Welcome to the 11th Tea Time Tuesday
With Lady Katherine
Welcome to my Rose Garden Tea
My Grandmother’s pink roses are in bloom. Last year I did one Tea in my Garden,
which is my Tea Time Tuesday Logo. This year I will be having at least four different
Afternoon Tea Settings in my Garden.
I will be sharing these Teas in my Rose Garden in the following weeks.

Notice in the pink roses floating in my bird bath
See a little of my arbor of grapevine, and now the pink roses are starting to climb on it

I used my cream Heart Pierced dishes, from Ross
In this view, you can see on both sides of the arbor

My pink roses are a lot fuller this year, so lovely to look out at.
I used a white tablecloth and added my husband’s Aunt’s
off white sheers curtain for the topper
Place setting: Pierced Heart charger, and cup
My Husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dinner plate.
Flatware pattern: Renaissance reproduction, from Walmart
Napkin holder from Dollar Tree
12×12 Tea napkin, which I made
Added a place-card and a small pink rose

Close up of the table
Centerpiece: Tree Tier plates and a Pierced Heart Bowl of Roses
Pierced Heart bowl, with my Husband’s Grandmother’s bowl inside with pink rose floating
Centerpiece: Three Tier off white dishes, from Fred’s Dollar Store
On the bottom Tier: bite size chocolate chip scones and butter brickle scones
On the middle Tier: white Fancy Cakes, with a pink rose bud in center
On the top Tier: chocolate cookies
The scones were made from a mix, bought from Victorian House Sconces
I made the scones bite size to sample the two types scones
Garnish: with pink roses, and peppermint leaves
I floated pink roses in the off white soup tureen
This soup tureen was given to by Becky at Holiday In The Sun
The top is so lovely but decided not to use it today.

I love this view of the large oak trees, the bird bath, and my goose
Gentleman’s blue is one of my favorite colors, my kitchen is decorated in this color.
I used a gentleman’s blue iron table, with the gentleman’s blue old ladder back chairs I painted.
Fifteen years ago, I took fabric and tore it into strips and wove the rag seats in each chair
Pierced Heart Tea Set on a round aluminum tray with a doily,
sitting on a iron plant stand covered with my off white shawl

I hope you enjoyed my Cream Tea in My Rose Garden
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me
Lady Katherine
Thank You For Joining Me For Tea Time Tuesday
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57 thoughts on “CREAM TEA IN MY GARDEN

  1. Lady Katherine, This is one of the most beautiful tea settings I’ve ever seen! Love the pink roses on the arbor and on the table. Love how you covered the plant stand with the shawl and doily and used it for your piereced heart teaset -so very, very pretty! Your chargers are adorable! And your treats are amazing! The scones look delicious, and the cakes are just gorgeous! Love how you put the pink roses on the tiered server with your food. Lady Katherine, I LOVE your tea post today!!!!
    Blessings, Beth

  2. Lady Katherine, this is exquisite! The pink roses alone are totally amazing, but then your add your beautiful table set with the white linens and lovely dishes. What a perfect setting for serving tea. The little fancy cakes are my favorite. But I’ll sample a scone too. LOL
    You have out done yourself with this one. Thank you for having us to tea today. My offering is hardly worthy in light of this party, so thank you for letting me link it. ~ Sarah

  3. Tea in the garden, my favourite place. Your roses are spectacular and so pretty tucked in and floating.
    Thank you for hosting Tea Time Tuesday, always a pleasure to join you.

  4. Oh my sweetness, this is the prettiest tea setting yet! I love all of your beautiful flowers and your oh so pretty white dish set! The table covering is perfect, now I know what to do with one of my shawls! I love the place setting….such a perfect invitation if I do say so myself!
    Squishy hugs,

  5. Hi Katherine, this is the loveliest tea setting that I have ever seen! Those roses are so pretty, so spectacular! It must smell so sweet everywhere there. The addition of the cream shawl added to the softness and and the beauty of the environment. I love everything! I have been trying to find those pierced chargers since I found and bought one but no success……Christine

  6. I just love this pretty setting. I had hoped to do my tea party post outside but, of course it is raining!

    Everthing looks so charming and inviting! So wish I was there enjoying some tea and some fantastic looking treats!

    Have a wonderful day!

  7.!! I am in love with this series Lady Katherine!! Stunning and enchanting..i wish i was there!! Beautiful!Happy tea! I i love your roses…

  8. Dear Lady Katherine,
    I have missed posting for the last couple of weeks – but have not missed reading your lovely site – and this week is absolutely magnificent! Your roses are simply stunning and your outdoor tea is just breathtaking! I wish I could enjoy the day with you! Thank you for hosting such a lovely tea party!
    <>< Concetta

  9. Sipping mint tea amidst the blooming roses, so fragrant and beautiful, just like your tea setting. I very much like the way you tell us where you got your dishes and how you put together your tea time. Thank-you Lady Katherine!

  10. You did a beautiful job today! I love it! The roses are sooo pretty. Mine are blooming also. I think in heaven we will be surrounded by beautiful things. God did such a good job of surrounding us with them here. I could sit in your yard for hours and sip tea. Doesn’t it make you just want to camp out there? Enjoyed the setting so much!

