TEA TIME TUESDAY- A Tea at a Bed & Breakfast

Welcome to the 5th Tea Time Tuesday! 
Today is My Birthday, April 5th
I shall be sharing one of my Dearest Friends Tea
 Hazel’s 90th Birthday 
On April 3, I was honored to attend a lovely Tea for my friend Hazel
at Heart’s Content Bed and Breakfast in Canton, Mississippi

Now many of you might know, Canton has two huge Flea Markets every May and October
People come all over to attend this wonderful Flea Market
I am just 30 minutes away! Lucky me! 
A lovely table of savories, and sweets 
Heart’s Content Bed and Breakfast 
Is in a lovely grand old home

As You walk into the front doors the view of the stair case is breathe taking
The lovely tin ceiling 
A register to sign in, a lovely photo of Hazel from her college photo album
A grapevine basket, in lieu of gifts, for a memory, or story about Hazel, shall be full by the end of the day, with another basket in waiting 
Hazel made all the lovely grapevine baskets you shall see 
Some of the flowers picked from her garden
the grapevine baskets are filled with
I am a proud owner of one of her baskets
Below the staircase
A lovely refreshing container of lemon water
Just before I go into the parlor to greet my lovely friend
I took a snapshot of one of the bedrooms
The bed, and sofa are so beautiful
Notice the pattern of the tin ceiling here
My Dear Friend, Hazel and Lady Katherine
Hazel was so happy as I to see her
for we both have been through surgeries, and not able to have Tea Together
Hazel told my husband she would love him forever for bringing me
to her Tea
He told her I would have walked if he had not brought me
Hazel is a true treasure in my life 
She been at every family event, and when I was/working traveling 
she would be there for the events I could not
Hazel has taught me many things in my life, one was her love of Afternoon Tea
I love you dearly, Hazel
Happy 90th Birthday
View of the dining room through the doorway is the staircase
The wallpaper on the dining room wall is covered in blue birds 
Everyone knows I adore bluebirds 

That is my husband in front of the lovely mantel with his arm crossed
He looks so thrilled, lol
The chandelier  is so lovely
This room, and all the other rooms were so full of people, you had to squeeze by
The cakes look wonderful
Oh, the dark chocolate cake was divine, the icing did not taste like icing
It was so wonderful  

The silver trays were so lovely on the table
All the silverware was on one large silver tray 
In front of the flowers, I was told is a torte, a family member made
At first I thought it was cream cheese, I have no idea what it was made of 
How wonderful it was with the crackers

Open faced cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese spread on the circles of  white bread

 These sandwiches of turkey,ham,cheese and mustard spread 
were wonderful, for the bread is a yeast bread cut into squares

 A flavored coffee setting
My husband poured a glass cup of it
It was very light in color, he said:
Oh, this is hot tea! He handed me the cup I took a sip,
and said No, it your coffee! 
I do drink a little coffee with lots of milk and chocolate
But I do love my TEA!

Lovely fresh flower centerpiece
 A lovely crystal bowl of toasted pecans

A tray of tomato, bacon chips, and mayonnaise on circles of white bread 

The lovely silver punch bowl held Frozen Mint Tea
Yes, it is so wonderful,
 for Hazel loves to serve it on a hot summers day
while entertaining her guest in her garden

To make the Frozen Mint Tea
This is usually the only time that I use tea bags:
Use fresh tap water, never distilled water,  use cold water, never hot

Use one cup of fresh spearmint leaves and two family size tea bags
In a pan, your choice, I use enamel 
Bring to a rolling boil, cover and steep for five minutes at least.
Add fresh cold tap water to your gallon pitcher 
Add 1 and half cups of sugar
Stir until sugar dissolves
Strain out the spearmint, and remove the two tea bag from your pan
Add your steeped tea liquor to the pitcher and finish filling with tap water.
After  the Mint Tea cools, you can fill old milk plastic milk jugs and freeze
To serve cut open the top of the milk jug, and add to your punch bowl  
A view of the table from the mantel side
You, can see the pink heart mints on a tray
Yes, we all reached for the Frozen Tea!

