Pumpkin Tea With Maryann

Welcome to the 36th Tea Time Tuesday
A Simple Tea Spent With a Friend
My friend called and said she was 100 miles away coming toward my home.
I was not feeling well, as I usually go try to pick up and clean up before someone comes to visit.
Oh, but not this day, not up for it.
Nearing her arrival time, I thought I would fix us a little Tea, for she had been driving most of the day pulling her new RV, I knew she had not eaten. Her husband is a pilot with the aviation company, that my husband and I use to work for. I was one of his bosses.   Maryann and I met while working and traveling, when Maryann came out to stay with her husband. Out of 12 men I was the only woman, and we worked the southern states, coming home for just a week here and there each year. I use to drive a 40 feet Motor Home, Maryann is now pulling a large RV with a truck. It is hard to drive on small roads.
 I wish her so much luck, for I do not think I would like to pull an RV!

As my dining room is now gone, I had to hunt for everything I wanted to use.
I still haven’t found the fall tablecloth I bought months ago! I have hidden it well. 
 I just started pulling things out, I was going Halloween, as you see the black runner, 
but changed it when I could find my dishes. lol
Adding finishing touches to the 3 Tier plate rack.
I used my pumpkin plates, love that I can use different plates on this Tier.
Reese’s Candy, Cinnamon Cake, and Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Added a few fall vines to the tier.  By each leg of the Tier are pumpkin salt and pepper shakers.
I found this pumpkin Teapot and cream and sugar at Ross last year for $8.00, I do love a bargain!
This is the first time I have used it.
Creamer and Sugar 
I added a pumpkin plate underneath to catch any drips from the teapot

After setting the table I realized I did not have cups to match, I used a wheat pattern for the teacups
Place Setting
I used little pumpkins for the napkin rings
Here I sit awaiting my friends arrival, I am very tired this day. Yes, I know I look pale, even with a little makeup. Being sick, I almost did not show you any photos of me. lol
My friend Maryann Arrives
Notice in my family room lots of my pictures are down off the walls as I’m trying to make do with some of my dining room in there. Haven’t got it all in place yet. 
Sure wish I would have taken off the black scarf, I hadn’t planned to take photos.
I did have two rocking chairs here in front of the wood heater, Maryann loved to sit here with me.
On the right by the French Doors is an old wood box, I made to hold firewood.
 My family room is Native American Indian, 
The silver chandy is one I have been silver leafing for another room.
Do you notice my family room is a DOG TROT?
A dog trot is usually about 8 feet wide, ours is 15 feet wide x 28 feet. The dog trot was 36 feet long,
we added a wall to make a 7 feet wide porch on the front of the dog trot.
When designing the house floor plan, my husband wanted a dog trot,( a large hallway going from the front to the back of the home, used as a porch to let the southern breeze flow in) Well I comprised with adding French Doors on each end, for the chickens, cats, and dogs be laying in here, I did not want to have to walk outside through the dogtrot to get into the dining room and kitchen.  Instead we made it a family room.
 After realizing the room that is 13×16 was just too small for our family gatherings.
The smaller room is now my parlor. Which is still piled with boxes of dishes from my dining room.
My daughter stay is temporary and will be moving out.
Then I will get my dining room back together.
 I am telling Maryann about Tasha Tudor Tea, and about Afternoon Tea 
We are drinking Tasha Tudor’s Breakfast Tea
Which was great with just sugar, but loved it even more with a wee bit of milk!
The large TV will be finding another room soon!  Hubby has wood stacked close to the house this year.
My husband comes in taking our picture and she tells him I made her use the cloth napkin, for I was prissy. lol
Really she did not want me to have to wash anything, as I have not been feeling well.
We had opened the door for the fire in the wood stove was hot. I said how’s this for prissy?
My Manners Went Out the Door!
I then threw a piece of bread out the door to some of my chickens,
 we see just outside the door. lol
Big Red is saying Hey, throw some more. lol
Country Life, and the Love of Afternoon Tea
Only could I do this with a Friend! lol
We both got so tickled for what I had done!
As you can see! 
I do love this pumpkin tea set! I’m working on another Tea, 
which will not be thrown together as this one was, hopefully!
Maryann and her husband stayed in their RV two nights, here with us.
She said the next morning when she woke, she looked out and seen the smoke coming from the chimney stack. That my home looked like a Thomas Kincaid Cottage, with the arbor and flowers growing along the fence. My home is really a 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow, which we are remodeling, 
and will be for a long time.  Everyone jokes if I decide I do not like a wall where it is,
 it gets knocked down. lol
Maryann wanted to take me shopping as I never get to get out much. We first went to Jackson an hour away down the Natchez Trace to eat and shop at Cracker Barrel,(one of my favorite places)! She then asked me where I wanted to go, but I was so tired, I just said home. We had planned to go to some of my other favorite stores. Maybe next time. I showed her how to get back on the Natchez Trace, as the exit we took to come home was just a few miles from the Airport. Maryann decided to take me to see some of the pilots,
 I had worked with for five years. When we arrived my husband was there on his motorcycle.
It was so much fun seeing these guys again, we were like family, when working and traveling.
Oh, being around the pilots and the airplanes brought back so many memories. 
Four and half years ago, we took a leave of absence from work, thinking we would be gone just 3 months. My Health and Doctor would not let me return to work. 
I do miss it all the guys, and work so much!
Oh, but soon we have a new adventure, I will be telling you about!
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Lady Katherine
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37 thoughts on “Pumpkin Tea With Maryann

