TEA TIME TUESDAY-Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Tea

 The 6th Tea Time Tuesday
Today I am announcing:
 The 2nd Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Tea Luncheon 
This past September I hosted the 1st Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belle and Friends Luncheon at The Corner Bakery Cafe, in Flowood, Mississippi
The Corner Bakery Cafe let me come in and use my items to set the table.
Only the napkins and cups belonged to the Corner Bakery Cafe
With Donna help, we finishing setting the table
 just as the Belles and their husbands were arriving.

Below is our logo for the Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Members
You will see this logo on each Belle sidebar to show she or he is a member.
If you want to join us, you can be from any state or a friend from Face Book
Just let me know for I keep a record on my page of each 
Southern Belle Blog or Contact Information
This past September I gave only a few weeks notice for the Tea Luncheon
for I was going in for my 40th surgery in October just a few week after.
So some of the Belles did not get to come

Pictured are from left to right:
Katherine Ellen,Donna,Christine,Lady Katherine

View of the Table 
I used Hazel, famous grapevine basket, yes the ones you saw in the last Tea Time Tuesday. 
I used sunflowers and gourds that I grew,
On each side were grapevine cones of flowers in a stand, I purchased  at Ross,
just minutes before the Tea Luncheon. I also used my black sea grass round placemats.
Each Belle received a pumpkin full of loose leaf tea samples.
Christine brought each Belle, a bag of wonderful Fudge she bought in Natchez, Mississippi 
My husband ate all mine, I got to taste just a little and it was so wonderful!

Centerpiece for the table

 Belles and their husbands, my husband is missing from this photo
We had a great time meeting each other for the first time,
 it was like we had known each other forever.
We stayed at the Corner Bakery Cafe for hours just talking.
We all had planned to do some shopping, but we were having such a great time. 
We just stayed and visited with each other.

We all ordered something different, there was sandwiches, soup, salads, and pastries.
I had breakfast and the Black Currant Tea, 
which was a little strong, so I mixed in a little Sweet Tea. Then I was in love!

This 2nd Tea Luncheon will be hosted by Christine at her home in Natchez, Mississippi on June 5th, 2010

 At least 6 of us (so far) are attending the Tea Luncheon in  Natchez on June 5th.  We would love for all the Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles to make an announcement on your Blog Website, and/or your Face Book ,Twitter. Christine will have us meet at her home and then we can drive around Natchez (which is very small) and then tour at least one of the antebellum houses (your choice). Then, maybe we can walk around downtown and browse through the antique shops. Afterwards we will go back to Christine’s home for  Tea and Pastries.
 You can even go swimming if you want so bring a bathing suit, 
Christine and John have put in a wonderful new pool this past year.
Christine is open to  any suggestions as far as activities go. These are all tentative. 
Please email me or Christine if you are interested in attending. It will be fun for sure to see each other again and to meet new Belles that we have not met.
Make your plans early! This will be so much fun!
Natchez, Mississippi is a lovely place to see,
as you can see in the photo below
Should you want to make a weekend of this visit, their are many places to stay, including some lovely Bed and Breakfast in these old lovely homes. There are  also Casinos on the Mississippi River that runs through Natchez, Mississippi

Please email me or Christine if you are interested in attending, and please let us know how many will be coming with you. It will be so much fun to see each other again and to meet other Belles   that we have not met. Bring your Friends and come join us!
We are going to have such a lovely time at Christine’s!
Pictured below:
and that me Lady Katherine

 Lady Katherine’s Email: ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com
Christine’s Email: xinex29@aol.com

Here is why I have been missing in Action!
I want to apologize to all. 
I have not been on the computer, 
for last Tuesday night my daughter told me she was getting married on Friday. I had to make a veil, flowers, and do a reception at my home. I have been so busy, and still have to put the crystal and silver back in the China Closet.
 I am exhausted! 
I will be visiting you all double time this week! 
So sorry I have not been able to visit all your Tea’s!
I will show you my daughter wedding reception
 on another day. 
Thank you for understanding! See you all soon!

Thank you all for joining me for
 Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup of Tea For Me!