  11. Yes, Lady Katherine! I have completely, thoroughly enjoyed my tea time with you in the garden! this cream set is wonderful…and you’ve set it up so perfectly in front of those charming climbing roses! wow! i’m totally blissed out!

    i’ve added my link to today’s tea time…come by and see me too!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. Oh how I would love to join you in person for tea! You have made such a beautiful and inviting tea!
    All your white on white and the luscious flowers are gorgeous. Your desserts looks so delicious, and beautiful!
    Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful roses and tea table.

  13. Hi Lady Katherine,
    Your tea is simply beautiful with all the pink roses! I imagine it smells heavenly there sitting at the table. Love your tea set and the lovely touch you have added to everything. Would love to sit and have tea with you! Hope you’re having a beautiful day and you’re enjoying better health these days.


  14. Dear Lady Katherine,
    I love your garden table scape and all the lovely things in your post.
    I know my roses are doing wonderful this year as we have had more rain this year than in several and they are maturing. Yours are beautiful!! I can’t wait to come back and visit seeing more teas in your garden setting. Happy Tuesday~ Theresa

  15. How beautiful. I must say, I like the ivory color of everything with the lovely roses. Must smell divine to have tea out there.

  16. Thank you for this gorgeous setting. Is nice to sit outside and take in all that nature offers. Loving the white on white. Have a wonderful week.


  17. I am having so much fun viewing your tea party in the garden. The roses are so abundant and beautiful. Your teaset is lovely, and really am enjoying your descriptions and photographs. Loving your blog for it gives me joy!

  18. Katherine,

    Your roses just are the perfect backdrop to your tea table..I love it all ..the fresh white linens and those lacey dishes are so beautiful! I think this is one of my favorite settings! Gorgeous!

    Miss Bloomers

  19. I dont ever think I’ve seen a more gorgeous setting for a teaparty!
    Your roses are beyond fabulous!
    Every little touch you’ve added makes it magical and I know your guest enjoyed the day!
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us today!!


  20. OH, this is just stunning. I love all the beautiful pink roses and the setting is breathtaking. Your dishes and accessories are gorgeous. Just like a fairyland. So pretty. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  21. What an incredible and gorgeous setting for a tea! The roses are so beautiful and are complimented wonderfully with your sweet table! I love the 3-tiered stand of goodies in the center; so yummy looking. Great use of the fringed shawl to cover the table for the tea things! Great idea!

  22. Katherine! I think the table by the lake is one of the prettiest tables you have done, and all of those gorgeous roses in the background of that one shot… WOW! Stunning. And I love the side table draped in the shawl. You just outdid yourself with this. A+

    Happy Tablescape Thursday…


    Sheila 🙂

    P.S. I plan to do a tea thing with you soon!

  23. How gorgeous! What a feast for the eyes. Roses, cheery pink roses everywhere! And peppermint, too. How fragrant! How enticing.

  24. Hello,
    I came by way of Tablescape Thursday! I a so glad I stopped by. I am in love with your tea setting! I love how you floated the roses, the treats look simply delicious! I hope to join you one Teatime Tuesday!
    God Bless,
    (just plain) Kathy (wishing her name was Katherine)

  25. Katherine, my daughter’s name too and still my favorite. This is a lovely, romantic setting. I am afraid I would never want to leave – beautiful tablescape.

  26. Bonjour Lady Katherine,

    What a beautiful wall of roses! It must smell heavenly! Your centerpiece of floating roses is fabulous. Thanks for sharing. I’m a new follower!



  27. Lovely Blog! Great pics!!! May I make a suggestion – the background is hard on the eyes when you are scrolling thru your blog. Maybe a solid print or just decorate the borders instead – that way all your pretty pics stand out more.

  28. Hi Katherine,
    This is breathtaking! Every picture belongs in a magazine! I love the one you mentioned, too…the one showing the oak tree and the goose. Your roses are just gorgeous! Olivia is one very lucky lady to have been invited to this dinner party! 😉
    Susan Olivia

  29. Oh, this is truly gorgeous, Katherine! What a lovely setting out among the roses and what pretty roses. I love it that you’ve used roses all over your table. The table is set with the most beautiful dishes. What a lovely tea table.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  30. Oh Katherine, this is absolutely beautiful! Those blooming roses and the roses you’ve used on the table and in the bird bath are just stunning! Love the pretty curtain layered over the white cloth, and that shawl looks gorgeous on the plant stand. This should be in a magazine. laurie

  31. Hi Lady Katherine,
    What a perfect setting for the perfect tea. I can almost smell the lovely scent of all those roses. Lovely table…so romantic.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  32. What a lovely tea party! Your setting is just like a dream with all those lovely pink roses! Every little detail is just precious – I love the shawl as a tablecloth. Those pierced edge dishes are so beautiful, too. I love the roses -everywhere- from the tureen to the bird bath. And your tea refreshments look so yummy, too. What a wonderful posting.

  33. I would so love to share a REAL pot of tea with you one day Lady Katherine! You always make everything look so pretty and you always make your guests feel so very welcome!

    Best wishes and thanks for having me for tea!

  34. Thank you for inviting us to join you for tea. Your beautiful presentation is so inviting & elegant. Love the floating roses everywhere …

    PS Love those pink heels!

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  35. You always have such amazing tea parties. I have loved them all. Thank you so much for sharing. I want to invite you to Tea Cup Tuesday. I know the ladies would love to see this spread. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

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