Welcome to the 63rd Tea Time Tuesday
Come join me in my rose garden for a cup of Tea in my blue southern garden setting.
As I await my pink roses buds to open, I plan my Teas for the garden.
These roses were my Grandmother’s, they have different shades of pink blooms.

A perfect Tea for Mothers and Daughters this Mother’s Day
  When we bought my Birthday dishes at Cracker Barrel, I saw this Teapot. As I was planning this Tea in my garden. I thought this Teapot would look lovely with my
 Staffordshire Engravings Wild Rose Dishes.
One day I decided to call to see if they had this Tea Set in stock, 
they told me the Blue Bliss Teapot was 40% off and they had only one.
 I had them to hold it for me, and my daughter, Jennifer picked it up for me.
How excited I was when I saw the Teapot came with a cream and sugar dish on a small tray!

 Blue Bliss Tea Set 
Sitting on my blue round platter, and cake plate.  I bought from Cracker Barrel seven years ago.
On a plant stand with a vintage crocheted doily. The stand and doily are yard sale finds. 
I am using for a Second Time Around.

Join me for a cup of Rose of Venice Tea
Poured 3/4 full, as not to spill, and  leave room to add sugar, honey, or milk.
Would you like to have a few scones, and deserts with your Tea?
A glass of iced water?  Iced water is in the blue pitcher,
on a plant stand with a crocheted doily.
Where are the water  glasses? On the other side on a plant stand with a tray.

Oh, I just love the pink roses with this blue and white Tea Setting.
Behind the table are the water glasses in the tray, on the plant stand covered with a doily.

After setting the table.  I took all the trays which held the food, and china for this Tea,
 to the porch. I sat on my porch swing for a little rest. 
My daughter, Suzette says this view of the Garden is so peaceful. I do agree!
 I just loved sitting and looking out at the view. 
Thinking how I would love for my daughters, and granddaughters  join me for for this lovely Tea.
I want to give you a tour with close ups of some of the things that are in my Garden.
My birdbath floating roses, I did not fill it as full with roses as they just starting blooming.
I adore the lilly pad with the birds on top of my birdbath!
My daughter’ Suzette’s iron table set is getting a paint makeover, but I decided I loved it in the view. She got this iron table set on freecyle last year. This Mother’s Day she sat this iron set, with cans of spray paint at my front door with a big card saying Happy Mother’s Day! The card also said you made this iron set famous, now I want to see what all you will create with it!
This past October, receiving an honor from the wonderful 
Artist Fifi whom  painted your Garden Tea Setting. 
(I have the original painting, Fifi sells prints of the painting she calls Tea With Katherine.) 
This past April you received another honor, of having your Tea Setting photo published in a newspaper, THE NEWS REVIEW in Ridgecrest, California. A lovely article about,
 TEA IN THE GARDEN was written by Wanda Church.
Thank You Wanda for choosing my last year Tea in my Rose Garden!
 ( which is my Tea Time Tuesday Logo)
  I plan to borrow this famous iron table set for a while! 
Then I shall give it back to my daughter, for she loves it as much as I do.
For now I am loving using it for Teas.

On top of the table I added a crocheted tablecloth my sister, Doris gave me Christmas, 
she found this tablecloth at a yard sale.  The little tray came with my Blissful Blue Tea Set.
Ceramic bird basket bought from Peeples, for half price, just $9.00, last summer. 
I filled the ceramic bird basket with my lovely pink roses.

Some of My Favorite Things, upon my Table Top are:
 My Centerpiece:
My three tier plate rack from Fred’s Dollar Store,
 I added my blue and white Wild Roses dinner plate, salad plate, and saucer.
On each side of the tier are small ceramic birdbaths from Peeples, ( I bought these half price for $9.00 each last summer) the birdbaths feature floating pink roses. 
I met Vicki, the day I bought these, she asked me what I was going to do with them. I explained I loved to create Teas and Tables Settings on my website. She told me she loved visiting Designs By Gollum and Between Naps On The Porch. I then told her I was Lady Katherine. She and the ladies also knew my website. I had so much fun meeting Vicki and the other ladies at Peeples. 
 After I had my 41th surgery, I received many cards. gifts,  
from blogging friends, facebook friends and friends here at home.  
. Wow, the internet even brings people who live near you, 
whom you’d probably would never have known.  
I so lucky to have so many friends, I have met over the years online.
Every year the Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles, 
which are ladies that have met online,( from Mississippi, and neighboring states)
This year in September, I hope to host the Tea Luncheon in our old General Store/ Cafe.
It shall be later fall before the Tea Room is open.
 I will let you all know the closer we get to opening the Tea Room.
The Cafe will seat around 50 people, we are working hard to get it open in the next month.

