Old Easy Washing Machine

My new antique Easy washing machine
My husband brought home to me,
after buying a handmade saw mill from Craig’s List, he was given this Easy Washing Machine. He knew I would be so Happy! For I love all things old!
This Easy Washing Machine is not cleaned up yet,
but I will be adding it to my laundry room, as decoration!

The handmade saw mill is in background.

Top of Easy Washing Machine
round lids with holes for the faucet to add water

Close up of top of Easy Washing Machine

Side view of top of Easy Washing Machine
Another close up view of top, notice the right side has a lip around the small lid
Easy Washing Machines were made under this name of:
 Easy Washing Machine Corp.,
 in Syracuse, New York USA.
From 1932 then  in 1955 the company sold to McMurrary. 
We believe this machine was made around 1940 

Tag on front reads:
Easy Spindries
The model number is 30SS-PA
I will add the handmade saw mill on my husband’s website,

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25 thoughts on “Old Easy Washing Machine

  1. Oh my, Lady Katherine! Seeing this makes me realize how fortunate we are to have our modern appliances! When I was a little girl, the neighbors down the street still did their laundry with a wash tub with a wringer attached. Yikes! Thank goodness for new fangled inventions! lol Happy weekend…Debbie

  2. Katherine-My grandmother had one of these! I remember what an ordeal wash day was! By the way Your husband’s website is not coming up! Will be looking for this in your laundry room!

  3. Katherine it is really neat! 🙂
    Are you planning on using it?
    I used a wringer washer for two years in Germany and that was enough for me! I like my automatic but as a piece of furniture, it’s adorable!! xoxo

  4. Oooooh Girl you know I’m doing my happy dance over this …I use to eash on one in the sixties because I could buy them used for $10.00 and thats how I washed all my kids clothes until 1970…I kid you not p;us everything out to dye on a cloth line…all them diapers flying in the wind…I use to call it white sails in the sunset…May you have a great weekend my friend…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. How fabulous. I’ve never seen one of these. What a wonderful find. I’ve only seen the tub with the wringer mounted on the edge. I just love this. I can’t wait to see it in your laundry room. Hugs, Marty

  6. I remember the one my mom had that was similar to this. It had the small spin tub on the side of the wash tub, but it was pretty streamline compared to that onel. This was in the early 60s. Don’t know if it was new or not. Gramma used the one with the wringer. Grampa bought her a new automatic and she refused to use it!

  7. ha ha ha!!! I got your comment!! and here I thought I had found an unknown blogger!!! I was at the simple man!
    I love the washer…you better be careful…Gloria will be looking!!!

  8. Hello Katherine…

    My friend…what a sweet post that you chose to share with us today on Sunday Favorites!!! I just loved seeing your new/old Easy Washing Machine!!! I’ve never seen one like this before…it’s so interesting! I have to admit that it doesn’t look so “easy” to me…not in comparison to our modern day washers!!! Hehe! But I guess it sure would have been a treat to those who used it…coming from and old wash board! Hehe! Okay…now you’ll have to explain how it was used…for instance, I’m wondering why there are two tubs???

    Great post, my friend…I really do find these olden things interesting…thank you so much for sharing your new little treasure find with us today for Sunday Favorites!!! I love it!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS…So happy that your honey joined in with Sunday Favorites too! My husband Russell was sitting here when I looked at his blog…Russ sure got a kick out of that big ol’ saw!!!

  9. Katherine, my friend I hope this finds you doing ok.. I have to say in all my antiquing (few years back) I’ve never seen one like this. It is just the coolest. I’m anxious to see what your plana are for it. I have a single one outside in the past I’ve had a flower sitting on. This was such a fun post darling..hugs ~lynne~

  10. I spotted the saw mill in the background and thought hmmm two sawmills in one morning. Now I see the connection to your husbands site.
    Like the others I have never seen a machine like this one. Imagine how excited the woman who first owned it must have been to have this new appliance in her home.

  11. I think maybe you are going to be running out of space some time. 🙂
    That was nice of him to bring that home to you. Thinking of you often.

  12. For years I used a portable washer something like this. We lived in an apartment with no washer/drier hook-ups and no laundry room in the complex.

    It sure beat going to the laundromat with diapers, let me tell you!!!

  13. Lady Katherine,
    I have never seen one like this…It’s look great…I would hook it up and use it for hand wash clothes…You know those you have to hand wash…that a great deal.. Hope you are doing better…Carol, Rosemarie and I want to make a visit to see you before your surgery…Let us know when we can or you want us too…We love you and praying for you…Smiles and Hugs..Katherinellen

  14. Hello Lady Katherine, Wow, I love that old washing machine. I have seen many different laundry items but not one like this. Your hubby sure found a good one. I would love to see where you put it. It looks pretty large. Thanks for sharing this fun vintage washing machine. I love it!

    Hope you are doing as well as can be. I am thinking of you with prayers for healing.


  15. I’ve never seen one like that one before. When my Mother and Daddy first married, she used a cast iron pot over a fire in the yard and a tub with cold water for rinsing. She had a scrub board which was made of glass. It is on my blog in a post, somewhere. I have it now.
    Later she had a wringer washing machine and a tub. That is what she used until around the 80s when finally she bought an automatic. That one still worked when she went home to Heaven.
    Mama Bear

  16. I’d Love to have you Haul that to My house..I’d swap a Chicken Farm Table for that!! I love old Washing machines!Now I’m looking for your grandchildren’s table..Great Blog Lady K…

  17. Hope I’m not too late for it is 9 Jan 2012 now..
    My mother had one of these when we lived on the farm in Kirkville, N.Y. during WWII.
    After graduating high school in ’55 I went into the service and after being discharged the first job I had was with Easy Washer Co.as a tech writer. I wrote service manuals for the Combomatic washer/drier.
    Was just going thru the web and came across your page. Want to thank you for some beautiful memories comming back to light.
    Do you still have the spin/drier?

    Nelson Eddy

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