My family room decor is Native American Indian
We made some changes, still remodeling, but many of you have asked to see more. 
This year, we have decorated less for Christmas, Take a Look for more changes to come.
We had a peaceful day walking around the farm
The chickens will meet you 
The Sheep will await your arrival
I have wool waiting on me to wash, card and spin into yarn.
Gulf Coast Sheep, bloodline going back to the late 1800, the ram came from Perkins Farm in Louisiana
I had a wonderful tour of their farm just a few months before Mr. Perkins died.
When I bought these sheep, I shouted for joy when I looked at their registered papers and seen they were from his farm.
My husband found the straight Ash Tree Limbs, and came in to measure the French doors, and off to his draw knife to take the bark off.
He is hard at work at his tool shed, taking off the bark
He makes it look so easy, I have done this before, and it took me a lot longer.
Within an hour he had cut and shaved off the bark, made hangers and hung my curtains
My leather drapes are hung, now I need to find some fabric and beads to add to them.
Yes, the French Doors will be getting a stain.
On the wood stove sit a pot full of turnip greens, he is growing in the field.
Front Door, before 
Back door after
I built the frames from bark and cut pecan to make the road of life pattern around the frames. I have one more picture on the other side I guess I need to learn how to get a photo without the glare! 
I also painted the end tables, look on my side bar for close up photos.
Our four grandchildren, we have been keeping decorated the tree this year.
I cut the Santa out of wood on the mantel and painted them
My husband brought this sofa home, not my favorite, I have fabric to recover it soon as I can!
I made the frame out of cardboard, that hangs on the wall hanging in the center
See the blue hat, it wool and blue jean material, I felted into a hat.
I built  from a door and reclaimed wood from our home, 
and painted this cabinet and made baskets, and gourd bowls on top.
My husband just opened this hall way this week, so not trim and door up as of yet.
Now you can see the picture in the center, in the frame I made from cardboard.
The leather drapes are up! I still looking for some lights, and new rugs for this room.
My grandchildren table is being used for they color here everyday, I usually have trunks as a coffee table
The hutch behind I built using the reclaimed wood from our walls, and I also painted it too
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my family room. I forgot to take a photo of my large walking spinning wheel.
As Always Save A Cup of Tea for me!
Lady Katherine

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  1. Enjoyed the tour of your family room-you have been busy! I came by your house on Wednesday on my way to Canton to see the Christmas lights-did you hear me blowing the horn? Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Sweetpea, is there ANYTHING you won’t tackle?? All that woodwork and painting and picture-framing—Oh. My.

    Your room is just charming, as was the whole tour of your home. The one thing which really impressed me with pea-green envy is the pot of greens on the wood stove!! I haven’t seen that in years, and no greens could ever taste better than those.

    Thanks for the entire tour—I’d love to scatter chicken feed again, and see them come running and clucking around my feet.

    Hope your Christmas was everything you hoped and more!


  3. What a cool room! And your hubbs did a great job peeling those tree limbs. Man those WERE straight! Love those leather curtains!! And I also love the antlers in the urns! What a great idea! I don’t think I’ve seen them used like that anywhere else. Oh and the armoire……I could go on and on *winks* Vanna

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