Lady Katherine Welcomes You To 
 Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles 
Bloggers Luncheon and Tea

Lady Katherine 
working on a centerpiece for the table, 
D  lives an hour away,
 came early to help Lady Katherine set the table.
Thanks D, I could not have done it without you.

From the left to right are
Katherine Ellen, D, Christine, Debra, Lady Katherine

As each Belle arrived, they would come up and ask are you Lady Katherine?
We all hugged each other as each of  the Belles arrived,
 for we were all so happy to meet each other for the first time.

 As I made the Centerpiece, D placed my black placemats,
 the Corner Bakery Cafe’s flatware, cups and napkins.

Centerpiece was made with a grapevine basket, my  90 year old friend, Hazel wove.  I placed a pie pumpkin in the basket, my husband bought on at Walmart on the way to the Cafe. 
I had planned to use one large pumpkin and two smaller pumpkins. 
My husband, bought three pie pumpkins, and it turned out to be the greatest idea,
 for there would not have been room for large pumpkins. 

Did you know there is a difference in pie pumpkins and the larger ones used for Jack-o-lanterns?

I then added a bush of sunflowers, added silk leaves to the handle,
 and placed gourds that I grew in the garden. 
I added two pie pumpkins on each side of the basket. 

Just before the luncheon, I went to Ross to purchase two more of my black, 
round sea grass  placemats, which I did not find.   I did find two premade fall arrangements filled with fall leaves, and pumpkins. I placed my two new black lanterns,
 from Ross on each side of the fall arrangements. 
Back view of the Centerpiece with the pre-made Fall arrangement on the right.

View of the table set with the my black lanterns, 
the glass on each side of the lantern is a different color, red, green, yellow, and blue. 

Yes, I forgot to lite the lanterns, everyone were arriving just as D and I were putting up all the extra things I had brought. I had a large trash bag full of extra things to use, I was going to make a fall arrangement the day before. I had my grandchildren all day, so I just washed gourds,
 and decided I would  just  have to wing this table setting!
With D’s help I think we did, What do you think?

I missed out getting in some of the photos for the group of ladies behind our table, wanted to know what was going on. I explained we were meeting for the first time and were bloggers on the internet. They loved the table and wanted my email address and website address, for they want to join in on the fun. 
Another view of the whole table

Place setting with the hostess gift of a pumpkin filled with tea. 
For the placemat setting on each end, I used a black cloth placemat.
 I bought At Ross just before the Luncheon.

Christine brought each Belle a goody bag packed with wonderful fudge. My husband ate three bags of it since the luncheon. I did get to get two pieces of the Vanilla Pecan Fudge, and it was divine!

There was lots of talk and lots of cameras being held out to each other and our husbands  

We had so much fun! We had some Belles that did not get to come,
 Carol at The Writer’s Porch was sick, we thought she might be lost.
 We had you a Chocolate Cake for your Birthday, Carol! 
All the other Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles You were missed!

We did not get to shop,  for we all stayed at the Corner Bakery Cafe for three hours.
There was a lot of talk, a lot of laughter, and good food!
Just a lot of fun!

Now I want to introduce our group that did get to come to the Luncheon.
Simple Man, aka Terry, Lady Katherine’s Husband

Christine and John
Christine’s website is: Christine’s Home Travel And Adventures

Debra and Wallace 
Debra’s website is: And It Came To Pass

 Katherine Ellen 
Website is Kat’s Corner

D aka Donna

Katherine Ellen is on the left of Donna

Lady Katherine and Christine

Debra showing her Travel Handbag,
 she bought at the Flea Market on Highway 49,
 on the way to the luncheon.
Debra won a door prize drawing ,a Tea Time Magazine

  Donna  and Christine
Christine won a door prize drawing, a metal candle holder 

As we ordered our lunch this is what we were tempted with! Wonderful Pastries! 
Debra’s Husband Wallace had a slice of  Citrus Cake, 
before he left he bought a whole Citrus Cake!

Just before all were leaving, a lot of laughter and happiness to have met each Belle! 
Oh, D where were you?

I want to Thank You All for Coming  for Tea and Lunch.
You all made my day very special! 
Lady Katherine

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I am a Lady of Simplicity!
I usually try to do a tea post, once a month.
 My lovely blue bird teacup 
with cinnamon bread
Here is my tea
Here is the tea and the post!
When placed together the tea and the post makes my Tea Post.
How do you like my tea post? 

 Just A Little Reminder 

Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Luncheon 
will be held September 25, 2009 at 12:30 pm
at The Corner Bakery Cafe 
in Flowood, Mississippi 39232

As of today, there will be eleven people attending.

