Welcome to the 23rd Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage Center 

 Today I am sharing with you a day spent with my Granddaughter Hannah
We had Tea, We Baked, We Played!

When my Grandchildren come they think we have to have Tea for any meal or snack.
On this morning I almost forgot to take pictures

Hannah at Breakfast Tea
She found her place setting from the Tea that is from my Tea Time Tuesday Logo
and set it in front of her while Breakfast was being cooked.
She also added the doilies on the back of the bench
Have Tea With Me
As I look at these photos, 
I realize just how much has changed in my dining room and the sun porch behind.
Can’t wait to show you all my changes!

Hannah says I am through with Breakfast, 
Granna Please May I have another cup of Tea!  
I would like a little more Tea, Granna aka Lady Katherine
Instead of Water!
Teach Me! 
Granna is this the way to hold my Teacup?
I do love my Tea, just like Granna
 Oh No,my Tea is almost gone!
Granna, Please more Tea!
See my Tea is all gone!
Rock With Me!
Hannah sitting with Kitty in an old rocking chair, handmade by my Great Uncle 

Time to Smell the Roses
Walk With Me 
I love this Fairy Chime!
Swing with Me 
Lets Swing in the rope swing Granpappy made
Bake With Me
On parchment paper, using canned cinnamon rolls 
A small heart cookie cutter
Hannah is unrolling the cinnamon rolls and shaping hearts
Working hard on her creation
All Baked and adding the topping
Granna, I can do this with you
Hannah’s Cinnamon Roll Creations
When Life keeps you from doing things with ones you love,
Take a day using a can of Cinnamon Rolls and Tea 
Watching a Creative Lovely Granddaughter 
In A Day of Love and Time Spent Sipping Tea, Baking, and Playing
This is my Morning Star,  Hannah, she keeps me looking forward to life

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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me
Lady Katherine

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32 thoughts on “A DAY SPENT WITH HANNAH

  1. What a beautiful little girl. What good company she is. Thank you for hosting and sharing such a lovely time with her.!

  2. Hannah is an adorable girl! You have a beautiful granddaughter and it’s obvious she loves spending time with you. You set up a nice breakfast tea with Hannah. Every week you put on a really nice tea, Lady Katherine. Sometimes I wonder where your energy comes from – must come from doing something that you love!
    God bless, Beth

  3. Hannah is such a cutie, Katherine. Look at that pretty long blonde hair! How fun to spend a day with her……Christine

  4. Your granddaughter Hannah is a sweetheart Katherine. How nice that she has helped you bake and had a tea party.
    Our granddaughters like to get fancied up in a dress too and choose their cup and saucer from the hutch.

  5. You know I SO believe in having tea with little ones as often as possible. And every meal at our house is called “Tea.”

    Your Hanna is so happy concentrating on her beautiful cinnamon-roll hearts. I do believe we have a can of crescent rolls in our fridge—we always make our “cinnamon rolls” with those, and Our Girl will be here this week.

    The days spent being kind to the little ones are never subtracted from our allotted time.

  6. Hannah is absolutely precious. I love these kind of days with a granddaughter.
    I have a post coming up, having breakfast with my youngest, Deeds.
    Oh, and I have a Rooster tablecloth just like yours. 🙂
    love, bj

  7. What a little sweetie your Granddaughter is! And what very special memories the two of you are creating having tea together 🙂 I saw your previous post with your Tea party..what a fabulous time everyone looked to be having, and some delicious food that was served.

    Wishing you a lovely week, and a Happy Tea Tuesday 🙂

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  8. What gorgeous photos of that beautiful little girl sharing her special day with you. It was such a pleasure seeing the photos. I’m attempting my first teacup party(ies) today, tho folks will have to be patient with my humble beginnings.

  9. What a precious little granddaughter! You are so fortunate to have this little one to share tea. Cute post! ~ Sarah

  10. Never too early to teach our babies the lovely past time of a proper tea. Hannah is one blessed little girl…and I know that you feel blessed by her, too! Cherry Kay

  11. I have a granddaughter named Hannah also! Your little one is a real cutie pie! Precious Tea Time post! Hope all is going well your way Lady Katherine!

  12. Your little Hannah is beautiful, and what a special day you had with her. Memories for her to last a lifetime.

    What a good idea, to make those cinnamon rolls and let her be creative, she will be hosting her own tea parties soon, and what fun they will be with the example of her loving and creative “granna “.

    Thank-you again for hosting this Tea Time!

  13. What a sweet, darling little girl! How I miss those days! Now, my daughter still appreciates tea time and I look forward to grands to share the lovely time together! It looks like you had quite the time – thanks for hosting such a lovely party,

  14. What an adorable grandaughter you have!! I had ny grandaughter (4 yrs. old) for a week and we had tea too and she loved it. I just wish I lived closer to have her over more often.

  15. Lady Katherine, Your granddaughter is so cute. I have a little 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter. I wished we lived closer. I can’t wait for our tea parties. Yours looked so fun. Yummy cinnamon rolls~ Do stop by if you can for a little giveaway I am having. Happy Tea Tuesday!
    MsartistSewCrafty, Theresa

  16. Oh what joy for you to spend time with that delightful little girl! I’m sure she fills her “Granna’s” heart with joy! I love seeing her chubby little fingers on the tea cup, and her serious big blue eyes wanting to make sure she is holding the cup right, but my favourite is the picture of her with your cat in that lovely rustic chair! Looks like a professional photo – absolutely beautiful. 🙂

  17. Your little granddaughter is beautiful. It looks like you had fun having tea and baking with her. I can’t wait till my new granddaughter is big enough to have tea with Nana.

  18. Oh, what a wonderful post. She is just adorable and what a great idea for the cinnamon rolls, so easy and yet so creative! I love the shoe holding Hannah’s card.

  19. Making memories with your granddaughter will last a lifetime! She will remember having a tea party with you and tell her children…that’s how we pass on traditions! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Hi Katherine. I found your beautiful blog and saw your beautiful granddaughter. I have a blog “The Doxie Diaries”. I found it difficult to write about myself when I was writing as “Lori’s Story”. Since my dog is so comical, he was the perfect topic. I need to get back to blogging. I stopped because my daughter was pregnant and we found out Mom had cancer. So it’s been a difficult time to blog. But I will get back to it soon. Again. . it was so nice to catch up with you again. . here and on Facebook!!


  21. Lady Katherine,
    What a lovely and heart felt post!!
    Hanna is just too cute!! How lucky you are to have such a darling grand daughter!!
    And to share so many wonderful things with her that i am sure she will remember for the rest of her life!!

  22. Katherine, Hanna is a beauty and obviously has learned so much from her grandmother. Look at her pretty place setting and the doily on the back of the bench! You are molding a real little lady there. It seems like it’s been so long since I’ve visited you. Life just gets too hectic sometimes! laurie

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