This Fall I am sharing a display of gourds 
I have grown these gourds and some purchased from a gourd farm in Wrens, Georgia.
Some of the gourds are ones I have made, or friends have made.
In Wrens, Georgia the fields are covered in gourds as far as one can see.
At the Wren’s, GA gourd store the gourds are stacked up in large sections by size and type of gourds.
Some are stacked in bins. Inside the small store they sell gourds the have been cleaned and
holes drilled for bird houses. You can also purchase iron hangers to make a tree of bird house
gourds. I left with a small truck load of gourds, that were from the field, on my first visit.
These are a few gourds that I have made while traveling around the Southeastern States of the USA. I wove a pine straw rim on to the rims of the gourds by drilling small holes around the rim and used the soldering iron to burn in the designs. Then I used a leather stain and a polythene spray to give the gourds a finish.
 To make these gourds food safe you can use a Tung Oil, which says  is only for foods.  
Some Tung Oil is not safe for food.

The small gourd with the beads, hanging from the stand is a berry gourd, I am told the Native American Indians, used these to pick berries along the trails. The pine straw is from long leaf pine trees in Camden, South Carolina. I also have a cane piece cut, that I used for a handle. I picked up the pine straw from under the trees, while working in the area.

To clean the  gourds, I have cut the tops off using a drill bit saw and washed in Clorox after taking out the  seeds, and cleaned out the insides by soaking in water.
I also take a small abrasive sponge to clean the outsides.
 I then drilled small holes around the rim of the gourd drilled and they are then ready to be woven with pine straw. I use a waxed linen or you can use raffia as many of my friends do.

My friend Hazel painted and wove this pine straw on this gourd, using raffia.
She gave it to me as a gift. I am blessed!
My friend Hazel, who is 90 years old came for a visit and she always bring show and tell.
Its so fun when she comes to visit. These gourds are her latest creations.

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

12 thoughts on “MY SHOW & TELL – GOURDS FOR FALL

    Very Pretty! You and your friend are very talented. Saw some at a crafts fair couple of weeks ago, but forgot to go back and get a closer look.

    October 11, 2009 10:15 AM

  2. Wow, Katherine- I’ve never seen such beautiful gourds!! This is a amazing talent:)

    Thanks for showing these to us!

    Linda C

  3. Katherine,your gourds are gorgeous.i tried painting a few last first time.haha.mine took like my gg son painted have done a wonderful job here…Ann

  4. This is so interesting, Katherine. I did not know you could create so many beautiful things with gourds. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. Please take care and build up your strength so we can plan our next luncheon. I want you to be in it cause it wouldn’t be the same without you….Christine

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