Valentine Southern Breakfast Table Setting Photo Won

My photo was picked this Valentines Day as a winner from Terra Traditions! Yeah! I added this photo to Terra Traditions Contest on Face Book for Valentines. Terra Traditions has lovely journals, photo albums, they are a must see. 

Hubby sat down and looked at the white dishes. Where did these come from? I said they were your grandmother’s everyday dishes. I got the dishes for our daughter, Suzette after the family had taken what they wanted after your Grandmother on your Daddy’s side died. They were left in the house for years. I took them out of the cabinet this week and cleaned them up. Hubby said I have not seen these white dishes since I was around twelve, for she had left the dishes in the old home place, when she moved into a home beside one of her daughters. He was so happy to see his Grandmother’s dishes.

Close up of the place setting.As we sat at the breakfast table, I looked down at the plate and said you made two hearts. Hubby said, for that is all we need.Two hearts, Yours and Mine.

8 thoughts on “Valentine Southern Breakfast Table Setting Photo Won

  1. Congratulations, Katerine. That’s no small accomplishment. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  2. Way to go, Katherine. Quite an accomplishment!

    Can’t wait for the next meeting at Christine’s 🙂

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