My Surgery and a Little Hallowen

My Bags are packed, my pic line in and YES I hate to leave you
 I shall be having having a major surgery on Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I want to Thank you all that come to my blog website and for all your emails. Your thoughtfulness, and prayers. I do appreciate them so much. I tried to visit around, but I have been sick all week and not able to get all I wanted to get done. So know I have and will be reading your comments and emails.

I will not be able to type for a while, but should I talk a daughter into learning to run my blog, once I am home, in a week or so,
I will try to give you an update on how my recovery is coming.

This week I received lovely book on Christmas Decorating and Tablescapes from Susan, I peeked but shall wait to savor it as I lay in bed to recover.

Just wanted to leave you with a little something, here what sets on my tables for my daughter Birthday, and later I shall take the Halloween off and use it for Thanksgiving.
After our Mississippi Bloggers Luncheon, I made my gourds, sunflowers and pie pumpkins into an arrangement in my dough board and added a few Witches.
Very simple but I love this Witches Hat, was going to add it to a pumpkin, I just ran out of time.
Oh, but I love my new white tea set and that is a sneak peak of one of my new lanterns!
The table centerpiece I added baskets of pumkins, spiders, black birds.
While I in the hospital my daughter will have a Birthday. As in our family tradition they will carve jack-o-lanterns, roast hot dogs, and marshmallows. So I did just a little to make the table pretty before I go. I forgot to show the paper plates. I will have a cake ordered for her for this special day.

When I come home this is what will a wait me!
My new pumpkin tea set, on a tray with a magazine.
My grandson ensures me he will have me tea ready, I’m sure it will be ice tea. lol
Now I want to ask you all a favor! This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I ask that you all go make your appointments for a Mammogram and I also ask when you get the letter in the mail, ask the Doctor to give you the report, for as many as I have gotten, It will say you do not have Cancer, but it doesn’t tell you of any suspicious things or tumors that might be forming. You need that report!
As I leave Thank YOU All, Please Remember to
Save A Cup OF Tea For Me!
I shall miss you all!
Lady Katherine
I have a few telephone numbers and shall try and call,
Laurie at Bargain Hunting by Laurie, and also Becky at Holiday In The Sun 
are willing to write an update for me on their blog.
Bless you Laurie and Becky!
While I am gone go visit
Susan At Between Naps On the Porch, where she is hosting
Beverly at How Sweet the Sound , where she is hosting
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Today I am so happy to share with you, Tea With Katherine a painting by Fifi Flower Design,
of my Pink Rose Tea Party. I had a note from Fifi, this morning saying she had used picture of mine as inspiration for one of her paintings.
 I am so honored and happy for the picture, she used for her painting Tea With Katherine  
 has my favorite Tea Party Post featuring my Grandmother’s Roses. 

Fifi could not have picked a better day to give me such an Honor, 
in the company of many talented people in a lovely post on her website.
For after being at the hospital yesterday for test, and awaking sick in the night, and today is my husband Terry and I  thirty-second Anniversary. Fifi you made our day! Thank you!

Fifi Flower Design Paintings have a Lovely Whimsical Touch You Will Love. 
Please visit her by clicking on the pink words.

Fifi Flower Design Paintings are Copyright… 
Fifi Flower Design
Tea With Katherine

As I will be going for my number fortyth surgery this Wednesday, when I return home, in a week or so. I shall be looking from my bed out my window for Tea With Katherine,
 which I have purchased the original so happily from Fifi Flower Designs.  
She has many note cards, prints of her paintings. Please stop by and see Fifi.

I decided to share with you my original post of my Tea Party

This morning as I looked out at my Grandmother Sudie’s Pink Tea Roses, as I call them, on each side of my fence they are so lovely. I’d taken pictures of them on the fence, but wanted something special to go with my Grandmother’s roses.  As I looked around at all my small wooden tables,
 ground is to wet! I looked over to my daughter, Suzette’s porch, Yes! 
I went over and we loaded her iron table set, she found on Freecyle.
 Isn’t she the lucky one!
My Pink Rose Garden Tea Party!

View of table with crocheted doilies in the chairs
Close up of view of the pink tea rose centerpiece, 
my Granddaughter Hannah picked the pink roses for the vase.
View of the table top
I placed a demitasse fork on a white napkin,
 and added the tiny rose buds, instead of using a napkin ring.
A demitasse spoon placed on the back of the dimitasse tea cup saucer.
 I painted the little purse and little old fashion shoe,
 pink which before they was gold.  
The purse is used in the centerpiece. 
The shoe hold the place card of my three your Granddaughter.

My 22 month old Granddaughter’s place card setting.

My pink rose Tea Set, 
my sister Gloria gave me on my Birthday seven years ago.
I am serving Raseberry Tea,
 Becky at Holiday In The Sun sent me, with a few other surprises, I will show later!