My wonderful husband, Terry went out to the porch to eat, where I joined him
As we sat at the tables that lined the porch,
other guest begin to come out to the porch to sit
for there was not even standing room inside
Here is my place setting, You can see the tea is frozen

As we said our goodbye to Hazel and her lovely Afternoon Tea
Can you see me on the center front, a waiting my carriage? I mean my husband to pick me up. 

As we drive away one last look at the lovely home from the the back of the house, 
with a wonderful pond and waterfall in an iron fence

Thank You All For Joining Me For Tea Time Tuesday!
I had such a lovely time!
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine 

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60 thoughts on “TEA TIME TUESDAY- A Tea at a Bed & Breakfast

  1. Oh, my goodness, Katherine! What a gorgeous place. So lovely! The buffet of food looks so delicious! What a way to celebrate.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous home and the Tea with all the wonderful dishes was so stunning and everything looks yummy. Such a precious and special friend. I know you had a wonderful time. Thanks for the pics, it was fun to tag along. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a beautiful building! The food looks delicious and I am sure you all had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday to you, Lady Katherine! I hope your day is special in every way and that the year ahead will be filled with many blessings!


  4. Hello Lady Katherine! What a beautiful B&B. I could REALLY stay in a lovely place like that…and probably get a lot of writing completed, as well! Thanks for sharing the info and photos of your dear friend!

  5. Hello dearest Lady Katherine, my sweet fellow tea blogger friend,

    Happy, happy birthday dear lady! (Today is also my sister’s 52nd birthday as well)!..,

    My, your dear frind, who is in her nineties and celebrating her recent birthday, had a marvelous birthday afternoon tea party at that FABULOUS BED AND BREAKFAST!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  6. Ahh! Canton, my hometown! Born and raised there, have been away for 22years, but I knew it the minute I saw that beautiful home! And, Mrs. Hazel, she was the ‘head’ of all our girl scout troops, and we had many! I graduated with her youngest daughter. It’s so good to see Mrs. Hazel, she looks wonderful! Oh, to be blessed with so many great years of life on this earth! So glad to have found your blog. You take me back to my roots, and I love it!

  7. Dear Lady Katherine,

    Your photos are beautiful. What a stunning home. I’d love to live in a place like that (who wouldn’t?) with the huge porch and open views. Everything is beautiful! Come visit me soon, I’m having my first giveaway!

  8. What a beautiful post, Lady Katherine! The setting is divine and the food looks great and is so pretty in its presentation. I’m glad you had the opportunity to attend and see Hazel. Happy Birthday!
    Hugs, Beth

  9. The HAPPIEST birthday wishes to you, dear LADY.
    OMGosh…when I come back in my next life, I want a beautiful old home like this.
    A beautiful tea you shared with us today, Lady K.
    hugs, bj

  10. Hello Lady Katherine..Lady Kiki here.. wow..wow wow..what a magnificent post! Everything is so gorgeous..love the house..the furniture..the whole VIBE..mega-awesome! Beautiful tea time adventure..thanks for sharing such a gem…amazing post! Just beautiful!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Happy Birthday Lady Katherine!
    I hope you have a fabulous day!!
    Your posts were just beautiful – and your tribute to Hazel has touched my heart! I wish you and Hazel could have joined us for the Easter Tea – you would have loved it!

    I also wanted to tell you that if you are ever in High Springs again please let me know!!! My parents live in Gainesville and we know High Springs very well!


  12. Happy Birthday Lady Katherine,

    Beautiful bed and breakfast pictures!! What a wonderful reason to attend such a wonderful tea party! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and pictures!

    Have a wonderful B-day!!

    Miss Bloomers

  13. Lady Katherine,

    I so wish you the most wonderful birthday EVER!! I’ve loved seeing the pictures of your tea, and they were just gorgeous—everything done in the most elegant old Southern style.

    All of you folks back home really know how to entertain!

    And I do have to tell you—my Dear Mammaw, who was the most influential person in my life, and who was so kind and nurturing to me for so many years, would have been One Hundred and Fifteen, today. And it makes you even more special now that I know you share her birthday.

