Coca Cola Centerpiece
An old milking bucket used by my husband’s Grandfather,
 is filled with ice and Small Glass bottles Of Coca Colas.  A faux stick of dynamite, my grandchildren gave him,  a little old metal car, an old Coca Cola Bottle that was made in Laurel, Mississippi. Chef announcing Simple Man’s Birthday.
The table is set using: a vinyl check cloth, my white Gathering Dishes:
dessert plate, red paper plate, and a white dinner plate for a charger, and red paper napkins
View of the sideboard I built and painted with milk paint.
View of the buffet holding the desert
 and one of my New Lanterns, from Ross.
View of the Grandchildren’s table with the little coke glasses,
 with napkins in a red plastic bowl.

The Grandchildren had so much fun opening all the Coca Colas. 
Using our old Coca Cola Machine. We have three Coca Cola Machines. Which they have used coins to get a Coca Cola in a Can. This was a treat to open the glass bottles! 
 Yes, one granddaughter is missing for she was sick this day.
Granpappy loves his Coca Cola with peanuts, and the grandson’s too!
In this Collage is a print, my husband loves of an old store with signs. The tray is a Coca Cola tray, My daughter Suzette brought from a Flea Market,  filled with Coca Cola Glasses. 
I forgot to add the Coca Cola Glasses are filled with vanilla ice cream and Coca Cola, to make Coke Floats, and were loved by all!
For my husband Birthday Cake, I made his most favorite in the world.
Simple : Angel Food Cake, and Cherry Pie Filling in a can, from the Market
Slice in half, taking out the cake bread on each slice around the middle
save those cake bread crumbs 
Add the cake crumbs to the center hole,
 pour cherry pie filling all around the inside

Place the top back on to the bottom, and cover with cherry pie filling

Party food: long sandwiches of ham, turkey, cheeses, tomatoes.
Chips, sour cream and onion dip
peanuts for those Coca Cocas,
Cheese Cake Sampler, another of my husband favorites

Here the Birthday cake, 
yes I ran short on the pie filling, but he still loved it!

Here’s Hubby little trick of changing his age, back! lol

Wishing You A Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Simple Man Making It Do!

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  1. Oh I love the coca cola theme. I use to have one of those coke trays and gave it to my DIL. She loves it too. What a fun party and the grandchildren look like they were having such fun. Great recipe too. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  2. How much FUN!!! I love all the Coke memorabilia! Simple Man had a wonderful birthday…even if you switched the number candles around (I’ll have to remember this!). That cake sounds…and LOOKS delicious. Thanks for giving us a taste…

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  3. Oh, this is so much FUN….Dear Lady, you did GOOD! The table is great, all the cokes in the bucket is precious..I know that cake is delicious! And…YOU built the sideboard???
    And…Happy Birthday to your man.
    xo bj
    Dear have you been feeling? You never really tell us and i do wonder about you a lot.

  4. Happy birthday to the beloved simple man!How can he not have a great day with a beautiful setting like that especially for him? The cake looks delish! Is he coming to our luncheon?…Christine

  5. Just love the Coca Cola theme! My Dad used to have a collection of sorts of Coca Cola things.

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  6. Just delightfully fun from beginning to end! I remember getting a little toy Coke machine for Christmas one year & my Dad had to go out that morning & BUY some glass bottles of Coke for it to work. You sure brought back some fond memories with this darling tablescape. Happy Birthday to your DH!!

  7. How cute! A coca cola themed birthday party! The cake really looks yummy yummy!

    You have coca cola machines? And it’s working too? How cool is that? I think even i would enjoy that 🙂


  8. I love the coke theme! I swear a coke in a small bottle just tastes better than a canned coke. I bet the grandkids love that machine. I bet your husband doesn’t REALLY want to be 25 again–I know I don’t:) Great cake!

  9. Hi Lady Katherine,
    I enjoyed everything about this post! Great theme, beautifully presented! You must have all had such a wonderful time!

