TEA TIME TUESDAY- Princess Hannah’s Birthday Tea Party

Welcome to the 3rd Tea Time Tuesday
Lady Katherine and Princess Hannah
 Welcome You 
To Hannah’s Tea Party
Hannah has rosy cheeks for she been in the play makeup!

View of Table from the Family Room
The fabric used is miscellaneous fabrics we had around the house, 
the chairs have pink tulle bows with Butterfly placemats on the backs.

Place Setting: 
 Pink paper heart paper doily
White Great Gathering Desert Plate: Big Lots
Pink and white stripe saucer: Hobby Lobby 
Chantal pink heart bowl: Ross
Tea cup: gift from my sister, Gloria
Cambridge Unforgettable Style demitasse flatware: Ross
Purple paper napkin, using a candy ring for napkin ring, wand
Cupcake holder, I made using two candle holders, turned one upside down and glued a pink hand painted rose on it. Since I took off the taller base candle holder, for height reasons. 
I added a crystal berry bowl to the bottom and a candy bracelet around the base.

The heart bowl has vanilla pudding with slipper, star sprinkles. 
This photo does not have the pink sugar dust I used on top of the pudding.

View of the table with the side board of food
Centerpiece for sideboard is:
 flowers on a pink dress form on an over turned silver heart bowl,
 and Hannah dolls 
I made the bouquets of flowers and added flowers to the dress form: Hobby Lobby
Tier Plate holds:
Strawberry Tarts, pink and white sprinkled flower sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies

View of the table facing my china closet

Centerpiece for Table:
Cloche: Peebles
Hannah Princess Doll
Early American Prescut Crystal Bowl, and Cake Plate Stand
Two small EAPC  juice glasses with purple and white flowers
Slippers: I painted pink: Dollar Tree
Hand painted pink rose shower curtain hooks

Our Birthday Girl, Princess Hannah’s Chair

The Crackled Hutch I use as a Beverage Center
For the Adults:
Pink Tea cups : gift from my sister Gloria
White Tea Cups: TJMax
Extra Teapots for refilling the small Teapots sitting on the table: Hobby Lobby

China Buffet, blue drawers reclaimed from my old Kitchen Island made to hold dishes:
Holds my Spring Dishes: Spring dishes a gift from my friend Kathy
The top holds the food and dishes for the adults
For the adults:
 I used the pink and white stripe desert plates: Hobby Lobby
Hannah’s Great Grandmother’s white dinner plates

 Princess Hannah has a Small Cake at her Place Setting
All the children were served cold tea,
 for safety, and each had a cupcake 
The Adults tasted Lady Katherine’s favorite Hot Vanilla Cream Tea.
Princess Hannah, Sipping Her Tea
Lady Katherine’s Oldest Granddaughter is Four Today! My Morning Star! 
Notice No Pinky finger out, ! Yeah! She was listening to her Granna/ Lady Katherine
All the girls with the help of of their Dads made little purses.  
Yes, Dads! For the Dads and Grandmother’s brought the children.
The boys played  on the tree swings.
We were having a girl and boy table, but as some of the girls couldn’t come.
 I only set the one table. All the children had goodies bags to take home.

Lady Katherine’s  Youngest Granddaughter Brianna, 
with her little purse
My Little Dragonfly!
Now where shall I put the balloons off my cake? Granna, you did not tell me this one!

The Chandelier is covered in pink and purple butterflies
At this point Lady Katherine was getting dressed,
 for she was up until 2:00 am and back up at 6:00 am, as the guests were arriving, she was in her gown still working away! Thank Goodness they were family! Well, some were friends!
So next time, for equitte, Please be dressed before the guest arrive!

So Mom and Dad say: What do we do?
 Play a game, or make the purses,
 I call from the dressing room.

Notice Hannah’s Daddy is serving tea from the right side of each guest! Yes, that right! 
Oh, how was I suppose to unfold this napkin? On the table? No? Upon my lap? I will just go on the table!  Where is Hannah’s Granna? Oh, No it was suppose to be on my lap! 
Where is Hannah’s Granna, is she looking? No, just Hannah’s Mama, Suzette, 
who is serving the guest.
Should we have taken our hats off, usually we do at the table,
 If the ladies can wear hats to Tea. 
Why can’t we? Oh, ours are caps! Oh, Well!

Oh, there comes Hannah’s Granna! She didn’t see me unfold my napkin! Oh, Hannah’s brother,Creighton went to get his Tea, as Dad was getting a refill in the little Teapot.
Dad says: Now who’s idea was this?? Using such small Teapots and Tea Cups! 

A last look at Princess Hannah’s Four Year Old Birthday Tea Party!

