade but these do the trick if someone comes to visit,
 or just to go with A SPOT OF TEA FOR ME.

The chicken lamp holds a candle, and was given to me by my daughter, Suzette,  found it at a garage sale.
The table, once was a child school desk, is set and ready for me, but my little visitors are still at the door staring at me.

The tea biscuits turned out great! 
Here is my rooster tray, from Crackle Barrel and my rooster tea set, from Walmart.

I am still using my favorite vanilla cream tea, Yes, I added the milk, I love the antique little white creamer, I used it for a fresh hydrangea from my daughter Jennifer’s flower garden. The tea tin, I bought two! I found at the Antique Mall in Tappahannock, VA and my tea kettle came from Quincy, La its brand new. 
I just simply love enamel white and  black cookware.

As you can see my kitchen is full of roosters, my favorite is the one above the staircase, it says Country Life, and Good Morning.

PS: Not to worry,
 I shared a few crumbs with my little visitors at the door.

As Always Save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine
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57 thoughts on “A SPOT OF TEA FOR ME

  1. OOoh I will have to have some of those biscuits. I had just sat down with a cuppa and read your comments so I came back over for a visit. My tea is Good Earth which my friend, Patty brought me from Minnesota. Now that she is moving to Arizona, I may have to order it online. It has just a hint of sweetness. I use cream in my tea, too. I’d be interested in this Vanilla Cream tea you mentioned.
    I’m thinking we might be around the same age. The swept yard I remember was at my Daddy’s older sister’s house. We might have been just more rural than others. Some modern conveinences were longer in getting there. This same Aunt had an outhouse. My FIL was the peddler in that community. I loved meeting him and getting a candy bar. I didn’t know then I would someday marry his son. Small world.
    I like the cozy little corner where you have tea.
    Mama Bear

  2. Oh what a lovely post. I wish I was there. I love the chickens visiting! How cool. I have always wanted chickens! Thanks so much for coming by my blog to see my doilies today. I have extended my new Wed. meme for this week with a giveway. Please stop back in and visit. It is easy and all about friends. I would love you to join!
    Many Blessings,

  3. When I first read it , I read it as you got the hens from Walmart , silly me!
    Made me giggle though from my silly error.
    Thankyou for sharing , I just love rural life and all it entails.


  4. Oh, I love all your Roosters and your tea set…I have that same antique creamer! We seem to have similar taste…I think your visitors are the cutest things…I used to have hens. I wish I still did…my neighbors would give me heck though, I’m sure…
    Thanks so much for visiting me.

  5. Oh my, hens pecking at the door would make my morning! The closest I come to that is a squirrel waiting for nuts! Thanks for stopping by to see my vintage finds. Great ideas for my percolator tops, but my secret is still that until I get together all I need for my post. Stay tuned!

  6. Hello Katherine! Thank you for visting today and leaving kind comments~

    This post is a hoot, I just love the chickens outside the door!

    It appears that you have an older home that you’re working on too?

    I’ll have to look for those tea biscuits, they look delish~

  7. Oh Lady K, now girl you know I will love those tea biscuits I will be looking for them for sure..loved this whole setting you did and those Chickens I hope you did give them some crumbs…May you have a great and safe Fourth my friend…hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Lady Katherine, those bisquits look delicious! Please be sure and save one for me. 🙂

    Your chickens are SO cute, and so is your chicken china. Love it! I have a rooster lamp in my kitchen and a teapot shaped like a hen. I love them. And I always love visiting you.

    Happy Fourth of July to you. Hoping you have a wonderful time on this special holiday!

    Love to you…


    Sheila 🙂

    P.S. I adore your kitchen!

  9. I had to laugh… Your living my life about 15 years ago…When our kids were still home and we lived on a farm and had chickens everywhere, and a couple of turkeys, and whatever else decided to stay with us!!!I loved Roosters too, Loved your scape, Thanks for the memories…xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings…

  10. I just love those chickens at the door. 🙂 and I’m going to look for those biscuits.

  11. What an adorable tea tray and all the things on it…I love your rooster lamp, by the way.
    I enjoyed my tea with you very much and I promist to come back…now, you stop by my place whenever you can! :O)

  12. I love anything with roosters, and that tray is gorgeous! The chickens at the door is too cute. I would love to have some chickens, but I don’t think my pug Lucy would like that too much. I will have to look for those tea biscuits. They sound good!

  13. Those blueberry tea biscuits look so good! My granddaughter loves blueberries! I have to see if my Wal-mart has em! Your tea spot looks so cozy! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!
    ~Really Rainey~

  14. Well, let those hens on in! They’re so pretty! I love this, especially the resident chickens. But the rest is precious as well. Reminds me of an I Love Lucy episode. Remember the one with the chickens in her house with Ethel trying to help herd them? Comedy at its very best!

