Welcome to the 50th Tea Time Tuesday

Today not only am I sharing a Valentines Breakfast my husband cooked for me,
last year I entered one of the photo to Terra Traditions on facebook, in a Valentine Contest.
I won a beautiful linen photo album with my Valentine Breakfast photo on the front.


Scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, heart shaped pancakes, strawberry preserves, orange juice and black tea.

Our breakfast table in the kitchen is set with a white table cloth, red place mats, and the flatware is monogrammed with our initial. The new white teapot, I just got from a store called Jerome Tanks in Philadelphia, Mississippi for five dollars. This is a great store, everything is new and they carry just about anything you can think of.

The centerpiece is a vase of three light roses, with tiny hearts, and two birds, I bought at the Dollar Tree. The red plates are from Walmart.
Two red candles sit upon my Early American Prescut crystal, as are the butter dish, creamer, sugar dish, and juice glass.


Now being from the South,  YOU know we have got to have our grits.
Living in Mississippi,  I grew up with grits for breakfast, while traveling, in Florida, Carolinas
They had grits with their fish. I tried it, but I love grits better for Breakfast!

Hubby sat down and looked at the white dishes. Where did these come from? I said they were your grandmother’s everyday dishes. I got the dishes for our daughter, Suzette after the family had taken what they wanted after your Grandmother on your Daddy’s side died. They were left in the house for years.
 I took them out of the cabinet this week and cleaned them up.
 Hubby said I have not seen these white dishes since I was around twelve,
 for his Grandmother had left the old dishes in the old home place, 
when she moved into a home beside one of her daughters. 
He was so happy to see his Grandmother’s dishes.

Close up of the place setting.
Using these words below with my photo is how I won the album from Terra Traditions.
Now if you knew my husband, this is the loveliest words he has ever said to me!

As we sat at the breakfast table, I looked down at the plate,
 and said you made two hearts.
 Hubby said, for that is all we need.

Two hearts, Yours and Mine.

Being from the South, we have got to have our grits!

I set the table and Hubby cooked breakfast, while I had a relaxing soak in the bath.
 I stayed in a little longer and the grits had dried out just a little.

Our first Valentine’s Breakfast in thirty-one years of marriage.
Such a lovely way to start this day.
I entered my photo on Terra Traditions facebook page, last February for a Valentine Contest, where they were giving away a lovely linen photo album with the winner’s photo on front.
On my Valentine Tea photo notice the lovely Swarovski Crystals.
This wonderful album came in a wonderful box, I keep it stored in.

I just love the Swarovski Crystals, on the grits, glasses, dishes, and on the bottom of the album.
The linen is so lovely, I wish you could feel it in person.
 The gold tassel is so pretty with my Breakfast Valentine’s Tea photo.
This photo album holds 200 4×6 photos
 Each page has a place to hold two photo’s with a Memo bar on the side. 
I am so excited to finally get to share with you my lovely photo album,
 with my Breakfast Tea on front of the album.
 I won from Terra Traditions
My husband thinks I should only put Tablescape photos and Teas in this photo album. 
I have only added one. lol I took it out so you  would not see it, 
for it one I have not shown as of yet. 
Isn’t my custom made album lovely???
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Lady Katherine
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  1. HI Lady Katherine, Your Valentine tea is lovely…and I just think those heart-shaped pancakes are too cute 😉 🙂 Very nice touch 🙂 🙂 The photo album is lovely and you can do with it whatever you want 🙂 🙂 Howevr, I think the idea of posting your various teas is neat. Plus if you journal and add a few recipes, it would make a lovely personalized tea book that you can pass on to the kids/grandkids 🙂 🙂 Anyway , it’s beautiful!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  2. Your breakfast table is so beautiful and I loved when your husband said that you only need two hearts {waffles}….sniff, sniff! And it is very sweet that he didn’t recognize the white dishes at first…how nice to finally have them, they are so pretty. Beautiful tablescape, Lady Katherine.


  3. What a pretty tablecloth and the heart-shaped pancakes are very sweet. I bet they tasted good too! How nice of your hubby to make you breakfast! Your photo album is lovely! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Oh how romantic Terri could be about the 2 hearts, Katherine. The album is very pretty, congrats for winning. Your table is really worthy of that price….Christine

  5. Sweet Lady Katherine, your table is so lovely and romantic. The heart waffles are so sweet.
    I never developed a taste for grits but Mr. Sweet loves them.
    Thanks so much for hosting this lovely meme…
    I do hope you are feeling stronger.
    love, bj

  6. A romantic Valentine’s breakfast sounds lovely and the pancakes look delicious.
    When we’ve travelled south in the US, I’ve ordered grits whenever possible, they are good.

