Persimmon Cake Recipe

Welcome to the 34th Tea Time Tuesday
I have several request of my persimmon cake recipe.
I posted my persimmon cake Tea last week
A basket of native persimmons picked from our tree

Days Gone By Food Mill

Little bunt persimmon cakes out of the oven.
Persimmon cakes with the icing filled into the hole from the bunt pan.

First after picking ripe persimmons, I wash and take off the stem, with fingers peel out the large seeds and core, and you have not much left of the pulp and skin. always ask myself am I this desperate? For this is the worst process. It takes the whole basket to get about a cup or so of the permission. I take a break and put the persimmon puree in fridge, until I am ready to began again! If you want to take the easy way out, I am told you can buy a can of persimmon, or use large Asian persimmons, I have never see either! Now I use an old time, food mill, I believe it is for plums to squeeze the pulp. Add the persimmon in small amounts, yes it will have little small seeds. This food mill strains the pulp through into a bowl , and it has the little metal tags that allows the food mill to sit on the bowl, leaving the seeds behind, keep adding the pulp of the persimmon. Have fun washing the food mill! I use the sprayer to get up under the blade. Set a side the persimmon puree.
Next make a crumb topping:
2 cups crushed vanilla wafers,1 cup pecans, and 3/4 cup salted butter
Mix very fine crushed vanilla wafers,melted butter, and very vine pecans in bowl. I use my magic bullet for crushing the wafers and pecans, until they are like flour. We love the magic bullet! Walmart now has the magic bullet.
Spray small bunt pan with Pam or any other spray, Preheat oven to 325 degree. I leave bunt pan upon the stove top, it gives pan a little heat. Then I press this mixture into the bottom of a small bunt pan, only on bottom not up the sides of pan. Set a side bunt pan crumb mixture.
Making the Cake Mixture: Now this is the easy part.
1 box of spice cake mix, I use Duncan Hines, persimmon puree,
1/4 cup salted butter at room temperature, 4 eggs
Beat cake mixture until smooth, 2-3 minutes, I hand beat. The batter is really thick. Pour the cake batter into the small bunt pan all the way to the top, Bake until center comes out clean, My cake batter took only 12 minutes to bake. Take out of oven, set one minute and turn onto a cooling rack. Cakes need to be totally cool, I leave over night, in a covered dish, after they are cool to touch.
Icing Topping:
2/3 cup salted butter, and 4 ounce cream cheese both at room temperature, 3 cups of white confectioners sugar, 1 teaspoon nutmeg, 2 teaspoon cinnamon, about 1/4 cup of milk.
Combine salted butter, cream cheese, add sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and add milk a little at a time, You may not need all the milk, and beat until creamy.
Place persimmon bunt cakes on a platter. I use a tablespoon and place icing in the hole of the bunt persimmon cake. Cover and they will be gone in no time, I hide some in a double Ziploc bag with the cakes in a container inside, and freeze. This is one of the best cakes we have had, I had emails from all over and as neighbors stopped by they have taken one or so home, 
they called to say put them on the list for this persimmon cake.
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8 thoughts on “Persimmon Cake Recipe

  1. Uhm, yummy! Your persimmons are so small, Katherine. Are MS. persimmons really that small? Do they have big ones here? Thanks for the recipe…Christine

  2. Your persimmon cakes look wonderful. I love the way you iced them. Very delicious I am sure.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  3. I just read another blog where the family harvests persimmons from their own tree, and here I have never tasted a persimmon. As I told her, I must taste one this year, then maybe I will know I just have to bake a persimmon bundt cake~ thank-you Lady Katherine.

  4. Lady Katherine,

    You ARE truly a dedicated cook, to take all that trouble with those messy persimmons!! Our tree was of the almost-peach-sized ones, just beautiful in the light of the dying day, and with a bloom of luster on the outside like frosted glass—much like the one of yours on the far right of the basket.

    I’m sure you have your own pecan trees, as we always did down there, but up here, I’ve found the neatest thing—Pecan Meal at Gordon’s Foods. It’s just a brownish dust like fine cookie crumbs in one of those big plastic jars they sell everything in.

    It makes wonderful cookies and KILLER cheese pennies or straws.

    Even if you don’t buy the meal, DO try putting a cup or so into your cheese straw or cheese pennies recipe.

    I always love looking into your gracious, beautiful home!


  5. Dear Lady Katherine,
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipe! I wish I had one right now to go with my tea!

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