Welcome to the 53rd Tea Time Tuesday     
 Today Tea is Simple, all whites looking out my back French Doors
I want to Thank all of you for making Tea Time a dream come true for one year.
I shall be in tests this week, for my up coming 46th surgery.
I will be be having Tea Time Tuesday auto post each week,
 while I am in surgery, and while recovering.
I have not been able to visit much, I have had grandchildren, and my Daddy is having open heart surgery this Wednesday. With lots of Doctor visits for myself. I appreciate all your lovely comments. Yes, I do read them all, I will change over next week to where you will have to type in the letters,
 to leave a comment. Know I shall be reading them all.
I have had many ask for an address to send cards and happy’s to. Which is so sweet of you all.
This address is the old general store/cafe we bought, 
and soon as I am back on my feet, we shall open a Tea Room .

Leesburg Mercantile
Lady Katherine
289 Hwy 481
Pelahatchie, Mississippi  39145

I hope you enjoy my Simple White Tea
 As Spring approaches it time to bring out the white again.
This Tea could be for a Mother and Daughter,
 or Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea.

My Granddaughter’s hat on the back of the chair

On this chair sit my white hat, notice I used doilies on the chair seats
I love using this chrome teapot warmer, for it goes with everything.
My teapot sit on a charger, I do love to use a charger or 
tray underneath my teapots, in case of spillage. 

I love my sterling silver strainer, some think a strainer shouldn’t be used at the Tea Table.
Oh, but I adore using one, as I use loose leaf tea, 
and loose leaf tea needs room to expand as it steeps.
My teapot is empty before the leaves have a chance to turn bitter.
Place Setting
I have used the cups many times, this is the first time I have used the chargers, which are the same pattern. The plate is smaller than a dinner plate, and larger than a desert plate. The plate and bowl are my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes.
Flatware is my Renaissance Reproduction pattern 
Cup, Saucer, and Charger I bought a few years ago from TJ Max 
The 12×12 Tea napkins, I made
Tablecloth was a garage sale find many years ago
My Tea Set is from Ross

My three tier holds, my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes from long ago.
I used faux ivy and white hand painted roses, which are shower curtain holders.

I wanted to show you the view out my French Doors!
I am very lucky to see this view every day from my 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow.
My chickens, now layinga dozen eggs day

My gulf coast native sheep
My ram is in another pasture

Lambs, Bella and Hope playing with Garfield 
Bella was born the December 26th, 2010
Hope was born on Christmas Day 2010

Gulf Coast Native Sheep ready for feeding

Bella and Hope are so cute

My lambs, Hope, Pansy Lee, and Bella
Pansy Lee is in the middle, she was born just a few weeks after Bella and Hope
Pansy Lee was born a morning after, I had just lost a Ewe and her lamb the night before
I use to have a 100 plus sheep, another breed, and I have never lost an Ewe and Lamb in birth.
Pansy came here so tiny, and needing my help

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Anthesis, a book of lovely poetry will be wonderful with a lovely cup of Tea, or reading it to your guests.
I will be joining:
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum
Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
The Tablescaper
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41 thoughts on “SIMPLE WHITE TEA

  1. Sorry Concetta I hit delete instead of publish again!
    Dearest Lady Katherine,
    Your tea table is beautiful with the exquisite white setting – all your tablescapes are gorgeous. You will be on our hearts and in our prayers as always. Be blessed dear friend and thank you for making life so speacial for all of us.


  2. You have had a lot of beautiful teas in the past…and I would never be able to choose NO. 1 but THIS tea is at the top of the list.
    It is just beautiful…classic…

    I enjoyed seeing all your animals.
    I do wish you so much luck through this surgery. You and your dad are in my prayers.
    xo bj

  3. Hi: What a beautiful white table you have set! It just looks so welcoming. I would love to live closer to you. I know we would have a wonderful time together. Blessings, Martha

  4. Hello Lady Katherine 🙂 :),

    Your white tea setting is so pretty. It’s crisp and clean and reminds me of a warm spring day 🙂 🙂

    Wow, you sure do have lots of animals 🙂 🙂 All the sheep look so cute, and Pansy Lee. I’m glad she’s thriving. Oh, love that photo of Garfield with two of your sheep. That’s so sweet 😉 🙂

    I’ll be praying for your upcoming things, too!!! Thanks for inviting us for tea today 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  5. Hello Lady Katherine! I am so happy to be joining in with your tea party this week. I haven’t been able to join for a while and have really missed seeing you! I hope that everything is OK and that your surgery has been successful. Take care!

    Best wishes and thanks for having me,

  6. Hi Lady Katherine, I’m dropping by for the first time due to a recommendation from a friend, Kathy of A Delightsome life. I’ve been hosting a Tuesday tea party for some weeks now, without realizing that other lovely ladies were doing the same thing! I’m so glad Kathy told me about your party. I followed a link at Natasha’s. Your tea set is just stunning! I love the all white with green ivy.

    And I adore chickens. The year before last I had 35 chickens..all with names. We were getting a lot of eggs! How I miss them. :o)

    Thanks for hosting this lovely tea party.

    Donna @ Comin’ Home

  7. Your tea setting is so lovely, Katherine. I love the all white, looks very fresh and pure. Your sheep are so cute! I hope you recoer fast from your surgery, I will offer some prayers for you. Take care!..Christine

  8. Katherine, I have to agree with BJ. Your teas are always so beautiful, but this all white one just may be my favorite. Exquisite!
    Sending positive thoughts that all goes well for both you and your dad. ~ Sarah

  9. This is a most elegant tea setting and I love it!The all-white is timeless and peaceful.My favorite of yours .

    Your sheep are so cute, what is their wool like? Have you had time to spin it up lately?

