Welcome to the 12th Tea Time Tuesday
Come join me in my rose garden for a cup of Tea in my blue southern garden setting.
As I await my pink roses buds to open, I plan my Teas for the garden.
These roses were my Grandmother’s, they have different shades of pink blooms.

This Week is a Special Week for Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, she is having her Two Year Birthday for Pink Saturday on May 29th. Pink Saturday is a day for Awareness of Breast Cancer. Each week Beverly has hosted Pink Saturday for ladies to share all Treasures Pink. Be sure and stop by How Sweet The Sound on Saturday, May 29th and wish Beverly a Happy Birthday!
Thank You Beverly for Hosting Pink Saturday Each Week for Two Years!
  When we bought my Birthday dishes at Cracker Barrel, I saw this Teapot. As I was planning this Tea in my garden. I thought this Teapot would look lovely with my
 Staffordshire Engravings Wild Rose Dishes.
One day I decided to call to see if they had this Tea Set in stock, 
they told me the Blue Bliss Teapot was 40% off and they had only one.
 I had them to hold it for me, and my daughter, Jennifer picked it up for me.
How excited I was when I saw the Teapot came with a cream and sugar dish on a small tray!

 Blue Bliss Tea Set 
Sitting on my blue round platter, and cake plate.  I bought from Cracker Barrel seven years ago.
On a plant stand with a vintage crocheted doily. The stand and doily are yard sale finds. 
I am using for a Second Time Around.

Join me for a cup of Rose of Venice Tea
Poured 3/4 full, as not to spill, and  leave room to add sugar, honey, or milk.
Would you like to have a few scones, and deserts with your Tea?
A glass of iced water?  Iced water is in the blue pitcher,
on a plant stand with a crocheted doily.
Where are the water  glasses? On the other side on a plant stand with a tray.

Oh, I just love the pink roses with this blue and white Tea Setting.
Behind the table are the water glasses in the tray, on the plant stand covered with a doily.

After setting the table.  I took all the trays which held the food, and china for this Tea,
 to the porch. I sat on my porch swing for a little rest. 
My daughter, Suzette says this view of the Garden is so peaceful. I do agree!
 I just loved sitting and looking out at the view. 
Thinking how I wish someone was here to enjoy this Tea with me!
I want to give you a tour with close ups of some of the things that are in my Garden.
My birdbath floating roses, I did not fill it as full with roses as they just starting blooming.
I adore the lilly pad with the birds on top of my birdbath!
My daughter’ Suzette’s iron table set is getting a paint makeover, but I decided I loved it in the view. She got this iron table set on freecyle last year. This Mother’s Day she sat this iron set, with cans of spray paint at my front door with a big card saying Happy Mother’s Day! The card also said you made this iron set famous, now I want to see what all you will create with it!
This past October, receiving an honor from the wonderful 
Artist Fifi whom  painted your Garden Tea Setting. 
(I have the original painting, Fifi sells prints of the painting she calls Tea With Katherine.) 
This past April you received another honor, of having your Tea Setting photo published in a newspaper, THE NEWS REVIEW in Ridgecrest, California. A lovely article about,
 TEA IN THE GARDEN was written by Wanda Church.
Thank You Wanda for choosing my last year Tea in my Rose Garden!
 ( which is my Tea Time Tuesday Logo)
  I plan to borrow this famous iron table set for a while! 
Then I shall give it back to my daughter, for she loves it as much as I do.

On top of the table I added a crocheted tablecloth my sister, Doris gave me Christmas, 
she found this tablecloth at a yard sale.  The little tray came with my Blissful Blue Tea Set.
Ceramic bird basket bought from Peeples, for half price, just $9.00, last summer. 
I filled the ceramic bird basket with my lovely pink roses.

