Fairy Tea Party at Crescent Bend House

Welcome to the 21st Tea Time Tuesday

Today we will be taking a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee
Where each year The Dogwood Arts Festival is held at Historical Crescent Bend House.
My Guest, Julia lives in Wears Valley, Tennessee,  a small community nestled in a valley near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The last two years Julia has entered a Tablescape in the Dogwood Festival Tablescapes Contest. Each participate is asked to pick out a painting hanging in Historical Crescent Bend House,in Knoxville, Tennessee. The participates then has to create a dining experience depicting what each person sees in their selected painting. 
Julia emailed me back in the Spring, asking if I had any advice I could give her on doing a Fairy Tea Party. Julia explained what she was creating.  I told Julia Your Fairy Garden Tea 
is going to be lovely, you do not need any tips from me. 
As you can see:
 Julia’s Lovely Fairy Garden Tea
Just look at the lovely pink shawl Julia draped on the chair! The tablecloth is so lovely!
A few bunnies peaking out from amidst the potted plants to greet the Fairy!
The painting Julia chose for Fairy Garden Tea is:
Appalachian Springs 
by Artist Wayne Blankenship
photo courtesy of Crescent Bend
Transfer came in a little fuzzy
Julia’s Fairy Garden won 1st place in the Floral Division
Notice the painting is hanging the background
This photo was taken in Julia’s home, 
I wanted you to see Julia’s Lovely Tea Set 
she used in this Fairy Garden Tea 
I just love the iron gate to the right of the Tablescape,
all the colors blend so beautifully

Julia’s created a beautiful Dogwood Tree with in this lovely Fairy Garden Tea!
Historical Crescent Bend House/Armstrong-Lockett House
and W.P. Toms Memorial Gardens
Built in 1834 by Drury Paine Armstrong, Crescent Bend was once a 900 acre working farm.
Crescent Bend House is one of the South’s finest house museums, 
and botanical pleasure gardens.
Over 30 thousand tulips are planted on the grounds

Crescent Bend gives tours of the home and gardens all year.
 The Terrace hold many lovely fountains
For Teas, Weddings or Other Special Events 
To find about more just give 
Judy McMillian, Events Coordinator a call
Thank You Judy for all your help with information and pictures about Crescent Bend.
photo courtesy of Crescent Bend House

The month April for the Tulip Festival, Crescent Bend holds High Tea for the public.
 Any other time of the year Crescent Bend will give a Tea for 25 or more.
During April the United Daughters of the Confederacy Ellen Renshaw House Chapter, 
will dress in Period Dress, while teaching the Art of the Victorian Fan Language.
Remember if you hold your fan to your lips, you will be asking to be kissed! 

High Tea at Crescent Bend House
photo courtesy of Crescent Bend House
Julia’s Tablescape for the Dogwood Arts Festival 
Fairy Garden Tea
Julia used silk flowers, plants, bird houses, tea set, fairy, rabbits, and iron gate
To create this lovely Fairy Garden Tea
Isn’t this Fairy just lovely with the bunny at her feet.
You can see why Julia won the Floral Division, her creation is Breath Taking!
Thank You so much Julia for sharing your Fairy Garden Tea, and introducing us to
 Crescent Bend House in Knoxville, Tennessee

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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me
Lady Katherine

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Day Bed Breakfast Tea Tray

Welcome to the 20th Tea Time Tuesday

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My Tea Tray is set up on my Day Bed
Oh, I have a platform bed I wanted to place outdoors amongst my flowers with sheers billowing in the wind, but the rain came so we shall make do with my Day Bed.  This Day Bed is actually my hospital bed that is set up in my Parlor, so I am close to my husband should I need him . I found a King size wooden head board at the annual neighborhood garage sale last year for $2.00. Yes, Two dollars! I added a little trim and painted it white, for my antique mantel in this room was white. Last summer my husband built me a Library in the parlor, now Parlor/Music Room/ Library. I can’t wait to show you my stained mantel and Library! Just not quite yet! I so want to get this bed into another room first! lol To make this hospital bed look like a Day Bed, I lowered the rails, added curtains for the gold topping, pillows and the headboard behind the bed.
Don’t look at the cords showing at the floor, lol for they control the hospital bed.

