Our Old General Store

Welcome to the 76th Tea Time Tuesday 
I have been sharing our  old general store and cafe remodel the last few weeks
As you view the photos, there is still much to do, and new things to add.
My husband, and Leslie, our first customer, and first dollar. Leslie, was excited she made the first purchase.
Leslie is my daughters childhood friend, she is like another daughter to us. 
She just happened to be the first customer, and we were all excited she was!
First order of sodas
Our grandchildren are so excited, they wanted to to fill the whole cooler.They only put in  a few sodas.
They love to come in and see what new.
They are so excited to start getting the store together.
A long way to go!

 Old General Store has been here since the early 1960’s
 Old General Store
I did not capture the whole store for there is a garage and another room on the right of the building.
Our huge hamburger, with my husband’s secret ingredient, is a huge success 

As you view the photos remember there is still much to do to finish our remodel
The soda/ice cream bar I wanted so much, later shall be used to serve ice cream
 My husband built this bar stool from a tractor seat, and farming parts
Still needs to be painted

 Notice the old scales
 View out the front window

Restroom, my husband built to look as an old out house, yes there is new plumbing inside.
New counters built 
Tobacco grown a few years ago by my husband for fun, We can’t sell it, trade, or give it away.
Makes a great conservation piece.
The old coke machine the kids love
Old Deli Cooler

 Pizza coming soon, but shall be our own franchise name. We have been testing pizza for weeks now. 
We now have a winner, lol we wanted a quality pizza, our pizza will be made from scratch
Will tell the name of our home style pizza soon.
Beverage bar, will hold coffee, tea, slush, and fountain drinks, in the next few weeks
Thank you all for letting me share our new adventure, with you the last weeks, next week I will show you the cafe. 
Thank you all for your prayers, I let Monday slip by and did not get this post up. I am fighting a few battles with my heath. I have been fainting most days. I been back to the Doctors and now have been told there is a world known Doctor that people from all over the world see for what is now happening to me. I have been wishing for a miracle, My Doctor wants me to go and see this specialist, I told him I couldn’t go out of the country. My Doc then told me he is in the next room. I would say that is a miracle by itself. I have been told  a little of what will happen, but until I see the specialist, I will wait and make my decision then. 
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage and Bakery Center
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11 thoughts on “Our Old General Store

  1. Looks like things are coming together!! It looks really great can’t wait for you to share the cafe photos with us.

    Miracles happen all the time, just not in the way we sometimes think they will occur .. we have to keep our mind, ears and eyes open for God’s messages. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers .. stay strong…xo HHL

  2. Hi Lady Katherine,
    Oh the store is looking good 🙂 🙂 I just LOVE all that coffee and that hambuger…oh my goodness, that looks so delicious 😉 🙂 My dad would probably hop in the car and drive across country for a burger like that 🙂 🙂 🙂 Keep sharing as things progress 🙂 🙂

    I’ll be praying for your health, too. I’m ohpoing that specialist can help you 🙂 🙂 Love you bunches…Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  3. Wow, what a labor of love and it is looking so fabulous, what FUN! You must be so excited, and TIRED! SOrry about the medical woes, I am sure someone will figure your situation out soon. Best to you!

  4. This takes me back to my childhood:) I hope that someday I can stop in for a slice of that special pizza and some icecream for dessert! Have a blessed day, I hope you feel better and get that miracle that we will all be praying for! HUGS!

  5. The General Store looks like a place I would love to visit for pizza and refreshment if it were a mite closer.Best wishes & prayers for the success of this place of your dreams.

    Also, prayers for you in this on-going battle health-wise.

  6. Your store is coming along so well. You must be getting excited.

    I’m sorry to hear of the setback regarging your health.Hopefully the specialist can help.

    – The Tablescaper

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