Persimmon Cake Recipe

Welcome to the 34th Tea Time Tuesday
I have several request of my persimmon cake recipe.
I posted my persimmon cake Tea last week
A basket of native persimmons picked from our tree

Days Gone By Food Mill

Little bunt persimmon cakes out of the oven.
Persimmon cakes with the icing filled into the hole from the bunt pan.

First after picking ripe persimmons, I wash and take off the stem, with fingers peel out the large seeds and core, and you have not much left of the pulp and skin. always ask myself am I this desperate? For this is the worst process. It takes the whole basket to get about a cup or so of the permission. I take a break and put the persimmon puree in fridge, until I am ready to began again! If you want to take the easy way out, I am told you can buy a can of persimmon, or use large Asian persimmons, I have never see either! Now I use an old time, food mill, I believe it is for plums to squeeze the pulp. Add the persimmon in small amounts, yes it will have little small seeds. This food mill strains the pulp through into a bowl , and it has the little metal tags that allows the food mill to sit on the bowl, leaving the seeds behind, keep adding the pulp of the persimmon. Have fun washing the food mill! I use the sprayer to get up under the blade. Set a side the persimmon puree.
Next make a crumb topping:
2 cups crushed vanilla wafers,1 cup pecans, and 3/4 cup salted butter
Mix very fine crushed vanilla wafers,melted butter, and very vine pecans in bowl. I use my magic bullet for crushing the wafers and pecans, until they are like flour. We love the magic bullet! Walmart now has the magic bullet.
Spray small bunt pan with Pam or any other spray, Preheat oven to 325 degree. I leave bunt pan upon the stove top, it gives pan a little heat. Then I press this mixture into the bottom of a small bunt pan, only on bottom not up the sides of pan. Set a side bunt pan crumb mixture.
Making the Cake Mixture: Now this is the easy part.
1 box of spice cake mix, I use Duncan Hines, persimmon puree,
1/4 cup salted butter at room temperature, 4 eggs
Beat cake mixture until smooth, 2-3 minutes, I hand beat. The batter is really thick. Pour the cake batter into the small bunt pan all the way to the top, Bake until center comes out clean, My cake batter took only 12 minutes to bake. Take out of oven, set one minute and turn onto a cooling rack. Cakes need to be totally cool, I leave over night, in a covered dish, after they are cool to touch.
Icing Topping:
2/3 cup salted butter, and 4 ounce cream cheese both at room temperature, 3 cups of white confectioners sugar, 1 teaspoon nutmeg, 2 teaspoon cinnamon, about 1/4 cup of milk.
Combine salted butter, cream cheese, add sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and add milk a little at a time, You may not need all the milk, and beat until creamy.
Place persimmon bunt cakes on a platter. I use a tablespoon and place icing in the hole of the bunt persimmon cake. Cover and they will be gone in no time, I hide some in a double Ziploc bag with the cakes in a container inside, and freeze. This is one of the best cakes we have had, I had emails from all over and as neighbors stopped by they have taken one or so home, 
they called to say put them on the list for this persimmon cake.
If you are up to this challenge!
I will be joining
 Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum
Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine
Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage and Bakery Center
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Just want to say

I just want to say, I have missed you all while I been sick from two accidents and now a fall! Doc says will take at least another month to heal. Then when I go back he will talk surgery again! Number 41
This day last year I was in the hospital having my 40th surgery, and almost died.
 I am so happy to be here! My life is changing and my hubby says I have to get well Fast! lol
We have a new adventure happening soon and I can’t wait to share all with you! 
I want to visit you ALL so much!
You all have made me so happy with all of you joining me for Tea Time Tuesday, The Beverage Center!
All your Comments cherished, more than you know!
I am going to try and start getting up earlier, I am sleeping until 11:00 am and then several naps daily. I am going to start visiting all of you, not only do I miss seeing your post, but visiting with you! 
Miss You All So Much!!
Thank You All For Staying Around Leaving Me The most Lovely Notes!
Stay close I will share my Native Persimmon Cake Recipe Soon!

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine


Welcome to the 33rd Tea Time Tuesday 
Persimmon Cake and Camelot Tea
My hubby’s first hot tea, yes the Camelot Tea is really good, we both agreed, the Camelot Tea has a taste of raspberries. Hubby loved his tea with no sugar, I took my tea with sugar and loved Vintage Tea Camelot Tea. My hubby and I both tried Vintage Tea’s Camelot Tea with milk, we both preferred the Camelot Tea without milk.

See my post on picking persimmons. (native persimmons)
My freshly baked Persimmon Cake, baked in small bunt cake pan.
Please come have tea with me!
I said to hubby! Yes, he did have tea, with me!

Just no pictures allowed! He only agreed, for he loves my persimmon cake!
My hubby had four of the little cups of Camelot Tea!

This has been my best Tea Party
Yet! For this Tea Party was just Hubby and me!

Persimmon cake with icing, placed on a bowl with pine straw rim, upon a piece of pottery.
A couple of gourds and red berries around the pottery. Add a piece of cotton and you have it all, for the farmers in my community are now picking the cotton fields

My sister, Gloria gave me this little set of tea cups and saucers on my 50th Birthday.

I set up the Tea Party in our bedroom.
The parrot table cloth was from a pen pal in Australia. The tea pot was bought at a garage sale 15 years ago, with four little round tea cups. One round tea cup got broke. So today I used one round teacup to hold the sugar. This is the first time all of my brown tea cups, saucers and brown tea pot have been used!
 I tied raffia on the napkins, that hold the flatware.

If you would like to have my persimmon cake recipe, let me know I’ll do the post on it.
I will be joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch 
Michael Lee at Designs by Gollum 
Laurie at Bargain Hunting By Laurie
Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
So sorry I am up late, had a family emergency to take care of. Thank you for understanding.
I am feeling a little better, and my grandson’s collar bone is mending well.
Thank to all of you for your prayers!
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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Early one morning my Granddaughter, Hannah and I set the children’s table,
 for later in the afternoon, all of my four grandchildren were coming to visit.
Hannah  decided she wanted to have her breakfast on the the pretty table we set.
Hannah placed the Teapot on the Sunflower
What a wonderful idea, I said
My sleepy little four year old Granddaughter, Hannah
Notice on the back of each chair, we placed a large tea towels, we used for napkins,
 for the grandchildren need a big napkin, Hannah says.
Hannah with her bacon and egg biscuit, orange juice and tea.
Hannah takes her big napkin off the chair
See how big the napkin is
Hannah tucked the napkin around her
Hannah decided it would be best if the napkin was tucked in her shirt
Now I am already to have my Breakfast Tea
Did you notice my green dragonfly metal basket,  I bought from Ross?
 I am not sure what I’m going to use it for,
 but wanted to show it for Show and Tell
Each Place Setting has a place card, for my grandchildren love to read their names 
Tablecloth: is a curtain valance, from garage sale
Demitasse tea cups: a gift from my sister Gloria
 Rooster  appetizer plates: from Ross
Early American Prescut Crystal juice glass: thrift store
Cambridge demitasse flatware: from Ross
Wooden painted sunflower: I cut out of wood, and painted 
 Rooster Teapot: from Walmart
The little chairs came form old church, children’s  Sunday School classroom
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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!

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