Breakfast Tea Tray on my Parlor Day Bed
The prints on the wall I bought at an antique store for $25.00 for the pair, the shelves from Hobby Lobby.  The lamps were in my 100 year old Craftsman’s Bungalow when we bought the house, new lamp shades were added.  You can just see a little of a rocker which was the first owners of the house. My daughter brought them down from the attic one year on Mother’s Day for me. One day they will get to be recovered as the sofa will be too. I found this sofa on side of the road and tied it to my car an brought it home around twenty-five years ago. The antique coffee table I bought at a yard sale twenty some years ago for $8.00, it was not suppose to be in the photo, but I couldn’t get it cropped out. lol  Notice I have wood floors, ceilings, and walls in this room. Oh, you can’t see the ceiling, but it painted the same color as the walls. 
One day to all to receive a new color of paint.
Yes, the white bed looks out of place! Now!
My Tea Tray I bought at the annual garage sale last year for $5.00. The cloches cover all the food.
I made the mini cupcake plate and cloches, if you like I have a post which tells you how to make the mine cupcake plates and cloches. I can do a repost on it, just let me know if you would like it.
On my Tray I am using my Royal Albert Old Country Roses Fine China. 
I have been collecting the oldest pattern on Ebay. 
The Tea Towel was a gift I received July 4th from my sister, Gloria.
Now this Breakfast food is uncovered!
I used my Early American Prescut Crystal berry bowl, juice glass, and coaster.
The fruit bowl holds slices of cantaloupe from our fields, blueberries, and strawberries
I am a Southern Lady, and I do love my Grits! Today I had hash browns instead,
 with Cinnamon Tea Biscuits.
Farm Fresh Eggs, just from the Hen House outback, Fried and Bacon
I picked Zinnias and Rosemary from my garden, and placed them in a little glass vase.
 I bought at a garage sales many moons ago! 
My Royal Albert Old Country Roses Teapot in One is New,
 I bought in the last few years from Ebay.
Today I am tasting two different Teas, so I decided to make one kind in the top teapot, and the other in the bottom cup. ( Just be sure and do not do as I did and fill the bottom cup too full when you place the teapot on top it will spill over on your cloth!)
I filled my China Teacup 3/4 full, to add my sugar, or milk, where it will not spill as I stir.

The Strawberry Ceylon Tea was light in color, with a hint of strawberry taste, 
it was really good just  a few lumps of sugar added
The Blueberry Ceylon Tea was much darker, and didn’t taste of blueberries, (which I do love blueberries) I was so disappointed in the taste, and so happy I decided to try both Teas! 
These two teas were a gift and not purchased where I usually buy my Tea.

 With this Tea Tasting you can know you can not brew your Tea just by the color.
 For stronger Tea you need to add just a little more tea leaves.
 I also did not add milk for either Tea. 
Four years ago I took a leave absence from work, thinking it was just for three months. I began to study the Art of Tea. This is a Sterling Silver Tea Stainer. You hold it over the teacup and pour your tea and it catches any leaves. This Tea Stainer has a little cup you place it  back in to hold any liquid from getting on your linens. I am not sure if  the Tea Strainer cup show up good in some of my photos. I am saying this for as some had Grandmothers, Mother’s which taught them the Art of Tea, I had to study and this was one item I had no idea what it was! lol
I used an Early American Prescut Crystal Coaster for my butter pats, and a crystal tooth picker holder for my strawberry preserves. I have found using small dishes are the perfect serving for one.
Another view of my Breakfast Tea Tray on my Daybed 
After a wonderful Breakfast Tea on the Daybed, the China is cleared and the Tea Tray pops up to hold your favorite magazine, or book, with pockets on each side to hold extra books.
The Breakfast Tea Tray is perfect for writing notes, cards, or letters
This past week has been filled with Doctor visits, and test. I have had several family members in the hospital, my Daddy, Sister, and Daughter. We are keeping our Grandchildren while my daughter recuperates. Even though through all this, I had unexpected company today.
My friend Kathy, whom lives an hour away, came for a visit. Kathy always brings me happy’s as I call them to brighten my day. Today it was more like Christmas in July! 
I have not been able to contain my excitement!
I have been wanting a laptop computer, as the desktop computer is still hard for me to sit at,
 for very long since my surgeries, my recent accident, and fall has made it much worse.
Kathy knows how much I love my website, for it brings me much happiness.
Today Kathy brought me a Dell Laptop Computer with a wireless mouse.
Kathy also brought me case for the laptop, and a HP printer.
 As you see I have not have time to open the box as of yet!
How wonderful is this! 
Kathy also brought this wonderful juicer, and yes it still in the box! I have read the book, Juicing is so healthy for you.  I used to do the Juicing, but I have a tiny juicer and gave up on it long ago.  I do love Juicing  for it is great for Cancer patients. I think Kathy must want to keep me Healthy! Can’t wait for tomorrow, my Grandchildren, can’t either! lol 
A few weeks ago I got a phone call from my wonderful friend Kathy, she had me a set of Therapeutic mattress for our King Size bed. I’ve been in my hospital bed for a long time now. We do have a wonderful King size pillow top mattress, but I still can not sleep in it. The Therapeutic Mattress is wonderful.  I think soon!  I just might get to go back to my bedroom,
 and sleep in with my husband in our King size bed again. 