  15. Hi there,
    Oh, I love all your roosters! Sorry I’m late for visiting 2nd Time Around Tuesday but I couldn’t get into Diane’s website until now. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day.

  16. I have got to figure out why your blog is not updating in my blog list. Love all of the roosters-the live ones and the faux ones! How cute that school desk top is. Did you paint that? This is just a delightful tea setting. Hope your holiday weekend is wonderful! laurie

  17. Katherine, as always you manage to put a smile on my face… love the unexpected guests…glad you shared a few crumbs with them…lol.. Hope all is well with you,. I think of you often…
    Happy Fourth my friend…hugs ~lynne~

  18. okay,….why is your blog not updating on my list!!!! I was thinking you were away, and that is why I didn’t visit!!! I am sorry girl. I hope you have a good 4th!

  19. Cute Chickens, they know when to show up. My collie, Shelby, perks up her ears when you say chicken. They all seem to to know when we have food. The table with the tea is wonderful and I really like your chicken teapot. Thanks for the hint about the blueberry tea biscuits. Everything looks and sounds so tasty.

  20. The visitors at the door were priceless! Your tea tray and dishes are so cute. TFS. I am going to look for some of the tea biscuits.

  21. Lady Katherine,

    Thank you for sharing your tea tray and your chickens. I would like some of both. It makes me want to go yard saling. I love being off today, a Friday. I have washed my rugs and mopped my floor on my hands and knees. I think I deserve a break. My husband is napping. Have a great weekend and God bless.

  22. You started my day with a smile. I’m sure it was the rooster in your kitchen that brought the ladies to your door for a visit :-). Your tea tray is perfect. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Oh your little friends are so precious. I hope they aren’t going to be a future meal.

    I loved your little rooster tea set, and your rooster tray is beautiful.


  24. I love the chickens pecking at the door. I now know how much my granddaddy loved me, for as a child when I would visit the farm he would allow me to bring one of the chicks in the house. I thought I had trained each one to come to me when I tapped on the wood floor. Oh, the innocence of youth. Lovely blog, I’ll be back!

  25. Your rooster collection rivals my aunts. I am always on the lookout for new ones to add to her collection. I will have to show her your blog. I absolutely adore the chickens at your door. If I could, I would have some of my own. I’ve thought about getting one of those rolling chicken coops to see it I could pass it off as a child’s playhouse:) Maybe my neighbors wouldn’t notice? I hope you will join my in August for Crock Pot Wednesdays.

  26. I came back by to mention that I am hosting a Christmas in July Tablescape Party at my Playing Dishes blog. There will be one held each Saturday this month. Please come and participate or at least visit. A holiday tablecloth will be given away on the last Saturday, July 25. Info on signups is available by clicking my sidebar memes available on both my blogs.

    I am also having a weekly Christmas giveaway at my Christmas Memories in My Heart blog. Weekly entries are closed out a midnight on Wednesday for this.

    Hopefully some of you tablescape regulars will pull together a tablescape for CIJ or pull out some photos from last year to post.

    Happy CIJ!

  27. Katherine, I love your little mornin’ buddies..lol 🙂 Thanks so much for telling us about the tea biscuits!!! I will have to buy some! Love all the roosters too!

    I do remember talking about the half wall with the shelves…and I understand ’bout them hubbys to! Good luck with it 😉 Can’t wait to see what your doing! Nancy

  28. You sure know how to have a great tea time, Lady Katherine! I am now on the hunt for some great ones for me and my daughter!

  29. Thanks for stopping by Playing Dishes. I have entered you in the drawing for the tablecloth to be given away on July 25. Come back each week for more chances to win. I hope you will add a CIJ tablescaped to this coming Saturday’s Party. Remember you can either do one for CIJ or pull one from your files.

  30. Coming back around for another look, Lady K! Love those chickens so much! And I am looking beside me at all of your fabulous painted pieces on the sidebar. Amazing! You do great work!

    Hope you are feeling good today and enjoying the cooler weather. Someone from Mississippi who blogs with me (also named Katherine) said it was cooler there than it’s been. Same here in Florida. And oh, what a relief!

    Sending much love your way…


    Sheila 🙂

  31. Love your kitchen and all the Roosters, it looks like a place a very interesting person calls home!
    Have a great day!

  32. Very pretty tray! I didn’t know there were frozing blueberry biscuits – gotta check those out.
    Love the chickens!

    I finally planted my loofah seeds a few days ago. So we’ll see what happens! Thanks again for sending them to me – you’re such a sweet lady!


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