Would like to learn how to make these wonderful Peppermint Brownies?
Here is How!
I will take you step by step in making these easy
Peppermint Brownies!

one box of Duncan Hines Chocolate Lovers Walnut Brownie Mix
Branches’ Star Brites hard peppermint candy
(This peppermint candy melts easier)
Betty Crocker Butter Cream Icing,
(one can will do three sets of brownies)

I used about a twelve by nine inches cookie sheet
add Parchment Paper on cookie sheet
Unwrap the peppermint candy

Line the candy in rows of six across and eight down the length of the cookie sheet. Spacing the peppermint candy evenly as you can in each row.
Preheat your oven I use 300 degrees,
but my stove is older and your may need to be a little hotter.

Place in a preheated Oven, and be careful not to tip or your rows will not melt evenly. You can move each peppermint back in place if you hurry for it will start being sticky just seconds after placing in the oven.

I baked my peppermint candy for six minutes. You need to stay at your oven and check on the peppermint as it melts. When you see it melting, and spreading. I take my melted peppermint out when I see a couple of bubbles only!
Not a pan full of bubbles! Watch it close!
For you do not want it to turn pink or tan or yellow.

You will want work QUICKLY AS YOU SCORE the melted peppermint.
Score the melted peppermint just after taking it from the oven on the parchment paper lined pan, it was baked on.
I keep a pizza stone warm and ready, for as I start to score the melted peppermint, it may try to melt back together. I then place it on the warm pizza stone and finish scoring, until I am sure it is not sticking together. Taking it on and off the stone as I need to.
I use a pizza cutter and keep a small knife close to score the edge on each side of the pan. ( Where the pizza cutter does not get close to) You may have to score several times. Should the melted peppermint start to stick back together keep scoring. Making the size blocks you want.

This is what you want your Melted Peppermint to look like.

See how I made the ends too large, now you can make you measured out temlate from parchment paper.
I just eye ball it and you will get better at it the more you make.
The Melted Peppermint will be very sticky.

This is the colors you do not want your Peppermint candy to look like as you bake it. Then too it is too thin for I used less candy. To have your topping of melted peppermint THICK ENOUGH use as many as I showed above.
The melted peppermint can look pink on top, but the bottom will be a light tan.
Something you do not want. None of the are good!

I scored my peppermint 3 to four times and sometimes it hard to keep the scoring in the same place. You will have little pieces left from the edges. Some will break so make at least two cookie sheets of candy for one box of brownie mix.
As you score you can feel the candy getting harder, this is when you want to go to the warm pizza stone if you do not have all the pieces cut loose Yet or need to do a little trimming up on the edges.
Do not let it slide off to the floor you will have a sticky mess. After I made my topping and/or brownies I cover both in aluminium foil should I want to finish up putting them together later.
Make sure they are cool!

As you can see here some of the pieces have broken.
Another tip I would like to mention is I have another cookie sheet with parchment paper (cool) to lay the scored peppermint tops on make sure you lay flat and work fast for they will bend or curl on you.

I save the pieces and use them in my tea, Yes, I sometimes add Peppermint Schnapps too, but just 1/2 teaspoon or less per cup of tea. I sit and drink this as my brownies and peppermint tops cool.

I make the Brownies using the cake brownie recipe on back of Duncan Hines box.
Using a eight by eight glass baking pan.
I just like baking brownies in a glass pan.
After the brownies are done,
I press down the top so it will be flat and not a peaked top.

I place the pan on a wire rack to cool. Within less than five minutes I turn the pan over onto the wire cooling rack. After the Brownies have cooled. I then place them back into the same pan (washed and dried).
I usually trim off the outer edge of the brownie with a knife.

Below is Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate Brownies Mix I added walnuts to.
For I forgot to take pictures of how to put the brownies together Christmas.
My larger pan has gotten broken, now the new brownie pan might not work with this unless the cutting divider will cut through the Melted Peppermint Candy.
Should you try it let me know, I might go buy one. lol
I used Betty Crocker Butter Cream Cupcake Icing
In a can. Homemade would be great. But then so would Brownies made from scratch. This is all about Semi-Homemade.
When placing the Melted Peppermint Topping and Brownies together,
Make sure both are totally cooled.

I added the icing around and around on top of the baked brownies,
which are in the clean dry pan they were baked in.
This helps keep the size of the peppermint topping in portion.
I start placing the blocks on top, you may have to rearrange them to fit.
All the toppings are on top of the brownie
I now cut the brownies to the size of the Melted Peppermint Topping.
Cutting around each side of the Peppermint Topping.

Place cut Brownies on your favorite dish and enjoy!
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I made my Peppermint Brownies.
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea for Me!
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  1. I’ve never seen anything like these… they are wonderful! Never knew you could melt peppermints, love learning something new! Dee Dee

  2. Oh how beautiful are those peppermint topping. Thanks for the instructions on how to make them, Katherine. I hope you are feeling ok….Christine

  3. we love it! i say we cause i should it to my beloved…lol… he is the true cook!

    the meltdown of the peppermints is way too cool!!

  4. Now those are really cute!
    Need to give those a try! Thanks for the great directions…
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings…

  5. Katherine-I think you like mint as much as I do! Your brownies are beuatiful, gorgous, fabulous! I don’t know about doing them though…I have a knack for burning anything that has to be watched closely 🙁

  6. Katherine,
    Mmmm! Looks beautiful and delicious! thanks for showing and sharing the recipes…So Cute! Hope you are doing better…(((Hugs)))katherinellen

  7. O my I bet these are perfect fits for the holidays and some that I am going to jot down so next Christmas I can go to the family get together prepared and wow the fam!

    I love how they look and are really festive, excellent job!

  8. Oh my gosh….this is so making my mouth water?!!!! I’m drooling over the keyboard.

    Stopped by to see how you’re doing…I hope everything is going well for you. You’ve been on my mind!!!

  9. you were on my mind also.I’ve been wondering how you much be doing pretty good.God Bless you….Anniepoo

  10. Katherine, I’ve been waiting for you to post this. I love peppermint, and on top of brownies. . . yummy! ~ Sarah

  11. This is a wonderful step-by-step, as if I was right there beside you. I love how you used the broken mints in your tea–yum! The finished product is whimsical and delicious-looking!

  12. That’s a lot of work Lady Katherine! HOw lucky are the recipients of these brownies. Not only are they pretty looking and yummy but the work and love than in making them is worth it! 🙂

    Wishing your family a blessed New Year!


  13. This was a great tutorial! They look so pretty, and I know they taste wonderful. Would be good for V’tine day. You need to repost them for the V’tine party on the 12th, since they look sort of like lacy V’tines. laurie

  14. Lady Katerine darling thanks so much for visiting my cottage, joining my followers and for the lovely comment you left behind, much appreciated. I am looking forward to taking tea with you weekly. See you next Tuesday if not sooner.

    Love & Hugs

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