Thank You All For Joining Me For 
Tea Time Tuesday
I had such a lovely time!
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine 

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50 thoughts on “TEA TIME TUESDAY- Princess Hannah’s Birthday Tea Party

  1. Lady Katherine, Your table is stunning! The food is beautiful, the pink and purple gorgeous, and Hannah is a doll! Your flowers are beautiful too. What a wonderful way to celebrate! Happy Birthday, Hannah!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. Dearest Hannah, May I just say this is, indeed, one of the prettiest and most fun tea parties I have EVAH attended. It is so so pretty..and the food. OH MY GOODNESS…that Lady Katherine sure knows how to put on a fabulous tea.
    Thanks so so much for inviting me…and I will try soon to have a tea with some of my grandgirls…:)In fact, now that I think about it, I do believe I have a post in the past almost like THIS one..I will look it up and repost soon.
    xo bj

  3. Dear Lady Katherine,

    This is just precious, your grandaughter is an angel,(realluy all o your dear grandchildren are), and the whole tablescape is an absolute confection a dream! The food looks so yummy as well!..,

    (I’m a little misty eyed, as I so wanted children, yet)..,

    I do so enjoy, appreciate and rejoice with you and all of the mom’s and grandchildren who are so blessed to be able to share these precious times together! God bless you and yours dear lady!

    I do hope you will also join me for my little tea once again this week; it would be an honor and a priviledge to have you partake once more!~ I’m so glad that you initially visited me at my other Silken Purse blog).

    Have a marvelous tea and a wonderful week my fellow, ‘TUESDAY TEA’ BLOGGER!..,

    Cheer and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  4. Wow, that is a tea fit for a princess!
    It is all so colorful and fun. I know she loved every minute of it!
    What a good nana you are..
    A lovely tea and and wonderful memory for both of you!
    My gdau’s bday was this week too..:)

  5. That is the most beautiful setting. You are blessed Hannah to have a Granna that does this for you. Thank you Lady Katherine for sharing this with us. I hope all the dr appts go well. Have a great week.

  6. Lady Katherine and Princess Hannah are both lovely… and that table… wow! Too beautiful! thank you for sponsoring such a feast for the eye… I’m participating again!



  7. Oh what a beautiful tea party Katherine! The butterfly place mats on the back of the chairs is just brilliant! The table looks so pretty with all of the pinks and florals, and I remember when you did those amazing little cupcake covers. This looks like such a delightful party. Your granddaughters are adorable. What fun! laurie

  8. Oh my goodness, Hannah is adorable! What fun you all must have add. The party treats and the way the chairs are decorated are just adorable. You didn’t miss a detail one..
    I wasn’t aware you were hosting this event each Tuesday, going to try and join in next week, what fun. I still owe you a phone call darling.. looking forward to visiting… hugs ~lynne~

  9. Katherine, what a special tea party! Hannah is a lucky little girl. Every detail of this table must have been such a delight for Hannah and her friends. Thanks for sharing these photos. Glad to hear that you are improving.

  10. What a wonderful celebration this must have been. Hannah is indeed a very lucky little girl-I bet she was thrilled with this special tea.

    Thanks so much for having me today-happy Tuesday!

    Best wishes,

  11. How adorable is this girl…too much fun you had for the grand babies…I just loved this girl…How are you feeling my friend…Thanks for the shout out your the best…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. I was one tired Granna! Put me back in bed for a week. lol Yes, Hannah loved her Tea Party! The next day she went into the dining room and was not too happy with me for all of the Tea Party was gone!

  13. Lady Katherine, what a special party! A memory Hannah will not forget. I bet she actually has many unforgettable memories of things you have done for her. Everything was fit for a princess! You really worked hard and the flowers and foods were lovely. Joan

  14. What a fun tablescape for a perfect Princess party! I love how you covered the chairs – that just “makes” it (along with the numerous other little touches!) The food looks super delish too! I really like how you got the Dads involved and no doubt, gave the Moms a break!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and inviting me to share in Teatime Tuesday. I’m so glad I joined in!


  15. Lady Katherine, Princess Hannah is just as cute as she can be. Everything is just so very beautiful! What fond memories she will have of this when she is older. Nothing better than making sweet memories with our grandchildren!


  16. Wow! I am surprised you got to bed at all! What a special birthday tea party for your sweet Princess Hannah.
    Thank you for hosting and I have joined in again.

  17. How precious. I bet little Hannah had the best party ever. Everything is just absolutely perfect! I love the cupcakes in the covered dishes. What a gorgeous setting!

  18. Oh how delightful. This is a day she will remember forever. Such a beautiful party with gorgeous decorations and she was treated like a queen. Everything looked beautiful and such yummy food. Of course I noticed the cloche in the centerpiece and drooled and then I also loved that each child had a cloche with a cupcake. You did a fabulous job making this a fairlyland day. Hugs, Marty

  19. This is a birthday party to remember…you did a fabulous job with the color scheme, the decorative details and the food!