Oh, I am blessed to have such a wonderful loving friends
 as Kathy, and her husband Chet!
Thank You Both for  helping making life better for me,  from the bottom of my Heart!

After have not eaten all day, at nine o’clock last night I sat down to this wonderful Breakfast Tea, I had planned to have this morning. Just relaxing and drinking from my lovely China Teacup!  Pondering on how a lovely Tea Setting even when it is just a Tea Tray,
 can makes one feel  wonderful and special!  
I want to Congratulate Susan at Between Naps On The Porch, whom hostess Tablescape Thursday each week for the 100 week of Tablescape Thursday.  I know how much work is involved in doing this meme weekly and Susan works full time, and also host Metamorphism Monday where she does decor make overs.  Susan always has the loveliest Tablescapes, not a week goes by does she have something beautiful to share.  I was Susan’s 30th follower and have watched as her website has grown with happiness for her.  Susan also writes an article for Houzz each week. 
She is such a sweet, talented lady and I am so happy I have got to know her. 
Stop by Susan’s and wish her Happy 100th Tablescape Thursday! 
100th Tablescape Thursday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Just A Little Note

So Sorry!
Please stop back by for I will be having $100.00 Gift Card Giveaway! 
I am running a little late, and Tea Time Tuesday will be up for you to link to Later tonight, July 20.
I have  had Doctors appointments this past week, MRI, 
and then the dye placed in to pin point tumors.
With unexpected company, with my daddy, sister and my daughter in the hospital.

All in all I have had such a lovely day with so many Treasures to share!
Remember to stop back by, Please give me a few hours or so. lol
See You Soon!
Lady Katherine


Welcome to the 19th Tea Time Tuesday
“On a lovely Spring day what could be nicer or more relaxing than having Tea with dear friends in a beautiful garden setting? Tea is one of the oldest drinks enjoyed by man,
 and most surely was served in the earliest gardens.  
There are many types of Gardens, and many types of Tea”
Written by Wanda Church 
A few months ago Wanda Churchill, a garden columnist for the News Review Newspaper in Ridgecrest, California contacted me to use my picture of my last years Tea in My Rose Garden, which is the Tea Time Tuesday Logo. Wanda wrote a lovely article on Tea in the Garden. 
I wish you could read the whole article. 
Wanda also sent me by mail a copy of this article which was in
  in the newspaper with my Tea Setting photo published.
Wanda has emailed me pictures of what she loves to do,
 in her spare time in the month of April.
Ridgecrest, California is a town of approximately 25 thousand people
 living in the Northern Mojave Desert.  

Wanda loves to help her friend, Donna Woods give Garden Tea’s in Donna’s Garden. Which has taken her friend many years to get her garden to this point. Wanda says, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to garden in the high desert. We have extremely high winds, and temperatures sometimes reaching 117 degrees in the summer. 
The humidity is very low ( about 7%) which is how humans survive.

In April Wanda’s friend  Donna gives Garden Tea’s only six days of the year, 
when her garden is at it’s peak.  Wanda’s friend  Donna has Tea’s set up on two patio’s,
 serving from two to seven people at 1:00pm and again at 3:00pm.
I noticed the lovely garden blooming, the lace netting covering the fountain is to keep the leaves out of the fountain, from the fierce winds they have in the desert. Donna Woods has a large Magnolia Tree in her courtyard. A Magnolia Tree growing in the Mojave Desert is almost unheard of.  Over turned Teacups keeps out the bugs, and other things the fierce winds bring with it.
A simple Apple in the center of the table, 
says to me this setting will be served with wonderful Apples.

