Welcome to the 59th Tea Time Tuesday  
This Tuesday I will be celebrating my Birthday. Bluebirds are one of most favorites of all.
I hope you enjoy my Bluebird Tea today, as I hopefully will be celebrating my Birthday with another Tea with my Birthday Dishes. 
If you look close out the French Doors you can see my cat, Katie naping, she follows me all around, and never leaves my side when I am outdoors. She’s really my grandchildren’s cat,
 but has to come to live on my porch, so I renamed her. 
I just love bluebirds, they mean home to me.
My Bluebird Tea
This dish was given to me one year by my friend Maryann, from Sweetwater, Alabama
The blue birds on the branch a gift from my daughter Suzette
Centerpiece: a small bird bath filled with nest, flowers and a bluebird
Back view of the table
Place setting: blue plates from Dollar Tree, husband grandmother’s everyday white plate, and garnet red plate from Walmart.  Tea napkins I made, the napkin holder is from a set Christine gave to all the guest at the last Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles Tea Luncheon. This is a group of ladies with websites, and facebook from Mississippi and neighboring states, we all get together and have a Tea Luncheon. 
Christine was the hostess for the last Tea Luncheon in her home in Natchez, Mississippi
The tea cup my daughter found in a little shop,and it the same pattern to the dish my friend Maryann gave me.
My vintage embroidered table topper bought years ago at a garage sale 
My daughter Suzette found me this wonderful bluebird teapot at another shop, which is the same pattern as the dish, and teacups. I just adore it! Yes, it really a teacup in one, but I love using it for more than one for the bottom cup is really large. My teapot sits on a blue plate, with the strainer. I know I say this many times, I adore using a strainer with my teacup, many think a tea strainer should not be used on the table. Not I!!
I adore straining out the loose leaf tea leaves which have had room to expand in the teapot.
 My teapot is usually empty before the leaves can turn the tea to a bitter taste.
The blue birds on the branch sits on the dish filled with  pieces of chocolate candy, cookies with icing, chocolate chip dipping cookies, and fancy cakes.
You can see the bluebirds on top of the bluebird house another gift from my friend Maryann.
My daughter, Suzette found my second teacup at another little shop, how happy I was for all the pieces are the same pattern, and all came from different shop, and towns.
I just adore this teapot!
I added bluebirds around the centerpiece, which are from the Dollar Tree
Notice the tea towel on back of the chair it is covered in bluebirds, 
I bought this towel on my working/travels, while in Georgia.
I love my napkin rings, Christine! Thank you!
The yellow butterfly, looks like it just flew in and lite on the birdbath
Just adorable!
Here you can see the nest in top of the birdbath 
Another view of the vintage embroidered topper I used for this Tea
I hope you love my little bluebird tea as much as I do!
Don’t you just love this bluebird teapot, and teacup!
Thank you Suzette
I love the different colors how they blend so wonderful together
Closer view of the tabletop 
The bluebirds look like they are hopping all over the table, searching for a crumb
I just loved going around my home looking for things to make this bluebird tea.
Dusk is here, but I was still taking pictures, for I had a lot of teas to get done before I had surgery.
I hope you have enjoyed all the Spring Teas I have shown these last few weeks.
Can you hear the clock chiming? 
It time to announce the winner of the lovely book of poetry Anthesis,
 by Muse
 Congratulations the winner is Kathy B. of  Spot On Cedar Pond
Please email me your address, at
 I shall send you your lovely book Anthesis 
I  just simply love my bluebird tea dishes
I am stilling having a few complications, and still on bed rest. I sit looking  out at my red, and pink roses blooming. My white and purple Iris, and many other flowers. 
Oh so wishing I could have a Tea with my lovely flowers. 
For now I shall enjoy the flowers blooms from the porch.
Thank you all for the prayers for my Daddy and I. Daddy is feeling much better. He’s still on drips of antibiotic around the clock, hopefully soon he will be back to his old self. 
I have received books, cards and emails, and so many lovely comments of encouragement this week! Thank You all so much, and for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday.
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

April 1st night this little ram lamb was born to my favorite Ewe Sheep, Sadie
What a surprise we had, for all our other lambs were born late Dec. and Jan.

I have named him Leo, my husband says he an early Birthday Present! He is only a few hours old here.
Just wanted to share a little of our farm life with you.

Hopefully this Tuesday, my Birthday
 I shall be feeling well enough to have a luncheon using my rabbit dishes I got for my Birthday from Cracker Barrel with my family to share next week.
I went to the Doctor a few days ago, 
he says bed rest, a little sitting up, and start trying to walk a little each day.
I still have several complications, and hoping the will be better soon.

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

I will be joining:
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life

 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch

Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum

Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie

The Tablescaper
for Seasonal Sunday

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31 thoughts on “BLUEBIRD TEA

  1. This is so so pretty. Love all the little blue birds to death.
    I am so curious as to how many tea pots and tea cups you have, Lady. You always put on the most fabulous teas. You are, indeed, The Queen…

    I tried to kiss the little lamb but this ole computer screen got in the way. He/she (?) is soooo sweet.
    xoxo bj

  2. I have never seen a Bluebird tea table before!! How wonderful and precious is your entire tablesetting!! Bluebirds are such a happy sign of Spring!! Love it all!