  20. what a beautiful little girl Hannah is and that is a birthday party I would love. The butterflies and bows on the chairs and just beautiful color. You didn’t miss a thing.
    I had fun reading this post.

  21. oh ms katherine that is so delightful/…i bet she felt most loved! what a table set for a princess…your imagination was soaring 🙂

    ps…i am following all my blogs privately, wanted to let you know that is why my avatar will not show openly in the google reader. i am dealing with a nasty stalking issue, and so i must take this action, rest assured, i am here … 🙂

  22. It is simply precious. My little princess just turned one year old and I can’t wait to have tea with her. Your table, decorating, food, the whole room is just wonderfl and huge kudos to the boys for being such gentlemen and adding to the party.

  23. Dear Lady Katherine,
    May I extend my best wishes to Princess Hannah. What a darling tea party she had. Everything looked perfect right down to the last detail. Truly a memory she will enjoy forever.
    Thanks for the peek

  24. This is most certainly a table set for a princess. Love all the pretty colors and flowers! You did a marvelous job, Lady Katherine and I’ll bet that Hannah was thrilled (love her make up!!). I will make sure I follow your tip to be dressed before the guests arrive. I have been know to be getting out of the shower as my husband serves drinks!! Our work is never done!!


  25. Oh, my! How will you ever top this when your princess turns five? SO pretty and imaginative! I know all your guests were thrilled with all your special touches.

  26. What a wonderful table for Hannah to to celebrate tea with her little friends! So pretty in all the purple and pinks.

  27. Aaawww Hannah is one blessed girl to have a family and a grandma who makes her feel like a little princess! Everything is just beautiful. It’s like a little girl’s dream com true! And she has her very own throne too! 🙂

    Happy birthday sweet Hannah.


  28. This is ALL soooo adorable!! Especially the two beautiful granddaughters!

    You really outdid yourself here with so many neat details! Great job!

    I’m sure everyone had a wonderful time!


  29. Lady Katherine, this is the most adorable, beautifulest birthday tea party of all time. I love the butterfly wings on the chairs. And the food! I just wish I could reach through the window and take one of each. I added two tea party links (a little late). I’m working on a post for next Tuesday (more lavender as I am a one trick pony, It’s either flowers in a cake or Cool Whip. Now lavender since I bought a half pound of dried. LOL)

    It’s blowing rain and cold wind tonight. I sure hope the sheep don’t lamb. We left the barn open…maybe Mr. Fox will stay in his hidey hole tonight.

    Have a wonderful weekend! The flowers will be blooming soon, won’t they?

  30. Katherine,
    What a wonderful little party she had. You did such a wonderful job on the decorations and the food. Everything was so pretty!

  31. Greetings, Lady Katherine. This is absolutely magical! I know you were beyond exhausted after putting this event together with such meticulous attention to every little perfect detail! But what wonderful memories you’ve created for these beautiful children … and for their parents as well!

    If there were a crown given in a competition for “best grandmother,” I think this would definitely put you in the running!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Get some rest! 😉

    Warmest regards,

  32. This is quite a lovely blog! I have enjoyed visiting you and hope you will stop by to see me sometime soon. Happy Pink Saturday to you! You are new to me so hello! Have a lovely weekend! Anne

  33. What a fabulous tea party! You are amazing! Everyone must have had a wonderful time. Have a happy Pink Sat.


  34. so charming! I love the tulle around the butterflies on the chairs! …and the food is so pretty! This is my first Pink Saturday and I am enjoying visiting around and seeing all of the pretties! Please drop in at my place and see my little Basket Full of Sunshine. until later….

  35. Now what little girl wouldn’t fall in love with this tea party? In fact — big girls too! This is so sweet – I’m sure your little princess felt so special at this table!

  36. Happy belated Happy birthday to Princess Hannah! Your grandkids are so precious and the tea table so adorable! They must all felt like they were in a fantasy kingdom. Thanks for linking me up, Katherine. I am back from the cruise but still in Florida. I’ll finally be home tomorrow….Christine

  37. Hi Katherine! So nice of you to come by again. You know, I did not get our lazy Susan from Ebay. John bought it from a Red Door in Baton Rouge. It is really thick and heavy. Laurie has a really nice Frenchy lazy Susan too which she bought on line. Why don’t you ask her where she got it from? Also, when do you want to schedule the MS. Southern Belle’s get together?…Christine

  38. Lady Katherine, this is one of the most amazing teas and tablescapes I have ever seen. I also LOVE the pictures of the children. Such a precious experience for them. Thank you so much for joining the party. I hope you have a Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

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