Some of My Favorite Things, upon my Table Top are:
 My Centerpiece:
My three tier plate rack from Fred’s Dollar Store,
 I added my blue and white Wild Roses dinner plate, salad plate, and saucer.
On each side of the tier are small ceramic birdbaths from Peeples, ( I bought these half price for $9.00 each last summer) the birdbaths feature floating pink roses. 
I met Vicki, the day I bought these, she asked me what I was going to do with them. I explained I loved to create Teas and Tables Settings on my website. She told me she loved visiting Designs By Gollum and Between Naps On The Porch. I then told her I was Lady Katherine. She and the ladies also knew my website. I had so much fun meeting Vicki and the other ladies at Peeples. 
 After I had my 40th surgery, I received many cards from blogging friends, Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie, gave everyone her PO Box address in Arkansas.  Everyone sent cards in care of Laurie, then Laurie packed them up and then sent them on to me. I felt so special for every few days, for weeks I received bundles of cards. Laurie is on special lady, to take the time to send all the card on to me!  Stop by Laurie’s website, she has such lovely treasures!
Vicki and the ladies at Peeples sent  card to me, by Laurie. 
Peeples is only 20 miles away from where I live. Wow, the internet even brings people who live near you, whom you’d probably would never have known.  
Vicki now has a blog website called, Paint Or Dig.
I can’t wait to see Vicki at the Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Tea Luncheon in Natchez.  Christine who’s website is Christines Travels And Adventures is hosting this Tea Luncheon at her home June 5th at 11:30 am, then we shall tour one of the old homes, and go antiquing downtown! Anyone want to come join us for this Tea Luncheon in Natchez? Just let us know,
 it will be so much fun meeting other bloggers and any friends.

The blue butter dish, I bought from Cracker Barrel about seven years ago.
The little vase is a Thrift Store find, I shall use to serve jams or honey. The little blue and white Teapot is really a night light! I took the bulb out and it looks wonderful on the table.
Both were given to me by my daughter Suzette on my Birthday.
Can you tell my daughter, loves finding things to use a second time around? 
We both just love Thrifty Finds!
Don’t you just love the fresh pink rose buds on the fancy cakes!
Oh, and my dishes, I added on this Three Tier Server!
 So fun to be able to add different dishes to my Three Tier Server.
This is the first time I have used the ceramic birdbaths, 
and bird basket which is on the round iron table. 
If you look close you can see why I used these light blue Tea Napkins.
My tablecloth has light blue embroidery flowers on it. I used this vintage tablecloth,
 I bought from a yard sale at least 15 years ago, for a skirt at my kitchen sink for years. 
Oh, why did I do that? 
I love this vintage blue and white tablecloth! It is now all free of stains and is at it rightful place! 
On the Table Top!
Close up of the my Vintage Tablecloth
I love the scalloped edges, I see my ironing is not so great! lol 
Place setting:
 Staffordshire Engravings Wild Rose dishes: a 12 piece setting a gift from my sister, Gloria
(This pattern looks so much like Blue Willow, but it has flowers around the edges of the plates.)
Tea Napkins: I made
Napkin rings: a Thrift Store find
With a tiny pink rose added to the napkin holder
Flatware: reproduction Renaissance pattern, from Walmart
I do love my  Blue Bliss Tea Set! 
Doesn’t it look great with all the different patterns of blue dishes I have?
One of my most favorite things! My chairs! 
Which are usually at my Breakfast Table in the Kitchen.
I love to take this chair to sit in when I spin on the spinning wheel,
 and weave on a loom at different demonstration.
This old ladder back chair, I bought at a Thrift Store.
 Some of the chairs were gifts from friends.
I painted the chairs Gentleman’s Blue and tore strips of fabric.
 I then wove the rag chair seat about fifteen years ago.
How do you like my Southern Blue Tea in my Rose Garden?

Last week I showed you my Cream Tea in my Garden.
I  will be sharing two more Tea’s in my Garden in the following weeks.
I’ve been very busy with four grandchildren, Doctor visits, and giving Teas in my Garden.
If I haven’t been to visit, Please know I have loved reading your comments,
 and I will be visiting All YOUR TEA’S I have missed!
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!


  1. Oh, my, you have done it again – put together an exquisite, beautiful, delicious tea in your garden! I love your yard and garden, Lady Katherine. It’s a perfect setting to relax, or to take tea. You have so many pretties – I especially love the Staffordshire dishes, the blue Bliss teaset, the cake stand and the napkins; also the vintage tablecloth! You are so talented – you made the napkins, the seats of the chairs, and you put together the most beautiful of teas! I hope you are feeling better and that we can take tea soon. I’ll save a cup for you. Enjoy your Mississippi Belles day – it sounds awesome!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  2. Wow! I am so in love with all the blue and white used here. It is definitely my favorite color scheme. Your table is set to perfection and I love that tea set and your tablecloth. The garden looks magnificent- what a beautiful setting for a party.
    So glad to be here at your party. 🙂 Sue

  3. Hi Lady Katherine…you are so inspiring…what magical beauty you create each!! GORGEOUS!

  4. Oh, I just love the blue and white set you got! Every piece is gorgeous! And that linen is just so pretty!

  5. BRAVO!! Outstanding me friend…girl you really out did yourself with this one…just beautiful my Dear friend…Oh I wished I was there to join you girl…I would eat all those Yummies…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Lady Katherine, it looks like you have been very busy again! I do hope you take time to sit down for a while and enjoy your beautiful surroundings each week!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely blue and white tea set today and thanks also for having me today.

