My tray is all packed up to bring a little Tea and Cheer to my 79 year old neighbor Margaret, 
She had surgery, a few weeks ago, and back in the hospital over the weekend. I called to check on her, she is on a liquid diet and had nothing but a little tea, broth, and juice the last few days.  
I quickly packed up a tray, while the kettle was on. I packed up the frozen low fat yogurt in a basket, while my husband took a case of Ensure out to the truck.
My camera is acting up, so some of the photos are blurry. 
What could be better with a hot cup of tea, frozen yogurt, and Ensure for someone that is on a liquid diet.
I placed the Tea setting on her coffee table, which is called Low Tea, when using a coffee table.
My neighbor was so pale when I got there, after a little Ensure, and hot Tea she had a little color in her face, and said she felt so much better. Thank Goodness I had cases of Ensure on hand.
I bought the tray, from a drug store.  Gold vintage cups my daughter bought at a thrift shop.
Little pumpkin bowls I bought at Dollar General to hold jam and clotted cream.  They worked great for the yogurt.The little scarecrows, and scarecrow flatware holders from Cracker Barrel
How I wish the pictures were not blurry! So sorry for it was cute, and made Margaret so happy.
I just love her coffee table
I am in love with this tray so much
I tried so hard to lighten this picture of Margaret sofa, behind the pillows is woven cane.
I love her sofa, she had two old churns on each side of the sofa.
A fall tea for a special lady!

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Lady Katherine
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  1. Oh, Sweetpea!

    You DO know how to be a friend!! I know it was just the greatest treat for your Margaret to have a visit from you, and with all that pretty cheer to help her spirits, as well as those yummy refreshments.

    What a lovely person you are, and how loyal a friend.

    I’ll tell you like a dear older woman told me once—I’d helped her out from time to time, picking up her groceries or mail, taking her to church, etc.

    I took her home one day and as we got up on her porch, she turned to me, took both my hands in hers, and said, “Honey, when you get to be MY age, I hope there’s a YOU there to look after you!”

    Best to you, Dearie!!

  2. You are a very special lady and Margaret is a lucky lady to have a caring friend like you. The tea looked delicious and you brought with you just what Margaret needed, nourishment and a good friend!


  3. Oh, you’re the sweetest one to do this for your little neighbor! I’m sure she felt so special that you did this for her! That is a lovely tea cup and the tray! Very lovely and very sweet.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  4. What a wonderful friend and neighbor you are…I am so glad you could take this wonderful tea to her and bring both color to the coffee table and to her cheeks.

    Thank you for taking the time to host this lovely teaparty in blog world again too.

  5. Dear Lady Katherine,

    Once again you never cease to amaze with your generosity and kindness! I agree – I love that tray as well. Thank you for sharing tea with all of us!
    <>< Concetta

  6. What a lovely thing for you to do! Tea is so welcoming and soothing. We have to deal with technology and it doesn’t always cooperate! I know you wanted to capture the moment – the tray is lovely! So glad to join you this week!

  7. What an inspiring post…such a fine thing to do for an ailing friend!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I’ve linked to my two last posts, since one has teapots and teacups and the other a special teacup and saucer.

  8. What a good friend you are! Thank-you for telling us what you brought her for tea, I would not have thought of such wonderful things for an invalid. I think the company and love you showed her was even more the cause of color in her cheeks than the tea itself.

    I do like your pumpkin set!

    ( when my camera takes blurry photos it either means I need new batteries or it is on the wrong photo setting)

  9. Oh, I meant to tell you, I met with Carol here in Natchez for the Angels on the Bluff. We had dinner across from the Mississippi River afterwards. We had a lot of fun. I’ll post about it for this Sightseeing Sat…Christine

  10. I just adore your pumpkin teapot set Katherine!
    What a sweet thing to do, I am sure she was very appreciative.
    I got the willow lights at Marshalls. About $9 for the set. I’ve seen them in boutiques too but they were more expensive there.

  11. How very lovely and thoughtful to pack up such a cheering and healthy treat for your friend.

    But that is just what I would expect from you! I hope your Hubby carried everything for you.

    Lovely presentation, and such a sweet story.

  12. The blurry pictures could in no way overcome the beauty of you taking time to plan, implement, and serve this precious tea to your sweet friend. I know that her Thanksgiving will be filled with gratefulness because of you. Thank you for sharing your charming tea and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  13. You are an inspiration! I admire the fact that no matter how you feel, you are able to reach out to others in need and help them. This is a gift..and I’m so happy you are sharing it.

  14. So kind of you, Lady Katherine. I know you don’t always feel well yet you summoned up the strength and went to the aid of your friend. God bless you.
    Hugs, Beth

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