What a lovely Garden to look upon as you relax having Tea

This photo came out a little fuzzy, but you can see the lovely flowers growing in this desert garden, and hummingbird feeder in another Tea Setting.

Wanda says, Notice the Matilija Poppy, growing at the corner of her friends house, 
with the huge white flowers.  They are simply gorgeous,
 and my friend Donna Woods is an accomplished Artist in several areas,
 and has painted these poppies in oils.
One of these paintings of the Matilija Poppy, Donna has graciously given me
 for helping her with her Garden Teas.

The Matilija Poppy grows wild on Catalina Island, and they call them
I you see why they are called “Fried Egg Plant”
The bloom looks like a fried egg! 
The Matilija Poppies are so lovely! 
Wanda, Thank You so Much for the Tour of Your Friend Donna Woods’
 Garden and Teas in Your Lovely
Northern Mojave Desert!

Today I am joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
where she is hosting Tablescape Thursday

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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Welcome to the 18th Tea Time Tuesday
Tomato Garden

As you look around my 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow, Remember we are remodeling! 
My husband Terry tied up his tomato plants, they reached eight feet tall this summer.

While canning the tomato’s I found an old, old Ball Canning Recipe book.
 I have to have my glass of ice tea.
More jars washed and ready to go, these are the old Mayonnaise
 I got these mayonnaise glass jars from my 90 year old neighbors house after she had pasted away.
Summer’s BountyPosted by Picasa
Canned jars of Chow Chow and more Tomatoes ready to cook.
The small tomato garden made 200 pounds of tomatoes. Which we shared with friends and neighbors. My Daddy came and picked up about 40 pounds of Tomatoes, Watermelons, and Okra.  He even went home with a rooster and a hen, after seeing our farm fresh eggs.
My Daddy’s Chow Chow Recipe
Canner, glass jars, jar lids and rings,
 tongs, jar holder, towel, 
 large enamel pot to cook tomatoes,
measuring spoons and cup
4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon allspice
3 cups of apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon ground red pepper
3 cups sugar – this made it a little too sweet

25 large tomatoes
10 hot fresh  peppers – I used jalapeno
4 large bell peppers
3 large coarse cut yellow onions

Blancing the Tomatoes
In large pot, cook on high, then to medium,drain off water, peel the skin off and core the tomatoes.
In large mixing bowl add all ingredients from the pantry and stir.  Taste to see if mixture is hot enough.
In large enamel pot bring mixture to boil, then cook on medium, for about 1&1/2 to 2 hours until thick and onions and peppers  are soft.
Next time I will use half the sugar as it was a little sweet for our taste, If mixture is too thick in beginning, add a little water. To keep mixture from boiling over you can add 1 tablespoon of margarine.  When splitting the hot pepper and taking out the seeds, you my want to use gloves,  I didn’t and my hands burned for hours.
Makes  about 12 pints
Hot Bath
While the tomato mixture is cooking. Using a canner pot, add clean jars and cover with water, bring almost to rolling boil and turn down temperture. About 10 minutes before the tomato mixture is done, I add the rings and the caps. Take out a jar  with tongs or jar holder and using a funnel fill the mixture to 1/ 2 inch from the top.  Make sure to wipe off any spills around the top of the jar, before adding the lid and ring. Use the tongs and take the lid placing it on the jar and then add ring. I usually turn my jars upside down over night and turn up the next morning. This  makes the heat from the mixture and lid, makes the vacum seal of  lid to the jar.
My husband turned the jars over in 4 hours and checked for the seal., by tapping on the lid. If the lid moves up and down, it needs to go in the fridge.  Enjoy on your peas and cornbread.

Iced Tea With a Tomato Sandwich

 I enjoyed a glass of ice tea, a tomato sandwich, homemade salsa, chips, and cinnamon nut bread.  My sister, Doris gave me the lovely bowl, where I place an arrangement of magnolia and grapes.
My friend Hazel always brings such wonderful Happy’s, as I call them, to brighten my day! On her last visit she brought the cinnamon nut bread. Which I topped with dream whip and homemade fig preserves. My husband does not care much for cake or bread , but he loves Hazel’s cinnamon nut bread. As you can see its almost gone.  The fig preserves we canned, 
my grandchildren do love them so.

The tomato sandwich is made from home grown tomatoes with mayonnaise,salt, pepper, and bread. Thats All! I just love sitting down to a good tasting home grown tomato sandwich! Don’t You?.

As Always Save a Cup of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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