    Take care and best wishes,

  7. This is all so very beautiful in the blue and white with the pink touches! You always have so many neat details!

    I’m joining your Tea Time Tuesday this time!


  8. Thank you for featuring my blog for the week, Lady Katherine! I love your blue and white tea set and how pretty it looks on your blue and white pedestal! You sure set the prettiest table, it portrays southern hospitality for sure. I love your idea of a birdbath as a centerpiece! I just gained another 5 lbs. looking at those scrumptious pastries! I can’t wait for our get together, it’s getting closer!..Christine

  9. Oops! I’m not sure what I did wrong, but my linky didn’t post my thumbnail. Can someone help me fix it?? So sorry!

  10. Hello sweet lady…

    My friend, you have certainly outdone yourself with this fabulous garden tea!!! It is exquisite and ohhh, soooo very perfect out in your rose garden! You are absolutely right about how pretty your blue and white dishes look with the pink roses…it just doesn’t get any better!

    Katherine, I would love to be a guest at your beautiful table…to just sip tea and visit! I just know that we could find sooo many things to talk about! Hehe!

    I love your 3 tiered dessert tray…and using the pink roses with your desserts…simply divine! Ohhh…and your little bird baths are awesome…they really are so perfect for your tea table today! Everything is perfect…from your lovely table linens and lace…right down to that gorgeous Blue Bliss tea set!!! This was such a sweet treat! Thank you so much for sharing your exquisite blue and white tea table in the rose garden with us today! And…I also want to thank you for hosting this lovely Tuesday Tea party! I had great fun participating this week!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, sweet lady!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  11. Wow! Your garden tea is so beautiful-I love the roses and all your blue and white china.Your 3 tiered plate with all the goodies is so pretty.
    Thank you for hosting and I have joined in today too.


  12. Lady Katherine, this is just exquisite. The table setting, the fabulous dishes and accessories, the food, flowers and the setting are all just perfect. A breathtaking picture. Wow, I love it. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  13. Dearest Lady Katherine,

    I could just reach out and give you a warm embrace, a big hug and a kiss my dear lady!.., I simply cannot tell you just how much ou have graced the lives of all of your dear bloggy admirers and friends, myself most definately amongst them, with sheer and utter magnifiscence and beauty!..,

    I gasped with sheer delight once again this week!~ You are a true artist my dear and the grace and beauty of your teatable vignettes this week with all of the pink and white roses, lace and blue and white dishes and afternoon tea and tea table delights and vignettes is almost beyond desciption!.., A true vision of loveliness!

    Thank you so very much!

    It would also be an honor and a privilege to have you join me once again to partake of my 32nd ‘Tuesday Tea or Two’, as well as for my,’23rd,’Wednesday Tea For Me And Tnee’, my dear Lady Katherine!..,

    ..,(I do aplogize that I was unable to invite you sooner my dear whereas I have been extremely busy and also not felling well); yet I have learned to be most thankful to God through these trials and blessings and to see each day as ‘a jewel’ and an unspeakable gift and a treasure!~ You inspire me greatly and are always in my thoughts and prayers!

    Much love and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen..,

  14. Katherine, I got my post up so late last night, I had to wait until today to look at your post. This is another beautiful setting in your garden. That Blue Bliss set is beautiful, and how perfect that cake stand is for that set. Those little bird baths are so pretty, and of course, I love all of the blue and white. The pink roses are gorgeous. Sweet Katherine, I was so glad to be able to send you cards when you were recuperating. It was absolutely my pleasure, and I do not need or want any thanks for doing something that was such a pleasure for me. laurie

  15. The tea looks elegant but the garden with the trellis and those lovely roses is so soothing and beautiful. I hope I haven’t missed it or that you will reprise if you’ve shown it already. What a superb setting. Jane F

  16. Lady Katherine, you have the most up lifting posts. I love the blues in your pink rose garden. Your table just is so pretty with all the lovely blue and white china patterns. You have truly set before us a gracious Southern Tea Table.