The blue butter dish, I bought from Cracker Barrel about seven years ago.
The little vase is a Thrift Store find, I shall use to serve jams or honey. The little blue and white Teapot is really a night light! I took the bulb out and it looks wonderful on the table.
Both were given to me by my daughter Suzette on my Birthday.
Can you tell my daughter, loves finding things to use a second time around? 
We both just love Thrifty Finds!
Don’t you just love the fresh pink rose buds on the fancy cakes!
Oh, and my dishes, I added on this Three Tier Server!
 So fun to be able to add different dishes to my Three Tier Server.
This is the first time I have used the ceramic birdbaths, 
and bird basket which is on the round iron table. 
If you look close you can see why I used these light blue Tea Napkins.
My tablecloth has light blue embroidery flowers on it. I used this vintage tablecloth,
 I bought from a yard sale at least 15 years ago, for a skirt at my kitchen sink for years. 
Oh, why did I do that? 
I love this vintage blue and white tablecloth! It is now all free of stains and is at it rightful place! 
On the Table Top!
Close up of the my Vintage Tablecloth
I love the scalloped edges, I see my ironing is not so great! lol 
Place setting:
 Staffordshire Engravings Wild Rose dishes: a 12 piece setting a gift from my sister, Gloria
(This pattern looks so much like Blue Willow, but it has flowers around the edges of the plates.)
Tea Napkins: I made
Napkin rings: a Thrift Store find
With a tiny pink rose added to the napkin holder
Flatware: reproduction Renaissance pattern, from Walmart
I do love my  Blue Bliss Tea Set! 
Doesn’t it look great with all the different patterns of blue dishes I have?
One of my most favorite things! My chairs! 
Which are usually at my Breakfast Table in the Kitchen.
I love to take this chair to sit in when I spin on the spinning wheel,
 and weave on a loom at different demonstration.
This old ladder back chair, I bought at a Thrift Store.
 Some of the chairs were gifts from friends.
I painted the chairs Gentleman’s Blue and tore strips of fabric.
 I then wove the rag chair seat about fifteen years ago.
How do you like my Southern Blue Tea in my Rose Garden?

My Roses are in full bloom, and so hope to do more Teas in my garden.
I’ve been very busy with Doctor visits, and at the store/cafe with my husband.
Can’t wait until the telephone and internet is installed. lol
I am trying to paint all the chairs, a little at a time, I then go and lay on my 1950 sofa.
Which is great therapy for my arms, as long as I do not over do. I am still having a lot of pain from my fall, but the healing is started, and I hope to be back up and about soon.
This past week, I have been really sick and stayed home in bed, 
but I am feeling a little better today.
So hopefully I will get the chairs and tables done by opening day.
If I haven’t been to visit, Please know I have loved reading your comments,
 and I wish I was able to visit All YOUR TEA’S I have missed!
How would I have loved to have a Tea for the Royal Wedding, 
I loved watching the wedding on TV.
I hope you all celebrated with a lovely Tea for this Historical Romantic Day.
Have a lovely Mother’s Day!
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

I will be joining:
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 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch

Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum

Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie

The Tablescaper
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23 thoughts on “MOTHERS DAY TEA

  1. So lovely… is like walking into a rose garden…. truly lovely! You shoudl link onto Show Off Your Cottage Monday and have my readers come here and enjoy this lovely place… 😉 I really want to link to your party, but it will have to be on Wednesday when my next post is up… would that be OK with you?



  2. I absolutely LOVE this! the pink roses with the blue setting is breathtaking. GREAT idea using the roses on the tea cakes…I LOVE using fresh flowers like that. I look forward to linking up tomorrow with my tea post. THis is so much fun! Have a super week!

  3. Lady Katherine,
    This is just beautiful! The blue and the pink just pop on your table. Such a pretty Mother’s Day tea. Thanks for having us.

  4. Katherine, I think this is the most beautiful tea you have ever done.Just beautiful. Can’t wait till you get the store open. I have been meaning to stop by and see how it is coming along. Continue to get well!

  5. So beautiful…this is one of the prettiest teas, ever. I wish my roses were this much in bloom…but it will be another few weeks.
    So glad you are healing. Take good care.
    xo bj

  6. Your roses are amazing, Katherine! And I sure love your blue and white dishes. So pretty against the pink roses. The teapot set is gorgeous!…Christine

  7. Oh how I love blue and white and then add a dash of pink, and it’s devine!

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  8. Dear Lady Katherine,

    What a lovely blue, white and pink tablescape.., So lovely!

    Take care,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  9. Oh I really do love your blue & white tea table setting! How sweet of your daughter to present you with such a gift, and one you will give back to her. The best kind of gift.

    Thank-you for hosting this Tea Time Tuesday. I hope you are recovering well and getting your rest.

  10. So very pretty–I adore pink roses AND blue and white dishes. . .all your things and the setting are simply lovely.

  11. How beautiful! I love the blue and white setting and the roses are just breathtaking…Perfect!

    Many blessings

  12. Absolutely Gorgeous! Your table is so beautiful and inviting. I love the blue and white, especially the teacups!
    All the desserts look divine, and your flowers just stunning.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful post.

  13. Love the scene, blue and white one of my favorites. Would be fun to have tea at your garden. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic house

  14. Katherine,
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and I hope you are well! Your tea setting is stunning. Love the teaware, accoutrements, and the colors are just beautiful. Great job:)

  15. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog. I absolutely love your tea set you got from Cracker Barrel. We don’t have them in Oregon. I love tea. One thing my daughter and I like to do, when watching Larkrise to Candleford is drink tea, since it’s a British mini series, on Friday..PBS. I have some teapots but nothing as beautiful as yours. How fun. Take care!

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