Welcome to the 45th Tea Time Tuesday  
January is National Hot Tea Month


I am reposting this Tablescape I did last year, I see a lot of changes in my dining room, 
and hopefully more to come.
Why not add a pot of Hot Tea, and cups and saucers to your Table

As I look out my door,  at the  lovely site of snow
Yes, there sit my old claw foot bath tub.  I had hubby to bring out to be refinished.

I decided to add silver balls to my Early American Prescut Crystal, with silver trees 

A view of the table set with my silver and Early American Prescut Crystal

A close up of and Early American Prescut Crystal water glass
A cup and saucer ready for a hot cup of tea
 The stemware that came from Dollar Tree

As you enter the dining room from the family room
I didn’t get this one straight! My camera was acting up, as was my hands with the tablecloth

I ordered a new one last week, it was suppose to be here last Friday, I sure hope it comes today! 

Looking for UPS! lol My Cannon I have loved is on a recall list. I sure hope they get it fixed!

Place setting of silver chargers, with Early American Precut Crystal

View to the China Closet
Yes I have it stuffed full, the door is open on one side

Notice the different chairs in my dining room? Now I have the wooden ones. Look at my last post of my Gingerbread Men and Peppermint Tablescape, You can see the difference. Just click here.
I soon hope to move the bench, which my grandchildren love to sit at, 
but I want to have just my chairs for a different look.

 I love the silver balls in the Crystal Bowls with the silver trees

My daughter found a few old pieces of this flatware, I loved it so.
 While looking in Walmart last summer
I came upon a reproduction of this flatware, which had fell in love with.
I bought two sets! 

Renaissance is the name of this lovely flatware that won my heart.

A View of the place setting using the Early American Precut Crystal 
plates, berry bowls, coasters, bread plates, water glass, cup and saucer

If you look close you might just see the lovely stars on the Crystal
I have a huge collection lot of pieces never shown
Today as I show you my table setting.
 Many people come into my website just to see some of my rarest finds
The glasses, and plates are rare finds

Center Piece with the candelabra I got for $1.00

As you leave today, here a wonderful view as the snow follows the creek back into the woods
These pictures were in the morning by afternoon we had over six inches.
Now they say were going to have snow again in a day, I wanting Spring to come, 
but looks like snow loves Mississippi this Winter. 

This Christmas Day 2010,  Snowflakes fell most of the day,
a baby lamb was born  this very day.
Her name is Hope


Then December 26, beneath the starlight another lamb, was born her name is Bella


My Gulf Coast Sheep are from Dempsey Perkins’ Gulf Coast Sheep bloodline, which goes back to the 1800. These sheep are on the critical list. I am so excited to have Mr. Perkins Ram from his farm, I toured his farm and fell in love with this breed of sheep. Mr. Perkins died just 3 months after he took me on a tour of his farm.  At the time I begged him to sell me some lambs, but he had not picked out the ones he wanted to keep. I found my Gulf Coast Sheep in the newspaper, about an hour from our home in a place called Sunrise. I knew they were registered, but not that the Ram Quincy was from Dempsey Perkins’ farm. 
I was so happy to have not only the Ram but four Ewes from his bloodline.

As all know, I love roosters, when I was at the farm Dempsey Perkins’ wife and daughter showed me the wool, spun and carded. I bought some wool to spin.

Then we went to the house, where I feel in love with her Rooster Rug. 
Mrs. Perkins told me where to go in Quincy, Louisiana to purchase it, 
I bought two Rooster Rugs, I’m sure you have seen in my kitchen.

 I have an old walking spinning wheel and Mr. Perkins, one of the nicest men you could know, was to make me new parts for my Walking Wheel. But it was not to be as I was traveling/working. 
By the time I had got home he had already passed. 

I shall always remember the lovely day I spent with the Perkins on their wonderful farm!

Ewe is a ( female sheep)
Ram is a ( male sheep)

on the left Sunrise is two years old,  she is Bella ( Dam) Mother
Trixie, Hope’s Mother is not in this photo for she is up in the barn with Hope.
My ram tore down the feeder, So he is now in another pasture at the back of the barn. 
Soon we hope to have more lambs running around, as all these Ewe’s are to give birth soon. As Sunrise did the night this photo was taken. Joline maybe expecting twins.
from left to right
Sunrise, Sunset, Joline, and Sadie 

My two lambs, Hope and Bella love to run, jump, and play together,
and I love watching from the French Doors!
Thank You for letting me share not only my Table Setting, but my love of sheep on my farm.