  17. I so enjoyed sitting by your roses again this week. The view of your yard is so relaxing while enjoying the Rose of Venice tea. I tasted each one of the desserts because sweets are a weakness for me. Blue dishes are one of my favorites. I hope todays tea gave you a lift. God bless you today with health.

  18. Your tea party is amazing! I love your yard. I want to invite you to join Tea Cup Tuesday as well. Your teas are the best. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to next week. Blessings, Martha

  19. Of course I love your table Katherine…and your Cracker Barrel lovlies…
    But that ROSE ARBOR …oh my!
    Took my breath away.
    Love how you’ve used the roses throughout…
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings…

  20. Hi Lady Katherine, Thanks for your sweet comments. I too am collecting Old Country Roses. So far I have 6 place settings and a tablecloth. Would like to have 8-10 place settings plus serving pieces and napkins. I got some great deals on ebay – around $40 including s/h for some of them. Some were from the early 1960s; some still had the price stickers on them and all were in perfect condition. I am going to post a tablescape for Tablescape Thursday using Old Country Roses next week. Good luck as you continue to collect! You have MANY, MANY lovely things!

  21. I love your table setting and just everything! It is so serene and peaceful. I wish I could jump into the computer and sit at that table. You live in a beautiful area! And thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog! I was thinking the same thing, wanting a shirt or dress that looked just like that! My girls definitely dress better than me!

  22. Oh my…you have out done yourself…again. Everything is just stunning and you are the hostess with the mostess.


  23. Oh my goodness!! Everything is simply so lovely and inviting…I love your blue and white tablescape 🙂 So charming! The food looks so delicious…I so want to sit a spell and just take it all in 🙂

    What a beautiful post!! Love coming by to visit with you 🙂

    Warmest always, Brenda

  24. Katherine, I think your Southern Belle Tea is perfect!

    I love the blue and white china with the pink roses. That’s always been a favorite combo for me.

    Hope you are feeling well. Mr. Magpie’s birthday is tomorrow, and I’m having a drawing in his honor. Hope you’ll visit.


    Sheila 🙂

  25. Hi, Katherine,
    I just spent the last 10 minutes or so reading your beautiful post and enjoying the beautiful pictures. You do such a great job. See you soon!


  26. What a dreamy setting for the perfect tea. Love the backdrop of roses and the way they compliment the blue and white dishes. Hugz,

  27. What a beautiful table and garden setting. You’ve inspired me to get working on mine-it’s finally warming up here in the high mtns of Colorado. I’m glad I’m not the only one that shops at Cracker Barrel! Thanks for sharing with us!

  28. Katherine, you always have such beautiful teascapes…your dishes are stunning! And the desserts, too.
    Have a great weekend.

  29. Katherine, dropping back by to let you know that Fred really appreciated his birthday wishes. Thanks so much for sending yours his way!! 🙂

    Happy Memorial Day to you and yours…


    Sheila 🙂

  30. Oh my goodness! I was writing my post for the tea after Memorial day and I am linking to you and I am seeing this incredible tea you did last week. WOW! Lady Katherine you did a fabulous job. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love those pink roses scattered all over, so romantic. I’ll be here next this coming Tues. writing the post now.;)
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  31. Happy pink Sat! I’m trying to visit as many blogs as I can, but doubt I’l do all 270 plus! It’s great we’re all kindred spirits!

  32. What an awesome post! This is my first time to your blog and I really am enjoying the visit…I will definitely be back! I am a tea lover too & it’s always exciting when I find someone else too. Beautiful roses and the setting is just gorgeous…it all just compliments each other beautifully. Hope you have a fabulous Pink Ssturday!!

    Hugs, Sheri ~~ Prim Rose Hill Studio

  33. You have the perfect setting for your garden party. I doubt anyone will be singing the blues there!

  34. Happy Pink Saturday, Katherine. We’ve been pinking together for over a year now. Thank you for everything you do to make Pink Saturday special.

    Thank you for also celebrating Pink Saturday with your wonderful tea party. Everything couldn’t look more perfect.

  35. Beautiful, beautiful – everything is so pretty. I love the blue and white dishes – I collect them too. And the pink roses are charming – remind me of a rose bush I have called “The Fairy”. Happy Pink Saturday.


  36. Lady Katherine, your teas are amzing AND gorgeous! I have enjoyed scrolling through.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog, your sweet comments and for becoming a following friend!

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