  7. What a lovely table and how sweet hubby is…If mine was to make me a valentines anything I would probably fall over dead from shock lol.

    I love that you were able to use his grandmothers dishes, that is such a special touch.

    I am so glad you stopped by and got to enjoy the quilt shoppe, though I don’t quilt I sew alot and the selection in there just makes my fingers itch to grab a fat quarter of each lol.

    Blessings Kelsie

    PS: I love grits with a fish fry but just can’t do them for breakfast…just not southern enough for that yet 😉

  8. Oh, as I saw your comment on your post, I realized that I must have linked the wrong URL. I deleted and corrected it. Sorry about that.

    – The Tablescaper

  9. How very charming and SWEEEET! And what a wonderful occasion, all memorialized in such a lovely album!!

    Everything looks so beautiful and delicious, and I declare I thought I’d cooked and served grits just about every way there is—but with Swarovskis!!! My, My.

    How VERY elegant!

    And a Happy Valentine’s Season to you both!!


  10. awww so romantic! i love your table setting and the lovely pieces you have there and the swarovsky crystals on the tea photo album are just lovely! i like what you and your husband said as you sat down on the table, so romantic!

  11. What I have come to love most about your blog is the love you express for the husband of your youth. It must have made him so happy to see the precious dishes of his Grandmother, and also, to have breakfast with you .Red & white table settings are stunning, aren’t they?

  12. Your Valentine breakfast tablescape is beautiful and very romantic. Your family china and Early American crystal is lovely. My hubby and I have also been married for 31 years.

    Congrats on winning that wonderful linen photo album.

  13. Hi Lady Katherine…it is so lovely to stop by and be enchanted by your lovely looks fabulous as always! and yummy! Beautiful!!
    Happy Tea
    Hope you are having awonderful day!

  14. So I can have my cup of coffee over here? Well, good! I’ll be back to visit you more with my cup in hand! Those are lovely dishes, and come with memories, which makes them really special.

  15. Hi Lady Katherine, THANK YOU so much for visiting today and exploring my blog. I appreciate your invitation. I hope that next week I will be doing a tea/tablescape; as you can see, I have been on to other things lately.

    God bless,

  16. How Sweet and Special those white plates are! A Double Heart Love for this story! I also took note of that wonderful Butter dish of yours… AND I have ALWAYS lived in Connecticut AND “I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE grits”…I could eat them for any meal…I also equally Love oatmeal, and Cream of Wheat…BUT Grits are harder to come by SO I’ll say they are my favorites… As a TRUE southerner, “What is the BEST BRAND to buy”(and of course I would ONLY make the old fashioned kind, I don’t like instant anything)??? AND any tips I would be ever so grateful for…
    Hugs to you,

  17. Being a hopeless romantic, the two pancakes and your husband’s words totally charmed me. How lovely to win the photo album. I agree, putting just your tea party pictures and perhaps tea recipes would make a lovely memory book. It already is that, having the delightful breakfast photo on the front. Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing with us.

  18. What a lovely table has been set for your breakfast. It looks beautiful and your menu is stellar. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  19. What a wonderful valentine breakfast. How wonderful that your husband can enjoy his grandmother’s dishes again. It’s often these things that bring back sweet memories. Love your sweet heart pancakes.

  20. Dearest Lady Katherine,

    What a delightful Valentines breakfast! ~ Everything is so pretty and I especially love that you have tucked your sweet memories in your lovely album!..,

    Your dear hubby is so kind; it’s wonderful that you could use his dear grandmas china to serve those heart shaped pancakes and for such a lovely occasion!

    Thanks so much for sharing AS well as for joining us for TTTT and also for TTFT this past week!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee
    @ The Plumed Pen/

    P.S.~ Sorry that it has taken me quite awhile yet get by for a visit as I have been under the weather’, not with a cold or flu, but with anemia and other health concerns)..,Better days ahead by the grace of God!

  21. Katherine, this is just so sweet that your husband made the two heart breakfast for you. Your table looks lovely. Congratulations on winning the photo album. Your table setting looks so pretty on the front of the album. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  22. Congratulations on winning the contest. Your tablescape is so charming. Aren’t family treasures just the very best…I love that your husband was happy to see the dishes. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

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