    And many, many more,


  14. Oh Katherine, your friend Hazel’s home is gorgeous, so charming! It reminds me of the antebellum houses here in downtown. I am hoping we can tour some of them when we have our MS Southern Belle get together. I love her table with those feet. And the food, marvelous! You look good! How are you?……Christine

  15. Happy birthday!

    Wow, that just looked like so much fun! Thank you so much for giving us a little taste of your day. Everything looks just wonderful!

  16. What a Grande Home. The refreshments look so nice and tasty. Thank you for sharing such nice pictures.

  17. Katherine,
    What a Gorgeous Home…Happy Birthday to You and Hazel…You bothe look beautiful! So glad that Terry took you…What a wonderful husband you have. The food abd tea looks so delicious and wonderful. Hope you had a great bithday…Love you my freind..Smiles and Hugs Katherinellen

  18. Happy Birthday, dear Lady Katherine! I loved the photos of the b&b and the party. Only in Mississippi does the magic happen with food and old houses.

  19. Katherine, this is such a beauty of an old home and what a beautiful display of food, flowers, baskets, and tea. I’m so glad you got to attend, and I’m so glad you shared these photos with us. Happy Birthday to Hazel, and a huge thank you to your husband for being such a sweetheart to take you to the tea. laurie

  20. What a lovely day you had! It looks like a scene from a southern movie. Hazel is a beautiful woman. I am so glad you were able to go this event. Thank you for sharing, Joan

  21. Happy Birthday Lady Katherine! How lovely that you have shared your birthday with us this week and with your lovely friend Hazel. Please send her a big Happy Birthday cheer from Australia!

    Thank you for having me today. I love joining in with this beautiful tea party!

    Best wishes,

  22. Happy belated birthday Katherine! Hope you are feeling well. The home looks just lovely. Makes me want to go and stay at a bed and breakfast!


  23. Gosh Katherine, I felt like I was right there with you at the tea. What a beautiful home and everything served so elequently.
    I chuckled seeing your husband, mine would have been the same – attending for me but wishing he was anywhere else!
    Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful tea this afternoon to celebrate.

  24. Happy birthday Katherine. It looks like you had a beautiful day. When I first saw the name of the bed and breakfast…I was so excited. I accidently found this house a couple of months ago. My daughter and I were coming home from Southaven, Ms. after visiting my son. We decided to come through Canton because I wanted to show her the place where the Canton Flea Market is held every year. We then decided to just go riding and looking at the ‘old’ houses and we ran across this one. I took pictures and I looked it up on line when we got home. We plan on staying there one day. Especially now after reading your post and learning about Hazel. This was a beautiful post and you both look gorgeous!

    Lee Laurie

  25. What a wonderful, sweet tea party.
    The food looked grand. And the house. The house reminds me of the one I grew up in although it was not nearly as big and nice. We had a front staircase, large ceilings and chandeliers in many rooms each one different.Thanks for sharing. I hope someone does one of these for me if I live to be 90.

  26. What a wonderful event. Everything is just beautiful. Makes me miss the South just a little more than usual. Great post. Thank you for sharing it.

  27. Hi Sweet Katherine,
    What a lovely day for you! I’m so glad you were able to be there. It just blesses my heart that you and Hazel have each other! I know you are a real blesing to her!

    Sure is a beautiful place! And all the goodies so delightful!

    You look great gal! Praying that you just continue to do well!

    Have a wonderful day!!
    Love ya,

  28. Happy Belated Birthday to you and your sweet friend Hazel. Both of you birthday girls look beautiful.

    I am drooling over that gorgeous B&B and all of the yummy food. That must have been such a fun time. I just joined Teatime Tuesday late, so stop over and visit me if you get the chance.

  29. Thank You all for the Birthday Wishes! I haven’t had a chance to visit, my daughter is getting remarried and the wedding is Friday and as of last night I have to do a small reception. So I am missing in Action! I will visit soon as Friday is over! Thank you all for Joining me today!

  30. Oh my goodness. I just read your comment about giving a Wedding reception on Friday. Now pulling off a family dinner on a minutes notice is one thing, but a Wedding Reception would throw me into a panic. I sure wish I was there to help. I can’t wait to see the pictures. I know it will be gorgeous. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  31. Hi, Katherine,
    Happy Birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, as I have been to Canto many times, and I’ve always loved this house. Thanks for the tour. The food made me so hungry.

