TEA For SAMPLING: Compliments of Vintage Tea
Yes, this is the tea I have been searching for! I just love vanilla cream tea, with breakfast or anything sweet. It is the perfect combination to go with cake, cookies, cinnamon raisin bread, just anything you like. I recomend this tea highly. My  Old Country Roses tea cup in one, holds almost two cups of tea, I brought my water to a rolling boil, and poured a little in the tea pot to warm , poured it out and added two full teaspoons of vanilla cream tea and filled the tea pot with water. I let it steep six minutes, I know you are not to go by color of the tea, but I could not help myself, for I like my tea strong. I used a strainer and added sugar to my taste and just a little milk. Vintage tea’s vanilla cream tea turned out to be the tea that I love. Thanks to Vintage Tea for helping me find my vanilla cream tea that, I have been searching for, since I lost contact with the company in Florida, where I was purchasing my tea.

One of my pink roses floating in crystal rocks in a crystal bowl,with little glass diamonds laying all around. A burgundy place mat on top of my crocheted table cloth, that was made by me long ago,and my lovely little tea silver tea strainer.

All upon my antique round table, with my Royal Albert Country Roses China.

With my vanilla cream tea, a simple strawberry tart, cut in squares, topped with Smucker’s strawberry preserves. One of my favorite little books,
WISDOM for the way, by Charles R. Swindoll .
All ready to relax with my tea and little book.
I am now ready to  taste  Vintage Tea’s vanilla cream tea.
In my parlor with my beloved teapot in one and my favorite vanilla cream tea.  My favorite corner! is now being replaced now with book shelves. Can’t wait to show you! My corner will still be there just in reach of a favorite book!

As Always save a cup of Tea for me!
Lady Katherine

Happy One Year Anniversary Susan!
To see many lovely Table setting, 
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  1. Someone wanted to know where my smile was on my Anniversary page. My husband, had to take 20 or so pictures to get just these. I tried to give you a smile!

  2. Oh, I love vanilla creme tea, too! And, my favorite Tea Cups and Saucers are Royal Albert, Old Country Roses…thanks for sharing your tea today!

    Thanks for your visit, too!


    ps…I host an on-line tea party on our blog every month on the 8th…perhaps you’d like to join us. Info is available on the November 8th party in my right side-bar!

  3. What lovely pictures. This makes me want to go make some tea. I’ve never tried vanilla cream tea, but i love anything vanilla. Next to coconut I guess vanilla is my favorite.

  4. Ohhh, that looks lovely, can I come join you next time!

    I have OCR china too, and love it, but I don’t have the Tea For One pot!

    I hope your grandsons get to see my scarecrow collection soon!


  5. This looks simply delicious! The table is gorgeous, too :o)
    I have never tried vanilla cream flavor…I’m gonna have to do that!

    I do enjoy listening to Charles Swindoll. My girls have a few audio books by him that touch any age.

  6. Hey, Katherin, thanks for coming by to see me so often. I wish I loved tea, but I haven’t quite got the hang of it. It’s such a genteel thing to do. Haven’t left for the beach yet, but Monday is the day! Thanks for reading.

  7. This was a great post!! I share your love of tea. Have you ever tried African Autumn? It has a fruity taste that is so good!
    Have a beautiful day!!

  8. Katherine–I love anything vanilla and can’t believe I have never had this tea! Loved your table with its beautiful setting. I love Charles Swindoll too–smart man!

  9. Lady Katherine,
    I cannot believe I haven’t already found this haven of rest!

    Tea time has always been a memory I enjoyed with my Mom, growing up! This blog looks like a tea party waiting to happen!

    I found you over at Carol’s ! I am so glad I did!
    I’ll be back! Sending hugs and prayers your way!

  10. Another charming post!

    Vanilla Cream Tea sounds wonderful. I am not a daily tea drinker, but that would tempt me for sure!

    New bookcases? Lucky lady — can’t wait to see them!

  11. Wow you have so many wonderful things on your blog. I love also.

    Found out about you from Carol at The Writer’s Porch. She asked for pray for you and your struggle with Cancer.

    I will sincerely ask the Lord to bless and keep and fight for you as you face this monster.


  12. Hello Lady Katherine! I am here from carol’s place — wanted to say hello; what a beautiful blog – and I love tea, and adore scones: I once made some lemon scones and couldn’t believe how good they turned out … I’m afraid to make more because I eat them all *laugh*

  13. This was beautiful and you look so beautiful in your lovely surroundings enjoying your vanilla cream tea!
    Very pretty tablescape!
    All the best,

  14. I have never tried vanilla cream tea, Katherine, but you talked me into looking for one to try it. You have the perfect spot to have tea while reading a book. Nice set up!…Christine

  15. Hi Lady K,
    What a lovely, romantic setting! Everything you’ve included works beautifully together. Thanks for letting us stop by for teatime!

    Hope your weekend goes well.


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