The Roost Cafe in Leesburg Mercantile Remodel

Welcome to the 77th Tea Time Tuesday
Today I am sharing our Cafe in the Old General Store
The Roost Cafe in Leesburg Mercantile
We opened thinking we would finish remodeling, for it would be slow at first.
We were so wrong, we have been busy everyday, 
with not much time to spare, or time to sleep.

In the middle we planned to build two more tables, for now it has one make shift table, as you can see the tablecloths are a little large, did not get to finish trimming or hemming the tablecloths.
The right side of the floor had to be rebuilt, I had  planned on faux painting lines and doing a darker stain to match the old tongue and groove flooring. Hopefully I will get to do it when we get more things together here.
My husband made the tables, I repainted, recovered the chairs,
and painted black polka dots on some of the wooden chairs.
I painted the faux brick walls, which were pres-cut rough wood. Some are crooked, my first try at painting faux brick.  But then the old store is crooked too. lol I planned to do a crack in the faux brick, maybe later.
One grape is hanging on the fence, I haven’t been able to go look for grapevine with green leaves and grapes, I wanted to decorate the top of the fence with.
The coffee center
Each morning the cafe fills up  about 5:30 am with coffee drinkers,
 eating their bacon, egg, sausage and cheese biscuits.
Later we hope to add a Breakfast Buffet, and soon biscuits with sausage gravy.
Just inside the entrance of the cafe, looking out into the Old General Store
We used a lattice fence I bought for my yard, a few years ago on sale, but it is six feet tall and too tall for my yard, so we decided to use it for the cafe. I think it gives it an outdoor look, with privacy from the store customers.
Hanging above each table are French prints. 
Another view of the Coffee Bar, I spray painted black, 
and purchased at a garage sale for $15.00 with two stools.
Right side of the cafe, hold red lanterns, and a rooster candle in the middle with tin pierced shade
Each of the plates and holder on these tables came from Hobby Lobby
The  rooster napkin holders from Family Dollar
Each day for Lunch and Dinner the cafe is full.
Will soon need my Tea room remodeled, as it is as big as the cafe and old general store rooms.
We still have many other rooms, as the Old Genera Store is like a tiny strip mall in the country.
We have people driving an hour away to come and eat, Our Cafe has been very successful. 
I am working on our menu, as many are requesting to take it to different cities and towns.
I do so wish for two more tables. I still have chairs to recover and paint.
Each table has large or small roosters, the trash can is now replaced with a tin tan one. lol
I want to add a window at the end, and a table there for now. 
We are looking into to buying a buffet for this wall.
The red booths came with the store, so I just went with colors to match.
Here is our Super Hamburger, we have sold hundreds in the first month
Hope to get a count soon. lol
A closer view of the chairs with polka dots
While remodeling we found  in the ceiling a black metal vent, where an old wood stove used to be. Myy husband found on Craig List an old pot belly wood stove, just a month before, he going to add it for decoration this winter.
Entrance to the Roost Cafe inside the old general store
I have many more Roosters to add to the cafe, soon as I have more time and tables. lol
My friend Maryann, brought this plant in the teapot and painted the name of the old general store on it.
We love it Maryann!!!
Restroom, my husband built from old tin, and old wood from a barn.
Inside is modern plumbing. lol
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
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Lady Katherine
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14 thoughts on “The Roost Cafe in Leesburg Mercantile Remodel

  1. I have been thinking of you and hope you are feeling better each day or at least on the way to get answers. YOu are kept in my prayers for sure. Your cafe is SPECTACULAR! I love the decor so much, the people are so lucky to have this fun place. Great job, I know it was a lot of work.

  2. I did not realize that y’all had bought the old store. When we are out riding that way, we will have to stop in. My daughter had her horse at the horse trainer down the road from there for several months last year. We passed by weekly then but haven’t been out that way in a while. Congratulations on all of your success. It is so cute!!

  3. lovely progress each week! love those checked tablecloths and i love the cute polkadot teacup planter, i adore the roost everywhere! what a lovely cafe!


  4. GORGEOUS!!! everything is coming together beautifully, I look forward to the progress updates … its almost like being there. If we are ever in Mississippi, I am stopping by for a visit… That burger looks heavenly! Wishing you a beautiful day.. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers … that you feel better and receive the answers you are seeking..Blessings, xo HHL

  5. Oh, My Goodness!! I can’t imagine the work and time and imagination and sheer artistry it took to get this all together so splendidly. From here, it just seems we saw the big hollow space, stripped to the echoes, then later you were up a ladder painting bricks, and now THIS magic!

    It’s just amazing, and just perfectly perfect. The cloths and the colors and the roosters and the RED, and OH, THAT FENCE!

    I cannot tell you how much I admire and LOVE your work. I hope to see it someday, and perhaps you’ll find a moment that we can sit down in your Tea Parlor and have a little chat.

    This just makes me SMILE!


  6. Wow! You have done wonders, Katherine. It’s all coming together. Better rest every now and then. I am glad it is already successful…..Christine

  7. Lady Katherine, I’ve been following the progress of your store/cafe and I’m really impressed! You and your husband have a beautiful place! I am so glad that business has been good, too. I just don’t know how you work so hard on the remodel with all the health issues you have been through. I truly admire you and I said a prayer for you today.
    Hugs, Beth

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