Calling all Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles and Friends!
Here I sit looking at the Menu Chef Jon has for me.
I am ready to order, but I have not heard from you!

We are meeting for lunch at:
 Corner Bakery Cafe,
in Flowood, Mississippi
You should be able to order most any item on the menu for under $8.00

While I wait, I order an apple pie, sugar cookie,

and a cup of Black Currant Tea.

Doesn’t my tea look wonderful, sitting on my new French Table, 
I got from Ross for just $15.00!

Apple Pie, now you may pick from the many other deserts.
For lunch, sandwiches, salads, pasta, soup, even breakfast,
and most anything you should like to have.

I am having a cup of Black Currant Tea, now you can have hot tea,
iced tea, or coffee of many types.

I had Corner Bakery Cafe, to pack up my cup.
As I wait for a note, or an email from you,
to say you will join me for lunch on:

 Friday, September 25, 2009
 at 12:30 pm
Corner Bakery Cafe
108 Market Street
Flowood, Mississippi

This luncheon is for any Mississippi Blogger, Friends in Mississippi, and Friends or blogger in any other state which would love to meet us on this day!
Susan, You have been wanting to come to Mississippi here is your chance!
Should  you want to shop, there is also a TJ Max, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning and Antique Mall nearby! Plus many other stores.

Corner Bakery Cafe is:
Off Lakeland Drive, which is also Hwy 25
In front of Michaels and across from Hobby Lobby and Ross.
Email me at: ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com
Or just drop me a note in the comments below

Please let me know if you are bringing sisters, Mother’s, friends, husbands, children. So I can get a count how many plan to come.

If you need directions, I will try and add a map later.
Also I have been adding new links to Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles and Friends, so be sure and stop by their blogs and welcome them to meet with all of us for lunch. I had emails and some of the ladies are meeting up and riding together. 

Remember all you ladies that subscribe by email, give me an email and let me know if you can come.

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  1. OMG!! I wish I could come.
    We moved to Lake Martin five years ago from Brandon!! We lived in The Woodlands of Castlewoods for 14years. I could be there in less that 10 minutes from our old house. (well, maybe longer now that Lakeland has so many new businesses.)
    I usually come in mid-December for a Christmas brunch with my friends. Maybe, I will luck out and you will be having another tea party. Have fun!!!

  2. Oh how I would love to come, but Phoenix is way too far away. I hope you have a super turnout. I loved meeting a bunch of the Arizona ladies, what a great time. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi, Katherine,
    I checked my calendar, and I should be able to make it. I hope we have a good crowd! 🙂

    D @ SunnySideoftheSunPorch

  4. Hi Katherine,
    I sure would love to come…Will get together with Carol…and check with Rose, and also Debra…She just epmail me last night another gal from Laurel…There are 3 of us in Laurel and 1 in Hattiesburg that we could all ride together…I am going to post this on my blog…Can’t wait…Katherinellen <3

  5. That would be so much fun! I live about an hour and a half from Flowood. What is the date of the luncheoun? Those are all my favorite shops too! I like your new table. Very nice.

    Lee Laurie

  6. Lady katherine what a lovely plan and I know their are plenty of bloggers who would love to come. Me for one. However, I will be in Michigan visiting family on that date Not that I could travel that far. But still, I would enjoy meeting you gals from Mississippi. One day maybe.

    I wish your event much success. I will be thinking of you.

    I will also keep you in my prayers for successful surgery and quick healing.


  7. Sounds like fun. Wish I were nearer! I hope you can stop by and enter your name in the giveaway at Color Outside the Lines. I know you could do some fantastic things with the loot! 🙂 Cheers!

  8. Hi Katherine! I would love to join you all. I hope my hubby can take me. I am glad you gave a few week’s notice, hopefully he can take a day off. I will let you know when I know for sure. I will talk to him tomorrow. I am in FL right now, just arrived tonight….Christine

  9. Hello Katherine…

    My friend, your luncheon date sounds fabulous! Sure wished that I were closer…it sounds like so much fun! Sure wish you the best…hope that all the wonderful Mississippi bloggers can make it!!!

    Katherine, when I seen your new little french bistro table…I just jumped for joy! So very happy for you, Sweetie! Can’t believe that you found this charming table for just $15…what a great find! Love your chef Jon too!!! Absolutely charming, Darlin’!!!

    Have fun at your luncheon…and I can’t wait to hear how it all goes! Take lots and lots of photos, Dearheart!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  10. Yippee, Katherine! I called John and he said he can arrange it so they don’t schedule any patients for him on the 25th so he can take me to join you all. I can’t wait to meet all of you so count on both of us for lunch…Christine

  11. Hi Lady Katherine,
    I know you ladies will have so much fun! It would be fun to be the “token male” at that table!!!

    Speaking of tables, I certainly like your new Frenchy one … very nice!

    Hope your weekend goes well!

    Bye for now,

  12. I like your new table and tea cup!

    I hope you get a good turnout for the lunch! Wish I were closer and could join you. Florida is a bit too far away from MS!


  13. Wouldn’t it be fun if all us Tablescapers could join you! We would have so much to talk about and that pie looks delicious! Your new table is fabulous and must make you feel like you are having a beverage at a fancy bistro!


  14. sounds like fun, but much too far away for me to drive over for the day. I hope you have a wonderful turn out and loads of fun!!! :o)

  15. Oh Lady Katherine that sounds like so much fun. As I am in the Land of Oz it’s a little far…… Hope you all have a fantastic time and look forward to reading all about it. Linda xoxo

  16. Hello sweet friend! Oh how I wish I could join in on the fun, and meet you in person!! It would be my utter delight!! I still hope that I will be able to one day in the future!! You are just precious, and God brings you to mind often! I know you will have a lovely time with all that join you, and I will be praying for all of the details!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and know that I love ya!

  17. Hello Lady Katherine.
    Oh how I wish I could join you for tea at the Corner Bakery. What a delightful time that will be!

    I discovered the Corner Bakery while in Atlanta in July. What a delightful place for breakfast, lunch,and tea. My friend and I sat at the outdoor table for hours, sipping iced tea and catching up. I can just picture you and the other local belles sitting together…
    Have a marvelous time!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  18. Love your new tea table and what a reasonable price.

    Have fun at your luncheon. I am too far away to attend. The apple pie looks delicious.

  19. Hi Katherine…

    Just stopping in…visiting all the Sunday Favorites posts! A little late but better late than never! Hehe! My friend, I’m wishing ya’ll the very best time ever…hope that you have a great turnout and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it afterwards!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  20. Now, if only I can travel halfway and join in too. Oh poo!

    Have fun fun fun Lady Katherine! There’s no doubt about that. The apple pie looks delish by the way 🙂

    Do share some pics of the get together 🙂


  21. Katherine, I just dropped by to say that I would love to meet you if you come to Florida! I don’t live in Lakeland, but I do visit there regularly. But I would be willing to meet you just about anywhere. Let me know where you end up, okay? And please feel free to email me at my blog. I have an email thingy on my profile page. I can’t click and email you because I don’t have that thing installed on this laptop (the Geeks forgot), but if you email me, I’ll email you back. I’d love to meet you and the Big Bopper! 🙂


    Sheila 🙂

  22. Katherine, just a note to let you know I’m going to be out of town Friday, and won’t be able to come to the luncheon. It sounds lovely and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

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