Welcome to the 29th Tea Time Tuesday 
One afternoon I found my granddaughters going through a box,
 and setting this Tea Set out on the floor. 
I bought this miniature Tea Set for my daughter, Suzette when she was just a little girl.
The Tea Set is sitting upon a platter that was my husband’s Grandmother’s.

I asked my granddaughters if they wanted to use this Tea Set for their Tea Party. They started loading up the platter and picking out dolls from the box for their Tea Party. 

First I asked, May I please wash it up for you, for the Tea Set has been packed up a long time.
They helped dry each piece and were off to set their Tea Table.
My little Granddaughter’s placed each piece on the table cloth they picked out to use.
My granddaughters, Brianna is 3 years old, and Hannah is four years old.
Waiting patiently for me to capture their pictures. 
Can’t you see they are saying, Please hurry Granna!
Hannah is the oldest, so she gets to pour the Tea.
Many spills, but a quick wash will bring out the stains. 
Brianna is watching closely how Hannah pours the Tea.
Oh, the teapot lid fell off, Granna how do I hold it to keep it on again?
It a little hard to hold it on and reach across the table, next time stand by Brianna and pour her cup of Tea.  Don’t worry all is fine, you are doing a lovely job. 
Brianna is so happy to have her cake and Tea already to sip!
Hannah is very proud of their Tea Table and so ready for her cup of Tea!
Now Granna, I can sip my Tea?
How wonderful it is to have two lovely Granddaughter that love to share Tea together!
If only Granna would stop taking pictures! 
Thank you letting me share my lovely Granddaughters with you today. 
For they make my heart sing every time they want to have Tea!
Sharing a wonderful Tea Time together!

I have not been able to visit much the last few weeks, I so want to, and know I missing so much.
I love reading each of your lovely comments.
Until next Tea Time.
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine

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Beverly at How Sweet The Sound

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23 thoughts on “LITTLE GIRL’S TEA

  1. Oh they are just the cutest, Katherine! They took after grandma for their love of tea. What happened to your link?…Christine

  2. So Precious! What lovely and patient granddaughters you have! And what a wonderful tea party – they will always treasure tea parties with their gramma.

  3. How sweet a lesson in tea-manners! We just had the small class today, in putting one finger of your other hand gracefully on the tiny knob on top of the pot to steady it.

    And then we drank the whole pot and came in for more.

    You and I have a wonderful legacy to pass on to all the generations, and we’re both blessed by that.

  4. O, dear Lady…these two are raving beauties and I KNOW how much you love them. You could just eat them up…!! They are beautiful.
    Love their tiny sweet.
    hugs, bj

  5. Oh Katherine, what adorable girls! How sweet that they were trying to play with the tea set already!! I think I’ve been bitten by the “I want to be a Grandma” bug!! I’m collecting demi tasse sets and just dreaming!! Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing your beauties with us this week!!
    blessings, Doni

  6. What pretty granddaughters! It really is an amazing blessing to shre tea with granddaughters. I also know how impatient they get as we Grandmas take pictures! You know they are chomping at the bit to start drinking their tea and eating the snacks.

    The tea set is very much like one our daughter received from her grandparents and now shares with her daughters. Tea-time, a tradition and pastime passed down thru the generations.No matter how impatient the granddaughters are with us at tea time now, one day these will be among their fondest memories.

  7. Beautiful girls having their tea! I have one of those little teasets from my childhood and need to get it out for my granddaughters to share tea with each other!

    Have a blessed day! HUGS!

  8. Katherine,
    They are just so cute! What a lovely thing for you to do for them. I did the same for my daughter and her young friends. She loved it and still has fond memories!

    Happy Tea!

  9. How wonderful to have these lovely grand daughters and to share teatime with them!
    Just on Friday my second great niece was born. I hope to have tea with her and her eleven year old sister some day.

  10. Dear Lady Katherine,
    What a great story and your granddaughters are soooo adorable!!! They are so lucky to be blessed with a creative and kind grandmother such as you.
    The tiny tea table is charming…isn’t it amazing how things can be made pretty by just using what you have!? 🙂
    P.S. I think we have the same tea set…found at a consignment shop when Katie and Rosie were little! Like you, I’ve boxed them away (in hat boxes 🙂 for future generations.

  11. This post makes my heart sing! So special that they wanted to use their mama’s tea set for their own party. I love that they were so careful to choose exactly how they wanted to design their tablescape. These photos will mark such a special memory. Thank you for sharing the moment with us. Cherry Kay

  12. Beautiful little ladies, Lady K! They will have wonderful memories of having tea at Granna’s when they are in their rocking chairs, years from now.

  13. What precious little girls…I know you get lots of delicious hugs and kisses!
    It is never to early to teach the finer side of life and having tea is one of those special moments. What memories you are building for them!
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  14. Katherine, what precious little girls. I think they look like you. Love seeing those sweet little faces having tea together. Darling post! ~ Sarah

  15. I think this is just spectacular with those beautiful little girls and their precious little tea party!!! This is the kind of thing we should DEFINITELY be passing on to the next generation!!!! You must be so proud!

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