Welcome to 14th Tea Time Tuesday
Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belle’s Tea Luncheon

The Belle’s are pictured left to right
Lady Katherine, Donna, Christine, Vicki
Belle’s Blog Website’s
Vicki at Paint Or Dig

Christine was our hostess for the Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Tea Luncheon
 at her home, Saturday. She welcome us with  a lovely Tablecloth on her kitchen island filled with a wonderful Buffet of Asian Food, she had prepared. In front of each dish Christine used erasable ceramic place cards which held the name of each Asian Dish she had prepared.
Notice: Christine’s wonderful Brick Floor
Christine has lovely serving pieces she served the delicious Asian food upon.
I do not remember all the names of the Asian food, the chicken was stuffed with Crawfish, My husband loved this dish, for he has a crawfish pond. 
Beautiful flatware and blue tranferware plates on the buffet 
Notice the lids of the serving dishes, just lovely! 
The pool and flowers outdoors is more beautiful than the pictures you see on Christine’s Website.
As it had rained all morning, we ate Lunch in Christine’s Dining Room. So sorry I did not get a photo of the dining room! Christine gave a a tour of each room of her home. So lovely Christine!
In a lovely crystal punch bowl, 7up vanilla ice cream
 Christine had a Tea Table set up.
The lovely Teapots and warmers held 
Pear Guava Tea, and Mango Passion Fruit Tea
Both Teas were delightful! I adored the Mango Passion Fruit Tea,
 the Pear Guava Tea was a wonderful Tea for everyday. 
The table linens are so lovely.
The centerpiece was a lovely Conservatory 
Blue and white teacups set on a tray
The cloche is filled with delicious chocolate chip cookies.
Melons in a lovely blue bowl
Now I loved the desert in the long pan, I forgot the name, Oh, but it was wonderful! 
Visit Christine’s lovely blog,
 to find all the names of the delicious foods she has served.  
After lunch we sat around the Breakfast table, as we opened gifts. 
Bobby, Vicki’s husband is taking a photo of Donna as she shows the lovely blue bowl she won, which Christine gave as a door prize. I always loved Christine’s wooden Lazy Susan in the middle of the Breakfast table. Christine’s home is lovely and has many wonderful pieces. 
I love her napkin ring cabinet, just to the left of the French Doors. 
Notice the wood ceiling and beams in the kitchen. 
John, Christine’s husband and my husband, 
Terry were sitting behind us in Christine’s Family room.
Vicki, brought a door prize she had painted, her original painting of Magnolias and Teapot
I am happy to say, I won this lovely painting! 
 So fitting for a 
 Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belle, don’t you think?
Christine gave each of her guest a set of four Royal Albert blue rose napkin rings. 
We all shall have a table setting with these lovely napkin rings soon.

Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles in Christine’s lovely Garden 
All the Belles which couldn’t come to this lovely Tea Luncheon, you were missed. 

After touring Christine lovely garden, John drove in the car ahead and gave us a drive by tour of many lovely homes, an old cemetery, and downtown Natchez to visit the wonderful antique shops. John also took us all to tour a lovely home, then he went back home where he hosted our husbands for the afternoon. Thank You John for a wonderful tour of Natchez!
 Oh, a wedding was being held at the home we planned to tour, Christine took us to tour Rosalie Mansion a beautiful home by the Mississippi River, I loved this home for the original owners furnishings are still in the home.  This home also had a
 Gentleman’s Parlor and a Ladies Parlor. 
Christine took photos of these lovely rooms. 
This Fall The Natchez Pilgrimage will be held October 1-15.

Rosalie Mansion

Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles on the porch of Rosalie Mansion

I want to Thank John and Christine for being our Host and Hostess for this year’s,

Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Tea Luncheon. We all had such a lovely time!

Lady Katherine on the second floor Veranda of Rosalie Mansion view the Mississippi River

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday!
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me
Lady Katherine

32 thoughts on “TEA LUNCHEON- IN NATCHEZ

  1. I enjoyed your Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belle’s Tea Luncheon very much. You all look lovely and you are looking especially well in your chic white dress. Christine’s home is great. I would love to taste some of her cuisine. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog.