The  three teir plates are of a pink rose print, I found at Fred’s Dollar Store, on sale for $4.00. I searched and searched to find another one at  these stores in nearby towns, I finally found one more. This morning, I opened the boxes for the first time.
 I found 3 in my china closet. lol

Today, I am serving, cinnamon cake, bite size raspberry sconces, with raspberry preserves
 and choclolate dipped puffs.
Garnish: peppermint, spearmint leaves and pink tea roses.

I used to work long hours, and involved in many meetings.
Everywhere, I would take my cinnamon cake.
 It was so loved and the recipe was asked for often. 
I would always say it’s an Old Family Secret Recipe.

This is my Cinnamon cake on my Early American Prescut Crystal cake plate.

 One of my Dearest Friends, Melba would ask for the recipe often.  After a few years, I finally shared my Old Family Secret Recipe with her.
 I told her go to this certain Grocery Store, and no other to find the ingredients. Go to the Deli Department,
 and find a Sock It To Me Cake. 
Buy the cake and go out to your car,
 and take the cake from the package,
 and place it on your cake plate and place on the cover!

 How did you like My Old Family Secret Recipe?
This week I told my daughter, Suzette my little recipe story. For I have never told anyone but Melba my Old Family Secret Recipe.
Suzette went out and purchase a Sock It To Me Cake and on the plastic cover she wrote, Family Recipe. She was so sweet to do this for me, I had a couple of tears in private.
Hope you can see where she wrote, Family Recipe on the top.

How did you like my Garden Tea Party,
 featuring my Grandmother’s  Pink Tea Rose?

To see my May 15 post of my place card project click on the pink box Projects for a Tea Party 

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You will be so glad you did.
Lady Katherine

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This Fall I am sharing a display of gourds 
I have grown these gourds and some purchased from a gourd farm in Wrens, Georgia.
Some of the gourds are ones I have made, or friends have made.
In Wrens, Georgia the fields are covered in gourds as far as one can see.
At the Wren’s, GA gourd store the gourds are stacked up in large sections by size and type of gourds.
Some are stacked in bins. Inside the small store they sell gourds the have been cleaned and
holes drilled for bird houses. You can also purchase iron hangers to make a tree of bird house
gourds. I left with a small truck load of gourds, that were from the field, on my first visit.
These are a few gourds that I have made while traveling around the Southeastern States of the USA. I wove a pine straw rim on to the rims of the gourds by drilling small holes around the rim and used the soldering iron to burn in the designs. Then I used a leather stain and a polythene spray to give the gourds a finish.
 To make these gourds food safe you can use a Tung Oil, which says  is only for foods.  
Some Tung Oil is not safe for food.

The small gourd with the beads, hanging from the stand is a berry gourd, I am told the Native American Indians, used these to pick berries along the trails. The pine straw is from long leaf pine trees in Camden, South Carolina. I also have a cane piece cut, that I used for a handle. I picked up the pine straw from under the trees, while working in the area.

To clean the  gourds, I have cut the tops off using a drill bit saw and washed in Clorox after taking out the  seeds, and cleaned out the insides by soaking in water.
I also take a small abrasive sponge to clean the outsides.
 I then drilled small holes around the rim of the gourd drilled and they are then ready to be woven with pine straw. I use a waxed linen or you can use raffia as many of my friends do.

My friend Hazel painted and wove this pine straw on this gourd, using raffia.
She gave it to me as a gift. I am blessed!
My friend Hazel, who is 90 years old came for a visit and she always bring show and tell.
Its so fun when she comes to visit. These gourds are her latest creations.

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine


My Simple Man Makin It DO
Simple Man is using an old corn sheller he has bolted to a wooden box. 
 He placed in a shucked ear of corn.

Turning the handle to shell the corn off the cob

Can you see the corn as it falls into the box?

Closer view of the corn sheller, corn is all shelled

Here is our flock of Chickens enjoying the corn

These Cuckoo Marans originated from France. 
How do you like my French Chick

My blue Cuckoo Maran Hen has jumped into the feed box.
This hen will lay chocolate color eggs come November!
I am so excited to see the first Chocolate colored eggs!
 She and her Rooster are my pride and joy!  

Oh No! I just got caught in the feed box!

Here is my Chick Friend 
When I am outdoors, she always finds me and lets me hold and pet her.
She checking out the feed box too.

My Chick friend, Yes that her name, for she just loves me! 
I hope you enjoyed seeing my chickens and my Simple Man using the old corn sheller.
Now it time for a cup of tea! Oh, Chick friend you can’t come into the house!
 I will save you come crumbs! 

As Always save a cup for me!
Lady Katherine

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