  32. What a wonderful place to celebrate Hazel’s 90th birthday…look at all that delicious looking food on all that gorgeous silver!
    I had to chuckle at that picture of your husband in front of the fireplace…what men won’t do to keep us ladies happy!
    Thanks for sharing Hazel’s birthday with us, Katherine.

  33. I’m so happy to find your blog! I’ve been collecting teapots since high school and I still can’t get enough. 🙂 The setting for this tea party looks heavenly – love that porch.

  34. First off, Happy Birthday, Katherine! I hope your day was filled with delights. Thanks for sharing this lovely tea party. The setting and the food were a treat to see.

  35. I missed this past Tuesday and I am so sorry I did. I will be here for sure next Tuesday! I loved your photo’s of Lady Katherine’s Birthday Tea Party. What a wonderful old home.

  36. Birthdays, weddings, teas. So many celebrations it’s a pleasure to see such happiness and a lovely table with so much welcoming food. — Jane F.

  37. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! And how wonderful to celebrate with a dear friend and go to such an amazing house/tea time!

    All the food looks wonderful and I want to try that frozen mint tea!!


    My best friend is from Mississippi and I am a Mississippi sister by virtue of that and I am thinking of joining your wonderful group!
    Next week I’ll link up to your tea party time, too!!


  38. Happy birthday to you and Miss Hazel! What a gorgeous tea party! The flowers were beautiful! I can’t get over that punch bowl. I’ve never seen one like that. Glad you had a good time. What a sweet husband to take you too! Have a good weekend!

  39. How are you, Katherine? I hope you’re ok. I worry when I don’t hear from you. I posted about our luncheon get together. Please come and see and I would appreciate if you announce it also. Thanks….Christine

  40. Hi Katherine,
    What a beautiful home…and such a great reason to be celebrating! Happy Birthday to you, too! What fun party with all the typical southern fare…that tea looked really good! Terry was such a good sport. 🙂

  41. Hey there Katherine!

    I am hoping to join with you all for the luncheon, but I do have to check on one thing before I can commit fully to attending. I hope I can find this out and let you all know before too long!

    Sounds like Christine has a wonderful day planned!

    Take care, will be back in touch soon!

  42. My dear Lady Katherine, Happy belated birthday! And thank you so much for featuring me on your lovely blog! What an honor!
    The event you posted looks like so much fun, finery and elegance! The home is so majestic. What a grand statement it makes.
    I noticed the mint julep cups. I started collecting them on a recent trip to Savannah and I actually picked one up at GW here in Pa. last week. So they caught my eye! I love the detail and pictures and elegance of everything you posted. Thanks for including us in this happy event.
    And thanks again for the feature!

  43. Katherine,
    First I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! What a beautiful day this must have been for you and Miss Hazel! The tea table has all my favorite Southern-lady-tea-type-foods! Love that punch bowl and the julep cups!!! It’s all perfect!

  44. Hello Katherine,
    I enjoyed this post immensely! How grand to have a tea at that gorgeous B&B and to share that special day with your lovely Hazel. Happy belated birthday to you, you share my mom’s birthday!

  45. Hello and thank you for sharing such a wonderful celebration for your dear sweet friend. Everything looks so delicious and lovely. I am going to have to try some frozen mint tea this summer. Sounds so refreshing!

  46. Oh my goodness I LOVE the feet on that table! LOVE the home to! lol I have been looking around your blog for several hours now and I am hooked! Another MS. lady here. I LOVE to have tea parties to and you should see my dining room. We built a shelf all around it at the top to store a lot of my teapots and tea cups. I sure have enjoyed your blog!!!! I WILL be back! lol

  47. Oh my goodness I LOVE the feet on that dinner table! All the goodies on it look yummy to! Now you have me wanting to give another tea. I LOVE to have tea parties. You should see my dining room! My husband and I have made shelves all the way around the room to store all my teapots and tea cups. I have been on your blog for hours now and sure have enjoyed it!! Another southern MS. lady here. I WILL be back to look some more on your site. I also have a blog.

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