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine

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31 thoughts on “WINTER TABLESCAPE

  1. Katherine, the tablescape is sure pretty, but those lambs! Oh, how adorable! And that snow! Are you sure you live in Mississippi? Can you believe the South has had such a snowy winter??? Amazing!

    Loved reading all about the ewes, rams, and lambs. All very interesting, and I’m glad you got some from the bloodline you wanted.

    Happy New Year…


    Sheila 🙂

  2. Your snow pictures are beautiful I thought you were from up North, are you in Mississippi? Those sheep are just adorable. Your table is lovely. Save a spot for me.

  3. Your lambs are so cute. Lovely tablescape, really stunning. That snow was from last year, right? I missed it cause I was visiting FL when it happened….Christine

  4. Your lambs are so adorable! I too love the silver balls in the crystal bowls with the silver trees; very pretty and lovely for Wintertime! Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season!


  5. I do not have time to post tea times this week, but am reading all the blogs that do. I think this is my very favorite table setting of yours. Just exquisite! Actually very classic and would go well with almost anything.

    Your Gulf Coast sheep are so pretty, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them.I love my sheep too, don’t our sheep add so much that is good to our lives?

    The snowy scenes around your home are peaceful and beautiful

    Happy New Year!

  6. Hello! Love the serene look to your table – the silver and the Prescut glass go perfectly together! The lambs are adorable! I so wish we had space for animals like that! I’ll just have to keep up with your darlings!

  7. Lady Katherine, Your table is gorgeous! So elegant with the crystal and silver balls. Hope and Bella are adorable. I was surprised to see snow in Mississippi!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. There is something so elegant about silver and crystal…what a beautiful table!
    That last pic of the sheep is absolutely adorable…should be on a calendar or postcard.


  9. Your snow covered yard looks like mine this morning…..well except for the claw foot tub 🙂 and those baby lambs are just too precious.

    I love your table, I’m such a sucker for silver and white in January. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Congratulations on Hope and Bella joining your flock for Christmas…I hope the rest of your ewes lamb well and quickly….I love Hopes shaggy ringlet fleece…She truly is a beauty….I still pray for the funds to get our fences in place soon…I am keeping the Gulf Coasts on my list of options.

    Your table was lovely too, the silver and glass such a dazzling combo…I hope your camera troubles are taken car of soon also, I know I am hoping for a new one so I can start work on a book…shhh don’t tell anyone, it is a secret hehe.

    Blessings and many lambs in the new year.


  11. So pretty. The crystal and silver is just gorgeous. Everything looks so elegant and the pics of the outside with the snow is beautiful. The lambs are so precious. They are wonderful. I just found a small picture of baby lambs and these look just like my picture. Just melted my heart. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Hi Katherine ~ Lovely post. How beautiful your rural setting is. And the baby lambs are precious. Thanks for sharing and providing such inspiration. God bless!
    Lynn @ Cottage and Creek

  13. A beautiful icy tablescape on a glorious snow-filled day. Hope and Bella are truly treasures. Thank you for sharing your lovely design and the story of your precious lambs. Cherry Kay

  14. Your tablescape is lovely. I love the silver and crystal. I am absolutely envious of your gorgeous snow covered creek and those adorable lambs. This was such a beautiful way to start my day! Thank you!

  15. You got me hooked!! Those babies are so adorable….Thank you for sharing your tablescape and love of sheep. I lived in Meridian, Ms years ago. It never snowed! Very pretty though!

  16. Such a magical winter tea! I love all of your glassware and you’ve displayed it so well. The silver trees are my favorite.

    It was so nich to read about your lambs. They are adorable! My dogs are Bedlington Terriers and they look a lot like lambs, so I always call them my little lambs.

    Happy to see you’ll be posting with Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  17. i feel as if George and Martha Washington could come visit you and be right at home…I adored how the table setting flowed with the entire post 🙂

    God bless dear Katherine 🙂

  18. Beautifully elegant table. Christmas balls in a glass bowl just are so wonderful, just love it!!
    and love those wee lil lambs, they are just precious. Sorry but they stole the show!! lol
    Thanks for becoming a follower and for your sweet comments,
    Blessings for a Wonderful New Year!

  19. Your cut crystal is absolutely beautiful! I have several pieces of the same cut crystal!
    Your little Bella lamb is adorable. I would just like to take him in my arms and just hug him tight!

  20. Oh, your photos of the snow are truely breathtaking!Your tablescape is so elegant…and the little lamb..such a fitting name for 2011!
    Shel x

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