  10. Dear Lady Katherine,

    I would like to wish you well in your tests and surgery, I’ll be thinking of you and your dad. On other note, I love your teaset, simple yet so elegant in white, your granddaughter’s hat is too cute as well as all of your lambs, especially Bella and hope, I love everything that you posted there and I want to thank you for sharing it with us! Blessings, Susan

  11. Love this all white tea. Your creative use if accessories is lovely – love to see your dear chickens and lambs – they’re precious. Congratulations on a year hosting tea parties – I’d love to win the book!

  12. I just love the tea setting but I have to say that the pictures of your farm friends were my favorite! You are very lucky to share your space with those sweet faces! Have a lovely day..
    Tina xo

  13. Lady Katherine, your white on white tea setting is breathtaking! I love the simplicity and the classiness of it. Your tea cup today is lovely with all its embossed designs.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share.
    I wish you and your father the very best care from your providers, and a speedy recovery.

  14. Oh what a lovely table you have set for us today…I love all that white.

    I was so sorry to read you lost a ewe during lambing, but glad to see your 3 new additions looking so well and healthy…Your photos make me yern for our own flock so much…I keep having to tell myself the money for the fencing will come…eventually lol..

    There is no time for tea here this week as the garden is calling to me to plant, plant, plant…but this means very soon I can start having tea surrounded by flowers 🙂

    Have a wonderful blessed week

  15. I have the same dishes but they never have looked so lovely, Lady K…
    Hope you and your dad have successful surgeries and speedy recoveries.

  16. Hello Lady Katherine!

    Love your pretty teatime post for today. I would love to come and have tea with you, and visit all your animals. Oh, I just love sheep, and little lambs! Just darling! Thanks for sharing with us.


  17. Dearest Lady katherine,

    My prayers are with you and your daddy also!.., Many thanks for coming by and for your kind words of encouragement!.., We shall miss you!

    God speed for a quick recovery!.., your tea time this week is pristine and very lovely; I love all white!

    Thanks for joining us once again for TTTT and also for my 71st, ‘Tuesday Tea For Two’, blog tea parties!..,

    Cheers, hugs and love,
    God bless, from Wanda Lee

  18. Lady Katherine, my prayers are firm for and your father. May you both be blessed with healing.

    Your all white table setting is so beautiful. My mother loved to have tea, and I can hear her now asking if I’d like to have a cup with her. I miss that very much. I took those times for granted when I was younger.

    Concentrate on healing, may your heart be happy,


  19. Oh Lady Kathrine, your teascape is so pretty all in white. I love the hats also. It’s always so fun to see all the animals, how fabulous. I am amazed at your wonderful spirit and grace with so much going on right now. You and your family are and will be in my prayers. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  20. This is a lovely post. Elegant and classic, just like you.
    Thank you for hosting during this busy and stressful time. Prayers for you and your dad for successful surgeries and speedy recovery. Let us know how yu are doing when you are up to it.
    Blesings, Pam

  21. Lady Katherine,
    Your all white tea is stunning! I love the shot where you caught the light coming in on the teapot and warmer. I wish you a speedy recovery and I am most excited to hear you will be opening that tea shop!

  22. Good Morning, Lady Katherine! I didn’t post any tea things this week, but I wanted to stop by and say hello. What a treat to see your white dishes, green plants and farm animals. Thanks for this charming post.

    God bless,


  23. Oh, this is just lovely! I love an all white table. The bit of texture is just wonderful with this elegant, simple pallette. I really enjoyed the photos of your animals.

  24. I love the all white setting. the hat seems right at home in this venue. Lovely pieces. I pray for many blessings and healing for you.

  25. I love your all white tea. I just used my milk glass snack set to have a special lunch today. White is such a lady-like setting. I love your postings. Thank you for sharing your days with us!

  26. Every element in your tea table is so skillfully chosen…and the amazing light plays an important role on its own. I pray for the Lord’s protection for you in the coming days and weeks. I pray that the healing blood of Jesus will pour through your veins. God speed and hurry back. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  27. Katherine, this tea table is exquisite. I love the way the sunlight is shining on the pretty whites on the table. Shower curtain hooks – you clever lady! You have been and will remain in my prayers. It was so great to talk to you on the phone the other day. I hope we’ll be doing that again soon. My prayers go with you and your medical providers at the hospital. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  28. Lady Katherine, Your white tea is so elegant! I really love your pretty chargers. Everything is so beautiful. I enjoyed seeing your lambs and chickens too. I am praying for you and hoping that you have a quick recovery.
    Blessings, Beth

  29. What a beautiful tea table, in all of it’s white-ness. So crisp and fresh. I’m sure it’s a sign that all will go well with your surgery. That’s a lot of surgeries thay you’ve had to endure. I’m saying a little prayer for you that you’ll be back to setting beautiful tea tables for us in no time. And how exciting to think of setting up your own tea shop. Lots of good things to think of and plan as you’re on the mend.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  30. I think you may be in the hospital but just wanted to say that I have linked to you this week. I have to be gone early in the morning as Mr. Sweet is going in the hospital for a test. Here’s my link, if you have your tea. Would you be so kind as to link me up? I appreciate it. If you don’t have a tea this week, I’ll see ya next time/
    Sure hope all is going good with you and with your dad.
    xoxo bj

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