Lady Katherine

Visit the following websites to see lovely Table Settings Food, and Recipes, by clicking on the pictures

24 thoughts on “TEA TIME TUESDAY-Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Tea

  1. Oh, this really brings back lovely memories, Katherine. Thanks for the announcement. I am thinking we can all meet at the Natchez Visitor Center at 11:30 AM and then drive to the house. I wonder how many can come, the more the merrier! I would just love to know how much to cook, food is free, of course!…Christine

  2. Oh Lady Katherine, this sounds like so much fun, and what a thrill to meet up with Christine again and to visit and see her gorgeous home. I know you will all have a wonderful time. Hugs, Marty

  3. I got a great look at Christine’s pool and greenery earlier this morning. I can’t imagine a more beautiful setting ~ or city to tour.

  4. How fun girl…I read about this at Christine’s and how great you’ll be going to her home and pool…congrats to your daughter my Dear friend…hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. What a wonderful tradition you have started! I am sure your plans for this year’s gathering will be magnificent! I am anxious to see all the details about your daughter’s wedding – without a doubt it was breathtaking!
    <>< Concetta

  6. Lady Katherine, Your posts are always fabulous. I really loved Hazel’s tea, the girls’ tea you posted a few weeks ago, and the Magnolia Belles meeting. Sounds like you will soon have more material for interesting and pretty posts: your daughter’s wedding and the Magnolia Belles tea at Christine’s home. Have a WONDERFUL time; I am looking forward to seeing the photos! I hope you had a nice birthday, Lady Katherine and thanks for sponsoring this meme.
    Blessings, Beth

  7. Hi Lady Katherine..I so enjoy my visits here..I never know what new adventures of yours I’ll be dazzled with. Gorgeous photos..beautiful scenes and wow..i am always enchanted! Happy tea time..thanks for hosting such a beautiful blog party!

  8. Hey Lady Katherine! Congratulations to your daughter! She did kind of throw you a curve there, didn’t she? What a wonderful and gracious mom you are! I’m going to try to come along with the Tea Party! Keep your fingers crossed that I can figure this out! 😮

  9. A wedding! How exciting! No wonder you have been busy. Congratulations.

    Thanks so much hosting today’s lovely tea party. I love joining in!

    Best wishes,

  10. Oh, I so wish I could attend!! But, it is a bit far from Michigan. LOL Everyone looked like they had such a wonderful time! I am sure this next party at Christine’s will be just as wonderful!

  11. What a wonderful luncheon and tea. You go all out when you do anything Katherine and it is so nice to look at your photos.
    A couple of friends and myself are thinking how great it would be for bloggers in Ontario to get together for the same type of gathering. You certainly inspire us!

  12. I know I wish I had time to join you ladies for a fun time. I remember this and still looks like a lovely day.
    Sharing moments in time…

  13. Katherine, what a lovely time for the Southern Belles. And how special that you will all get together again in June. We will all be eager to see the photos of the next event. I’m impressed that you grew the sunflowers and the gourds for the beautiful centerpieces. You are so talented!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely event. Look forward to seeing the photos from your daughter’s wedding and reception. I know they will be something special!

  14. Katherine, you Miss. So. Belles really know how to celebrate. What a wonderful table! Love the pictures of you and the other bloggers. I can’t believe you put together a wedding in your home that quickly!! Wow! No wonder you are worn out. You need to be taking care of yourself. Hope you can get some rest now. laurie

  15. Oh Lady Katherine, I sure wish I was there so I could enjoy this wonderful event with you guys. I know you will all have such a wonderful time. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  16. You are just going to have the best time!! I so wish I could be there! I have met Christine before and she really is a lovely person. And next month I will be visiting her at her home. So I’m happy!!

    Congratulations to your daughter!!


  17. What a wonderful blogger gathering. How wonderful that you’ve got a wedding coming up — we can’t wait to see the pictures of all your handiwork — I know it will be lovely.

  18. Katherine,
    I remember it well. 🙂 What a great time we had. I’m excited to meet again at Christine’s. We will have a wonderful time there, too.
    See you soon.


  19. Wow, wish I lived closer, I could become a Mississippi Belle and join you in June. Sounds like loads of fun. Wow, you were a busy lady, putting together a reception in just 3 days. Congrats to your daughter and husband.


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