  1. This was just charming, as always, Lady K—your welcome and your smiles, despite your illness and fatigue—my Mammaw would have said “She’s a REAL Lady!”

    You just make everything so bright and cheery, and even “thrown together” parties take on a wonderful atmosphere and warmth.

    I’m glad you had such a lovely visit, and I know they were all glad to see YOU, as well!


  2. This was just charming, as always, Lady K—your welcome and your smiles, despite your illness and fatigue—my Mammaw would have said “She’s a REAL Lady!”

    You just make everything so bright and cheery, and even “thrown together” parties take on a wonderful atmosphere and warmth.

    I’m glad you had such a lovely visit, and I know they were all glad to see YOU, as well!


  3. I so enjoyed this post, Lady Katherine. For not feeling well, you did a wonderful job putting together a tea for your friend. I love the tea set and the tiered plate stand. Everything about your home is so warm and inviting. And I love your sense of humor…the chickens made me laugh.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. It must have been nice to see all of your old friends and co-workers, but tiring, too. Take care of yourself. BTW, you look beautiful in the pictures.


  4. Hello, darling Lady,
    What a fabulous tea you did for your friend.
    You may be feeling bad and very tired but you look so beautiful in your photos.
    I love the chickens..adorable..and I love the photo of you and your friend, laughing.
    hugs, bj

  5. Lady Katherine, I hope you are feeling better now. Be sure to get enough rest. Your tea is beautiful even though you say you just threw it together! You and Maryann look like you were having a great time. I love your pumpkin teapot and pumpkin plates. I look forward to hearing about your new adventure, Lady Katherine.
    Hugs to you, Beth

  6. Hi Lady Katherine,
    I am impressed with the lovely tea you got together for your friend in spite of how you were feeling. It is charming and I’m sure the company was too. Thank you for sharing and I do hope you’re feeling better very soon.


  7. I am so sorry you are not feeling well again, Katherine., I hope it does not linger too long. You tea setting is lovely even though you felt so sick. Love the pumpkin teapot. Get some rest now…Christine

  8. What a lovely fall tea party! I love your tea pot, it is so unique. And those two tea cups and saucers are so perfect for fall, so vintage! I love their cocoa brown insides.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  9. I really like your orange pumpkin tea party! That tea set was a great bargain!

    What a nice time you had with your friend! I love the last picture of you two and you are laughing! So pretty when you smile, especially when you laugh!


  10. Wow you had a beautiful tea party. Looks wonderful. I keep praying for a friend. What a blessing. Sorry to hear about your energy level being so down with being sick. I will pray for you. I enjoyed all the pictures they were great! and loved the chickens `Thanks for sharing Love Heather

  11. It looks like you were having a grand time! The pumpkin pot etc will go nicely through autumn clear up to Thanksgiving.

  12. Oh, I do hope you are feeling better soon! How wonderful to have a friend from far away come to visit. Sounds like you had a good visit, even though you weren’t up to par. Love that pumpkin teapot!

  13. Delightful! I know you and I would have a wonderful time sharing tea. I find it very useful to have a flock of chickens or few dogs to toss the food scraps to. Everyone should be so fortunate, and then of course you get fresh eggs from the very chickens you treat.

    This is very interesting and I learned a few more things about you…airplanes and pilots? Pulling a big trailer on the road?I would like to read more of these things.Thank-you for hosting this tea time.

