My Simple Man Makin It DO
Simple Man is using an old corn sheller he has bolted to a wooden box. 
 He placed in a shucked ear of corn.

Turning the handle to shell the corn off the cob

Can you see the corn as it falls into the box?

Closer view of the corn sheller, corn is all shelled

Here is our flock of Chickens enjoying the corn

These Cuckoo Marans originated from France. 
How do you like my French Chick

My blue Cuckoo Maran Hen has jumped into the feed box.
This hen will lay chocolate color eggs come November!
I am so excited to see the first Chocolate colored eggs!
 She and her Rooster are my pride and joy!  

Oh No! I just got caught in the feed box!

Here is my Chick Friend 
When I am outdoors, she always finds me and lets me hold and pet her.
She checking out the feed box too.

My Chick friend, Yes that her name, for she just loves me! 
I hope you enjoyed seeing my chickens and my Simple Man using the old corn sheller.
Now it time for a cup of tea! Oh, Chick friend you can’t come into the house!
 I will save you come crumbs! 

As Always save a cup for me!
Lady Katherine

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18 thoughts on “OLD TIME CORN SHELLER

  1. I love your posts about your chickens!!:) I think I’ve told you when I’ve stopped by before that I grew up with chickens and how much I miss them.

    I also enjoyed reading about the Southern Belles Blogger luncheon! Great pictures!

    Have a great rest of the week!

    Linda C

  2. Katherine….dear, dear Katherine: I so loved this post! The corn sheller and the chickens. Those chickens remind me of my youth when I’d go to my grandmother’s farm….my job was to feed them, and collect their eggs in the hen house. LOL….I remember my grandmother gagging when I’d go into the hen house barefooted in the summer…stepping in you know what. But hey…it never killed me obviously, I’m still here.

    And chocolate colored eggs? Can’t wait for pictures!!!

  3. Don’t know which is cuter, the simple man with the corn sheller or the beautiful chick eating from your hand:) Hope you are feeling well these day! Love and prayers from Georgia!

  4. I love your chickens . We used to raise chickens. It was fun.
    Have you ever seen Lady Katherine on CSI . She was a reg. quest star on there a few seasons ago. Any way if you can over look her job she was a very classy lady and a love interest to the main star of the show. But I think of her everytime I read your name. She was really was classy and pretty. Dark and mysterous. And way cool like you.

  5. Hi, precious! Look at those chickens! Aren’t they neat! And I love how your hubby is grinding that corn in that cool device. He’s so good with making neat things like that. No wonder you’re so proud of him!

    Choclate eggs! I thought that was the Easter Bunny’s job.. 😉


    Sheila 🙂

  6. I am so glad you shared your cute chickens and corn husker. I enjoy seeing your “farm” and all your antiques. I hope you are blessed with health and spiritual encouragement. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Hi Katherine,
    Oh I just love all of your sweet chicks! “Chick Friend” is just the cutest thing. How neat that you can pet her and hold her. ~Ah!
    I just loved this darling post!

    Thanks for your super kind visit. I always appreciate when you come by.

    I hope you are feeling and doing well these days. I’m doing much better and feeling good with my B/P meds. ~Whew!

    Many Blessings and Happy Fall!
    ~Melissa 🙂

  8. Hi Lady Katherine,
    Love the chickens! My grandmother always had chickens on her farm, and I have such fond memories of playing with them as a child.
    I’m so glad you like my background!! As far as the header goes, I don’t think you can use it with your photo, you could only use one at a time.

  9. Katherine…I love seeing the corn sheller and your chickens. That cracked me up seeing the one that hopped into the corn box…too funny! I like your Chick Friend! What a full and wonderful life you have, girlfriend! So much fun and variety every day at your home!
    Love ya!

  10. Katerine,will you PLEASE answer a question for me?when I was a little girl,we had chickens.For the eggs,but mostly for pets.And we had 2 or more roosters.each of course were different kinds with different hens.WILL ROOSTERS FIGHT?I don’t remember ours fighting at all.
    I would love to know the truth.I see in your pics two roosters eating together,,,,,Ann

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