    I haven’t poured a bag of salted peanuts into a small bottle Coke in … hate to think how many years! Maybe that will be my weekend treat! Thanks for the reminder.

    Hope your weekend goes well.

    Bye for now,

  10. Your husband is too funny! Happy Birthday to him!

    How fun that you have Cola machines! The little ones must just love those! That cake sounds delish – I must try that sometime! Everything looks so cute!


  11. Lady Katherine,

    This was just charming, as usual—especially the peanuts in the Cokes. I can’t wait for the littlest two Grands to get big enough to take a big swig out of the bottle, with peanuts all afloat on the top.

    There’s nothing like reaching into one of those old-fashioned tin-lined coke “cases” and getting your whole hand chilled by the Arctic water and floating bits of ice. I’ve seen Cokes come out of those things, and start to freeze solid from the top down when they hit the air. Amazing.

    This was wonderful, and so evocative of our morning Coke Parties when I was a teenager—the only thing missing was the little crocheted panties for the Coke bottles—but I don’t think a guy would appreciate those girly things at his birthday party!


  12. I too love the coca cola theme! My stepdaughter collects vintage coco cola. The tablecloth is a beauty as well. And the food looks scrumptious!

  13. It’s all so very whimsical, pretty and fun Lady Katherine! LOVE it!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    Thank you very much for your sweet support my friend. I really appreciate it more than I can even put into words. Tear….:)
    I am so embarrassed I let myself eat such unhealthy foods and not excercise these last few years. You’re soooo right. I DO know better and should take care of myself. I have started already and feel a little better now. Ahhh…:)

    Blessings to you my friend,
    ~Love ya, Melissa 🙂

  14. What a terrific party theme. It looks like quite a party with one very happy guest of honor. Your photos and collages are wonderful. Have a great day.

  15. Oh Lady K, this is soooo cute! Love the coke bottles, and the red and white checks. The adult table and the kid’s table are both so inviting and great. Nothing better than a coke float, unless it’s that delicious sounding cherry cake. Looks like a wonderful celebration. laurie

  16. What a fun party. Happy b-day to your hubby!!!

    I love the coke machine and all of the goodies you made look wonderful!


  17. I love the colors and the theme. I really liked all the coca cola stuff. the cake looked festive and delicious. It looks like a good time was had by all.


  18. You’ve given me some great ideas for my annual “Grandkids Christmas Party”. I try to do something different every year and a Coke theme would be great I think! Thanks… post!
    Elaine 🙂

  19. wow, it is awesome! He may be a simple man but there is nothing simple about all the wonderful and fun fuss you went to to show him some lovin’. happy weekend!

  20. Yikes, am I missing something…does your hubby work for coke or something? How did you get 3 machines? I can’t complain because my daughter went to college on a coca cola scholarship ;-). Looks like fun and I love the bottles!!

  21. Hi, I love all of your coca cola stuff! I use to collect it to…I still have it somewhere in storage. I just wanted to let you know that I wont be able to attend the luncheon. I wanted to but I just found out that I will be leaving for Southaven, Ms. that morning to go to my son’s for the first time. Maybe next time..

    Lee Laurie

  22. hey…I tried to comment on your hubby’s post…how beautiful it was…and I could not get it to work at all!
    I swear I was there….but it kept saying permanent failure to his comment….sorry hon!

  23. Lady Katherine,
    Love…Love…this! It’s amazing how things(Collectable) come from where I was born and raise…and living her…Laurel , Ms…The cake looks yummy…Happy Birthday to the Simple Man….About the luncheon…Debra,Rosemarie and I are coming together…Carol is coming by herself…she want to go visit her brother when we are done…but we all are exciting about this…can’t wait! yes we do need directions….send me one and Debra one….I will let Rose know tonight at church…Looking forward to being with you…Smiles and Hugs..Katherinellen

  24. Love the co cola theme…too cute. You know, I’ve loved cokes since I was a little girl. Mama wouldn’t let us have them, so the sweet little old lady across the street would let me visit her and have a coke…love it!

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