    Almost forgot, the pumpkin tea table-settings were very festive and perfect for this time of year.

  14. I’m sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well, Lady Katherine. Still, it looks like it was a beautiful time and I have to say that your pumpkin set is so pretty. I have a pumpkin teapot that I will have to post some time, but it is not nearly as ornate as yours, just lovely. Take care.

  15. Hello Dear Katherine! I hope this message finds you feeling better – will surely continue to pray for you.
    Love the pumpkin teapot – such beautiful colors and texture!
    Looks like you had a lovely time! Love the chickens 🙂
    Even though city code allows them here – in town 😀
    my husband hasn’t grown fond of the idea.
    Thank you for hosting this lovely party,

  16. Well now, Lady K, for a “thrown-together” tea party table, that is one adorable setting! It’s terrific — seasonal, cheerful, and sweet.

    You continually awe me with your courage and sweetness. If you could come visit here at That Old House, I’d tuck you into one of the big wing chairs by the parlor fireplace, and get your feet up on a stool my Pop made, put a hand-knitted afghan over your legs, and bring you some fabulous tea!

    MaryAnn is lucky to have you for a friend, as are all your Blogland buddies as well.
    Take care, my friend —
    We want to see color in those cheeks! Love, Cass

  17. Dearest Lady Katherine,
    I hope you are feeling better – how blessed that your friend could enjoy such a wonderful time with you – even at the spur of the moment when you are feeling less then festive. You truly are an amazing woman – an inspiration and treasure to us all!

  18. Katherine, first of all, I’m SO sorry you’re not feeling well. I know all you have been through, and I pray that you will be better soon.

    Looks like a fun afternoon with a good friend at a charming table! Sending you big hugs across the miles.


    Sheila 🙂

  19. I am so glad you got to have such a lovely visit and a surprise trip to the airstrip and creating some lovely new memories to keep you warm this winter.

    I chuckled at your chickens since yesterday I took pix of my own rooster at the front door to post later today…he and the girls are very naughty about being on the front porch and the ducks will even pound on my door with their bills…I can’t wait to get my little white picket fence to keep my feathered friends at bay lol.

    Hope you are feeling better today.
    God Bless Kelsie

  20. You and your friend must have had a lovely time together with such a pretty table to sit at. I admire your courage and stength. I pray that good health returns to you.
    It is an honour to have you share with us at TTTT. We always look forward to seeing what you have to offer.
    Have a blessed week.

  21. You and your friend must have had a wonderful visit with such a pretty table to sit at. You amaze me with the courage and strength you muster up each day.
    It is an honour to have you join us at TTTT, whenever you can, and share with us.
    Praying that good health returns to you soon.
    Have a blessed week. Pam

  22. the consummate hostess/ and chicky mom 🙂
    i love your little setting for two !
    and how marvelous to have a friend come and visit ….
    you look lovely!

    please get well soon !!1

  23. Hope that you are feeling better. A true overcomer is what I see from the bits and pieces of this post. Your tea table is charming. Thank you for sharing your lovely design…even if you felt rotten. Cherry Kay

  24. Hi Lady Katherine – thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. I have pullled out my tea time cookbooks to browse for new ones to make for the holidays and have a few posts I can add to your linky over the next few weeks.

    You did an amazing job pulling together a seeting on short notice while under the weather!

  25. Hi Katherine! Looks like a wonderful time with your friend! And what beautiful preparations you made! The table just glows with warmth! I know you really blessed her!

    So glad you got to go shopping and visit your old coworkers! You sure are an inspiration to me! You amaze me with all you do, gal!!

    Have a blessed weekend!
    Love and hugs,

  26. lady k, what a good woman you are to clean and hunt lovely things down so you can entertain in beauty!

    hope you’re feeling up to par now!!!

    big hugs.

  27. Hi Katherine! I sure hope you’re all better today! What a lovely thing to do for a friend. I bet Maryann was thrilled (I know I would be *winks*) And the vista out the door was soooo wonderful! Feeding chickens and drinking tea….My idea of bliss! Vanna

  28. Katherine, What a pretty tea table you set. You amaze me with your ability to put something together at the last minute and to make such a lovely setting when you are not feeling well. You and your friend look like you are having so much fun. I’m so glad you enjoyed her visit and getting to go see the pilots. Still saying prayers for you. Take care of yourself. Thanks for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

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