A Day Around The Farm

A New Beginning! A new life on the farm! What a surprise this little lamb was, for he was born so early in January to his Dam (Mother) Trixie a Ewe that is a Gulf Coast Registered Sheep! 
He was born on January seventh. 
In temperature that were down to 10 degrees at night, 
and 20 degrees in the day.
He stayed warm in the barn, in a bed of hay.
He will take his little paw and make a place to lay down in the hay by his Mother’s side.
Our Gulf Coast Registered Sheep are all white.
 Now Trixie played a big trick on us for we have never had a colored lamb before! 

The day the little boy (ram) was born, I dried him off. Then held my breath he would make it through the cold weather this last week.
 Trixie is watching over her lamb.
Trixie is my oldest Ewe, she is nine years old.
She getting a little old to be having lambs. 

Sadie will soon give birth, and the little ram will have a playmate. 
It is so fun to see lambs jump and play. I can’t wait!

My Hungarian Komandor guard dog, I love so dearly. 
She loves the new little lamb! 

Our flock of chickens now miss this grass!

How I miss my French Chick! A few weeks after I had surgery, I was asking everyday if Terry had seen French Chick. I kept looking out the windows and French doors for her, worrying where she was for several weeks.  When I got home I saw my French Chick and was so happy nothing had happen to her.  For a fox, I think got five of my other chickens. Finally Terry told me he accidental ran over her! The chickens would follow him as he drove the truck out to the barn to feed  and she some how got under the truck. He didn’t want to tell me for he new I would be so upset.
She was to be laying Chocolate  Color Eggs by now. I was very sad!

This last week every day Terry would break the ice in the pond for the sheep to drink.
Terry had fun throwing the ice across the frozen pond.  The ice was about 4 inches thick.
Yes, he thought about getting a board and sliding across, 
but once one foot went in the cold ice water he changed his mind. lol

I hope you enjoyed a day on the farm with my new little lamb. 

Sometimes living on a farm can be heart breaking.
 but all in all
Life is Good Here On Our Farm

 I sure loved coming back indoors to sit by the fire and drink a cup of hot tea!
While watching the animals out the French Doors.
As Always Save a Cup of Tea for Me!
Lady Katherine

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18 thoughts on “A Day Around The Farm

  1. Yes the farm is a trial, a tribulation, a gift, a blessing!

    I rejoice with you in the new life that has come to renew the loss.

    Many thoughts to you this day :)

  2. Oh, what a refreshing look at green on your farm. It is all snow and cold up here– and so sorry you had all that cold, too! And the new little lamb is so sweet!
    I’ve told you before how I love seeing your chickens -had them when I was growing up and they bring back so many good memories:) So sorry about your French chicken- like you say, that is life on the farm.
    Take care, Katherine!

    Linda C

  3. Love the farm and all the animals. You are so lucky to have all that beauty to wake up to each morning.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Katherine-I seems Miss Trixie is appropriately named–where did that little colored lamb come from :)?? He is beautiful and it must be so exciting to see the arrival of new babies. I am glad he survived the cold. I probably would have brought him inside and put him in the bed with us–with all the dogs! :) Probably not a good idea. I am sorry about your chicken. I had a rooster as a pet when I was very young. Take care and I hope you are improving every day!

  5. Katherine, I love this post! Brings back memories of our days on the farm. After 6 years of being away, I believe we still miss it. One of our favorite memories is of the baby calves. We saw some huddled together, with their moms, on our way to the lake the other day. Sweet!

  6. Loved the farm pictures, I am jealous. If I had a farm I would have so many animals to feed I would probably have to go hungry! I hope we can gaet together one day soon. Stay warm.

  7. I am so sorry about French Chick. Katherine but your baby lamb is so cute! I hope you are feeling much better. I am actually relieved everytime I see a post from you because it proves you are well enough to sit and post….Christine

  8. Katherine,
    Awww…Ram is so adorable….Love all your farm animals..Wow…The pond …so amazing with ice…Love this post about your farm animals…Sorry about French Chick…:( Have a bless night…Katherinellen

  9. Sorry to hear about losing some of your farm animals :(

    I have to say that that new baby is precious!

    Hang in there Farm Mom:)


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