    Miss Bloomers

  3. My mother-in-law would absolutely adore this tea table as blue birds are her favorite. I hope the happy glow your tablescape has given to others will reflect back to you tenfold, filling your body with strength and healing. Thank you for sharing. Love and prayers to you.

  4. Thank you all, and Vicki, yes this is one of the birdbaths I bought that day I met you at Peebles for the first time.I do remember you saying I am so glad someone is buying this, and asked what I was going to do with all the things I bought, and as we talked you had been following my website for a while. I remember you couldn’t believe we lived less than 20 miles away from each other. lol
    Hope you see this, I’m not up to visiting or typing as of yet. Thank you all for keeping Tea Time Tuesday alive and going with me. It means so much to me! My Birthday is in less than 2 hours, I will be a year older, and in bed! lol Maybe a Tea Tray of my wonderful Blue Willow can be my Tea Party. Not up to the family Luncheon as of yet. Maybe in a few weeks.

  5. Well, Happy Birthday, Lady K! That blue bird tea set would put a smile on anyone. Hope you are up and about real soon. Thinking of you! ~ Sarah

  6. Hi Lady Katherine! I’m looking at your bluebird tea table with so much envy here!! hehe such treasures from your friends and daughter as well as your hubby’s grandmother! I love everything there, so adorable and I’m in love!! Leo is sooo cuteeeee!! Happy Birthday to you, May you will always be Blessed with lots of happiness, good health and Joy!! xx Susan

  7. This is so very sweet! Adore Bluebirds! There was a tea set for sale at a garage sale with Bluebirds on it – my friend got it! Love your charming tablesetting,
    God Bless,

  8. Lady Katherine,
    Hope you are feeling better! Thank you for hosting this tea party. I am going to try to play with my tea cups more often.
    I love you bluebirds…so cut. They made me smile!
    Thank you for sharing and again, thank you for hosting!
    Blessings and Hugs My Friend,

  9. I always love the gorgeous tables you set. Everything is perfect. Your new little lamb just stole my heart. So precious. What a special blessing. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Marty

  10. Precious Lamb! How sweet. When we lived in England lambing season was our favorite. Watching the little lambs gambol around the fields was a delight.

  11. Your Bluebird tea is so sweet! But Leo really steals the show. He looks like such a pleasant animal.

    Glad to hear that you and your Dad continue on the road to recovery. Rest, get better, don’t worry about teas!

    – The Tablescaper

  12. Hey, Katherine, I haven’t been around in a while! I love your bluebirds. They are adorable.
    Let me know about the next luncheon, I would love to try and make one.

  13. Hello and Happy Birthday! This is my first time here and I have to say that I am tickled to see your lovely Bluebird Tea table. I love bluebirds – we have some building a nest in the nest box now although here in NJ it is still rather cold. I hope you feel better soon.

  14. Your bluebirds make me smile…..they are just the cutest ever! I adore the bright cheerful primary colors…,blues and yellows…….such a “happy table”! Happy Birthday to you, also! May your day be blessed. Little Leo is the cutest baby goat I have ever seen! I just want to hug him. What a face!!!!

  15. Hi, Katherine,
    I enjoyed this post so much. I love everything about your bluebird table. I think I have a teapot that actually matches those tea cups. I need to send it to you. The napkin rings from Christine do go so good with this table.
    Glad to hear your dad is better.
    Happy Birthday, and please take good care of yourself.

  16. I won, I won, I WON! Thank-you very much !

    I especially like your blue-bird tea because of the gifts from your loved ones and friends that show how much they know YOU love blue-birds. This is what makes these tea times most special for me, seeing the way people celebrate a bit of tea and something good to eat with each other, or how they choose to enjoy a special moment sipping tea out of a special cup.

    Your lamb is so cute, but aren’t they all ? What a birthday treat for you, and a bit of encouragement to get outside as you heal. Again, prayers for you Lady Katherine.

  17. Oh my goodness gracious. What adorable little blue birds. This makes such a delightful big or little girls tea party set, doesn’t it. No matter how old we girls get, we never outgrow it. 🙂 I’m praying right now for you for health and healing. Thank you for such a sweet visit to see all the lovely pieces in this tea set.

  18. Oh I do you are feeling better and that you have a lovely Birthday! This table is so cute. I love that little tea pot! 🙂

    And the sweet little lamb! How precious. 🙂


  19. Hope you are continuing to feel better. I sooo enjoyed the pics of your new lamb. Keep updating them. And your bluebird table is such a cheery table, so much to look at. Beautiful.


  20. This tea table is delightful Katherine. I love all of the blue birds ~ that tea pot is just the cutest thing! And that cloth is so pretty. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I got so busy with the dinner for Michael Lee, I didn’t get over to leave birthday wishes for you. Your gift is is in the mail. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  21. Leo is so cute! I love your spring table. love all your blue birds, it must be so nice to have tea with at such a gorgeous and happy table. I like your pretty tbcloth too, it looks vintage.
    Happy Easter.

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