Today I want to share with you a lovely home that has been made over since Christmas
The Breakfast Area
Wouldn’t you just love to set down to this lovely scene in the Morning!
 This lovely is of birds and flowers! 
Yes Spring is on the way!

I want you to meet my lovely cousin Janice, we grew up together and are near the same age
Janice is allowing me to show your her home today. 
Janice loves an Italian Decor!

Janice’s Breakfast Area 
A wonderful Italian/ Tuscany look! 
The lamp and angel balance the buffet table
With wonderful pottery dishes displayed 
below the grape print above

Janice has been busy this week doing a make over from Christmas 
 A grouping of bird plates surrounding a  lovely hand painted scrolled gold mirror 
Candlebras, candles, a wonderful bird compote, with an urn on the end to balance 
This Wonderful  Mantel Make Over!

I just love the soft touch with the scarf draped on the chair by the fireplace
I just love this chair
 With a plant to add a touch of green into the room
Janice adds a special touch in every area
This candelabra  is so pretty  glass tear drop  hanging from it
Family photo are a must in this living area
The side table looks wonderful with the wood tones of the chair and floor. 
Notice the beautiful drapes behind
Now I love to have the blue bowl in my collection 
This view shows the differnet types of fabrics used on the chair and ottoman.
I love how she has used different textures of the ottoman  and chair 
Don’t you just love the whimsical touch the pillow makes! 
I think if I ever get to visit she might be missing the ottoman for it would be in my truck!
I love how she has brought out the colors of the rug to her chair and walls.
This wonderful table not only hold family photos
but holds the well sought after dogs we all are on the hunt for!
Oh, Janice you better keep an eye on the dogs too!
I adore the color of the table !
The pillows of the sofa had to just made the table come home with Janice!
 Now we get to see a view of the Breakfast Area
With the sofa colors of the rug and the wonderful table behind!

A lovely view of Janice’s Living Room
Don’t you love the armoire and the panting beside it! 

Janice’s Upstairs Guest Bedroom
Another wonderful chandy notice the color of bird plate and print
The silhouette of her children! I am so in love with sihouettes!
The zebra print scarf on the lovely table just ties the room together!
A wonderful window seat all ready for you to sit and relax

A side chair with a throw ready for you when you lay on the window seat

The head board is wonderful
The glow of the lamp color is lovely
 The bed makes me want to just lay right down!
I love the colors she has brought from the wall with the pillows.
The lamp color  looks wonderful with the bed clothes as our Grandma use to say! 
And here you can see the colors of the bird plate, and print coming in.

Thank You Janice for allowing me to show your lovely home in Oklahoma.  
Now did I forget to say the lovely zebra scarf would be right at home here in Mississippi with me!

I enjoyed touring your home and I hope everyone loves seeing your home as much as I did! 
It was so much fun for me as I never been to your home, to see it here on my website!

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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me 
Lady Katherine


  1. Janice has a super beautiful home…love the wall colors and all the fixtures around each room!!!

    I’m happy to hear you’re doing okay. But you say you may have to go in for more surgery? I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  2. I enjoyed the tour of Janice’s home. It is beautiful! The little extras in each room really add to the charm.

    I like the look of your blog too!

    I’m glad you are doing better. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. It is great to hear how you are doing! We will keep praying! Love all of the pictures, your cousin has a beautiful home! Janice has great taste:) Hugs!

  4. Hi Lady Katherine! I love your cousin’s home…beautiful! And it is so nice to hear that you are doing better! I hope all is well on your wonderful farm. You know I envy you your beautiful sheep and goats! Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  5. Oh Girl I’m so glad to hear your doing better my friend…Your cousin’s home is just lovely girl..and she looks alot like you…Many blessings to you my friend…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Oh, Dear One, I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better. Bless your heart, you’ve been through so much. I love your sweet spirit and you have ministered to so many of us with your attitude. I pray your days continue to be better and better.
    Now your cousins home is so lovely! I could go shopping here! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  7. Hello Lady Katherine, long time no visit… I apologize sincerely.

    Your cousin’s home is just lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Continue on your road to recovery. Your best has yet to come!

  8. Lady Katherine, I am so sorry to hear about your surgery but so glad to hear that you are doing better and you have such a wonderful attitude, that means so much when one is experiencing health problems. Your cousin is so gracious to allow all of us into her home. I can tell she loves to decorate and takes great pride in her home. Take care, Lady Katherine, Kathysue

  9. oh no, I won’t be removing your lines of rhyme, for they made me smile:)

    I did not see my earlier comment on this post, oh, I hope it was ok ?

  10. Dear Katherine, what an honor it is to see my table on your blog. Thank you so much. I think you and your cousin look so much alike – you are beautiful ladies. Her home is gorgeous, and I saw a thing or two I’d like you to put in your trunk for me! Thank you Katherine and Janice for sharing this beautiful home. I’m still praying for you. I sure hope you don’t have to have another surgery! laurie

  11. I was so happy you came back over to see me..I kept thinking and praying…oh I ever hope that I had not said anything to offend~
    Delighted, beyond measure to know that I did not :)

    If I recall, I think I had said…how your sister’s home gave such a gentle nod to Italian decor…in as much it did not seem contrived. The images truly felt as if they were of that country’s style…not just “staged” :)

    It was wonderful of her to let you take pictures and share them!

  12. Hi Katherine! Your cousin is just as beautiful as you are and so is her home. Good thing I am not visiting her or a lot of her stuff will disappear also, lol. Take care, my friend! We should get together here maybe in June and July so build up that strength….Christine

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