For a map of  directions click on the link below 

Corner Bakery Cafe

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

Visit Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
where she is hosting: Tablescape Thursday

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Coca Cola Centerpiece
An old milking bucket used by my husband’s Grandfather,
 is filled with ice and Small Glass bottles Of Coca Colas.  A faux stick of dynamite, my grandchildren gave him,  a little old metal car, an old Coca Cola Bottle that was made in Laurel, Mississippi. Chef announcing Simple Man’s Birthday.
The table is set using: a vinyl check cloth, my white Gathering Dishes:
dessert plate, red paper plate, and a white dinner plate for a charger, and red paper napkins
View of the sideboard I built and painted with milk paint.
View of the buffet holding the desert
 and one of my New Lanterns, from Ross.
View of the Grandchildren’s table with the little coke glasses,
 with napkins in a red plastic bowl.

The Grandchildren had so much fun opening all the Coca Colas. 
Using our old Coca Cola Machine. We have three Coca Cola Machines. Which they have used coins to get a Coca Cola in a Can. This was a treat to open the glass bottles! 
 Yes, one granddaughter is missing for she was sick this day.
Granpappy loves his Coca Cola with peanuts, and the grandson’s too!
In this Collage is a print, my husband loves of an old store with signs. The tray is a Coca Cola tray, My daughter Suzette brought from a Flea Market,  filled with Coca Cola Glasses. 
I forgot to add the Coca Cola Glasses are filled with vanilla ice cream and Coca Cola, to make Coke Floats, and were loved by all!
For my husband Birthday Cake, I made his most favorite in the world.
Simple : Angel Food Cake, and Cherry Pie Filling in a can, from the Market
Slice in half, taking out the cake bread on each slice around the middle
save those cake bread crumbs 
Add the cake crumbs to the center hole,
 pour cherry pie filling all around the inside

Place the top back on to the bottom, and cover with cherry pie filling

Party food: long sandwiches of ham, turkey, cheeses, tomatoes.
Chips, sour cream and onion dip
peanuts for those Coca Cocas,
Cheese Cake Sampler, another of my husband favorites

Here the Birthday cake, 
yes I ran short on the pie filling, but he still loved it!

Here’s Hubby little trick of changing his age, back! lol

Wishing You A Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Simple Man Making It Do!

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A Cloche Centerpiece
Bouquet of Flowers, were bridemaid’s bouquet at my daughter wedding,
 placed in a over turn jar, which has a hole in it, 
onto a crystal platter with hand painted pink roses from shower curtains holders.
This cloche was placed on a  Early American Prescut Crystal cake stand, 
turned upside down, with a slipper inside.
This Cloche has a purse inside, the picture little off, with the etching on the cloche.
I wanted to join the Party today, I have a whole table set with crystal,
 but did not get it all completed, 

I want to Thank the Ladies at Peebles in Forest, Mississippi for helping me find these two Cloches! 
Thank You also for letting me know you read my blog website!
You Made My Day!

As Always Save A Cup Tea For Me!

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Calling all Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles and Friends!
Here I sit looking at the Menu Chef Jon has for me.
I am ready to order, but I have not heard from you!

We are meeting for lunch at:
 Corner Bakery Cafe,
in Flowood, Mississippi
You should be able to order most any item on the menu for under $8.00

While I wait, I order an apple pie, sugar cookie,

and a cup of Black Currant Tea.

Doesn’t my tea look wonderful, sitting on my new French Table, 
I got from Ross for just $15.00!

Apple Pie, now you may pick from the many other deserts.
For lunch, sandwiches, salads, pasta, soup, even breakfast,
and most anything you should like to have.

I am having a cup of Black Currant Tea, now you can have hot tea,
iced tea, or coffee of many types.

I had Corner Bakery Cafe, to pack up my cup.
As I wait for a note, or an email from you,
to say you will join me for lunch on:

 Friday, September 25, 2009
 at 12:30 pm
Corner Bakery Cafe
108 Market Street
Flowood, Mississippi

This luncheon is for any Mississippi Blogger, Friends in Mississippi, and Friends or blogger in any other state which would love to meet us on this day!
Susan, You have been wanting to come to Mississippi here is your chance!
Should  you want to shop, there is also a TJ Max, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning and Antique Mall nearby! Plus many other stores.

Corner Bakery Cafe is:
Off Lakeland Drive, which is also Hwy 25
In front of Michaels and across from Hobby Lobby and Ross.
Email me at:
Or just drop me a note in the comments below

Please let me know if you are bringing sisters, Mother’s, friends, husbands, children. So I can get a count how many plan to come.

If you need directions, I will try and add a map later.
Also I have been adding new links to Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles and Friends, so be sure and stop by their blogs and welcome them to meet with all of us for lunch. I had emails and some of the ladies are meeting up and riding together. 

Remember all you ladies that subscribe by email, give me an email and let me know if you can come.

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