  2. Lady Katherine,
    This looks like you had a wonderful time. Love all the food and the field trip. Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. I took my daughter and 2 sons to the airport today and after all the activities this weekend, it is so quiet here and quite depressing. I am glad we all got together. I really enjoyed all your company….Christine

  4. What a great party Christine and John had for all of you! Beautiful home, beautiful dishes, lovely and thoughtful gifts! Lady Katherine, I love the painting you won. It is really pretty. Thanks for the tour, Lady Katherine and have a cup of vanilla cream tea for me!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  5. Hi again! Better get plenty of rest, Katherine. That was a long drive and lots of walking for you, not to mention the stairs we had to climb at Rosalie. Your picture on the verandah overlooking the MS River is so beautiful. Thanks for featuring my blog again. Also,if you’re ever in this area or when Terrie needs to buy something from LA, call me and tell him to drop you off and we can just relax in the garden and have tea. John is feeling better I think. He better cause he has 9 cases today…Christine

  6. What a lovely group you ladies have.
    It was nice to see inside Christine’s home and all the food she prepared.
    The napkin rings are gorgeous and I look forward to tea when you use them Lady Katherine.

  7. What a wonderful party all of you had together! Everything was so beautiful, and the food looks fabulous!

    I’m linking to your TTT this time! Thanks for hosting.


  8. As always I thoroughly enjoyed my tea time with you and Christine and her husband seem to be most wonderfully gracious hosts.What a beautiful table setting, and the food, oh my goodness, what a feast for the eyes and the tummy !

  9. Once again a lovely post. So nice to have friends to share your passion with. Lovely table with blue and white, especilly those teapots. Centrepiece was exceptional.
    You look like a Southern Belle in your white dress, lovely.
    Have a wonderful week, hope you are feeling well.
    Blessings, Pam

  10. What an amazing spread!! Christine really outdid herself for the Mississippi Magnolia tea!! And that house you toured is gorgeous!! Wish I lived there so I could join you!

  11. Lady Katherine,
    I wish I lived close enough to join in this wonderful tradition! Everything looked so magnificent and delicious! Thank you for sharing your lovely celebration with all of us!
    <>< Concetta

  12. Oh how wonderful. All of you look so lovely and Christine’s home is just beautiful and all that fabulous yummy food. I would love to have been there. I know it was a very special day. What a thrill for all of you. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  13. Sounds like you all had an absolutely wonderful time together. Although there is pleasure in taking tea alone- I like to use a pot, loose leaf and fine china when I do- it is so great when you can share the pleasure with others.

  14. Dearest Lady Katherine,

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed your Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belle’s Tea Luncheon!~ What a delight to see you all smiling and happy! You all look so lovely, with you looking especially fabulous and simply delightful in your pretty white dress!

    Wow!~ What an amazing home and pool area Christine and her dear husband have!.., Her food looks amazingly and tantalizingly delicous and is displayed so beautiffully as well!

    Wouldn’t we all love to taste some of her tasty cuisine?!..,Yum!

    Your day looks and sounds delightful!

    Always big hugs to you whenever you are able to go forth and enjoy life Lady Katherine!

    .., I’m always especially delighted to see you enjoying life! ~ To see you being given the gifts that God has blessed you with of precious family and friends and sweet respite from pain and illnes my dear lady!!.., You well deserve it!

    Come by anytime and enjoy some,’afternoon tea and treats’; I always so love having you visit!..,

    Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

    P.S.~ Thank you also for your nice comments on my blog last time you visited and also your kind participation with last weeks tea.., Please feel most welcome to also join in with next week’s,’Tuesday Tea For Two’ as well; I adore our weekly tea parties!..,

  15. Hi, Katherine,
    What a beautiful bunch of ladies!!!!!! hehehehehehehehe
    We had so much fun.
    You look so pretty in that last pic in your white dress.


  16. Hi! I’m still visiting the PS-participants 😉

    So, Happy Pink Saturday to you, or shall I say Happy Pink Week…?! XX Esther

  17. What a fun time you beautiful ladies must have had…and all that delicious looking food…wish I lived in your area!

  18. Lady Katherine, that looks like you all had a great time. Christine and her husband are really perfect host(ess), unbelievable, how much work they had to make everything so nice and yummy looking. Really awesome. Thats a very nice tradition and you look all, as if you had endjoyed it.
    Greetings, Johanna

  19. Oh I love this!
    Christine’s home is so gorgeous and she is the hostess with the mostess for sure!
    You gals all look so cute! And I see Chari’s table in the first pic. It’s so lovely! And I get to meet her next weekend.
    Thanks for sharing,

  20. What fun to see photos of the lovely setting that Christine hosted. Looks like a grand time was had by all with some amazing food. ~ Sarah

  21. What a lovely party!! Everything is so pretty, and the food looked delish!!

    I must say, your white dress is stunning…and you look beautiful in it.

    I must tell you, I LOVE magnolias. There is a huge story to my one of my favorite teacups—my magnolia teacup. I’m in the process of getting a blog makeover, and I’m going to be using a photo of my magnolia teacup in my header. As a Southern gal, who is currently living in the Northwest, my heart is in the South, and magnolias hold a special place in my heart, so it’s the perfect teacup to use.

    Anyhow, blessings,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

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