A Lovely Tea for Hazel in a B B

Welcome to the 85th Tea Time Tuesday
This week my camera will not load on to my computer. I had some new things to share with you, hopefully soon, I will get this fixed!!

Please enjoy a Tea I had with my lovely friend.

I shall be sharing one of my Dearest Friends Tea
 Hazel’s 90th Birthday 
On April 3, I was honored to attend a lovely Tea for my friend Hazel
at Heart’s Content Bed and Breakfast in Canton, Mississippi

Now many of you might know, Canton has two huge Flea Markets every May and October
People come all over to attend this wonderful Flea Market
I am just 30 minutes away! Lucky me! 
A lovely table of savories, and sweets 
Heart’s Content Bed and Breakfast 
Is in a lovely grand old home

As You walk into the front doors the view of the stair case is breathe taking
The lovely tin ceiling 
A register to sign in, a lovely photo of Hazel from her college photo album
A grapevine basket, in lieu of gifts, for a memory, or story about Hazel, shall be full by the end of the day, with another basket in waiting 
Hazel made all the lovely grapevine baskets you shall see 
Some of the flowers picked from her garden
the grapevine baskets are filled with
I am a proud owner of one of her baskets
Below the staircase
A lovely refreshing container of lemon water
Just before I go into the parlor to greet my lovely friend
I took a snapshot of one of the bedrooms
The bed, and sofa are so beautiful
Notice the pattern of the tin ceiling here
My Dear Friend, Hazel and Lady Katherine
Hazel was so happy as I to see her
for we both have been through surgeries, and not able to have Tea Together
Hazel told my husband she would love him forever for bringing me
to her Tea
He told her I would have walked if he had not brought me
Hazel is a true treasure in my life 
She been at every family event, and when I was/working traveling 
she would be there for the events I could not
Hazel has taught me many things in my life, one was her love of Afternoon Tea
I love you dearly, Hazel
Happy 90th Birthday
View of the dining room through the doorway is the staircase
The wallpaper on the dining room wall is covered in blue birds 
Everyone knows I adore bluebirds 

That is my husband in front of the lovely mantel with his arm crossed
He looks so thrilled, lol
The chandelier  is so lovely
This room, and all the other rooms were so full of people, you had to squeeze by
The cakes look wonderful
Oh, the dark chocolate cake was divine, the icing did not taste like icing
It was so wonderful  

The silver trays were so lovely on the table
All the silverware was on one large silver tray 
In front of the flowers, I was told is a torte, a family member made
At first I thought it was cream cheese, I have no idea what it was made of 
How wonderful it was with the crackers

Open faced cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese spread on the circles of  white bread

 These sandwiches of turkey,ham,cheese and mustard spread 
were wonderful, for the bread is a yeast bread cut into squares

 A flavored coffee setting
My husband poured a glass cup of it
It was very light in color, he said:
Oh, this is hot tea! He handed me the cup I took a sip,
and said No, it your coffee! 
I do drink a little coffee with lots of milk and chocolate
But I do love my TEA!

Lovely fresh flower centerpiece
 A lovely crystal bowl of toasted pecans

A tray of tomato, bacon chips, and mayonnaise on circles of white bread 

The lovely silver punch bowl held Frozen Mint Tea
Yes, it is so wonderful,
 for Hazel loves to serve it on a hot summers day
while entertaining her guest in her garden

To make the Frozen Mint Tea
This is usually the only time that I use tea bags:
Use fresh tap water, never distilled water,  use cold water, never hot

Use one cup of fresh spearmint leaves and two family size tea bags
In a pan, your choice, I use enamel 
Bring to a rolling boil, cover and steep for five minutes at least.
Add fresh cold tap water to your gallon pitcher 
Add 1 and half cups of sugar
Stir until sugar dissolves
Strain out the spearmint, and remove the two tea bag from your pan
Add your steeped tea liquor to the pitcher and finish filling with tap water.
After  the Mint Tea cools, you can fill old milk plastic milk jugs and freeze
To serve cut open the top of the milk jug, and add to your punch bowl  
A view of the table from the mantel side
You, can see the pink heart mints on a tray
Yes, we all reached for the Frozen Tea!

My wonderful husband, Terry went out to the porch to eat, where I joined him
As we sat at the tables that lined the porch,
other guest begin to come out to the porch to sit
for there was not even standing room inside
Here is my place setting, You can see the tea is frozen

As we said our goodbye to Hazel and her lovely Afternoon Tea
Can you see me on the center front, a waiting my carriage? I mean my husband to pick me up. 

As we drive away one last look at the lovely home from the the back of the house, 
with a wonderful pond and waterfall in an iron fence
Today I wish so much I could have Tea with Hazel again!

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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9 thoughts on “A Lovely Tea for Hazel in a B B

  1. What a grand & gracious tea party, and so much more special because of the bond you share with Hazel. Happy Birthday Hazel ! It is a joy for me to see you looking so lovely in the picture.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share this wonderful tea reception.
    Looking at the lovely dishes and food preparations gives one a different perspective. Like the commercial “Calgon, take me away”. 🙂

    May God richly bless you with grace and peace.

  3. What a very special tea at a very special place! Gorgeous. Looks like a wonderful time for you, Hazel and everyone who attended. Thanks for sharing…although I am drooling a bit…LOL!

  4. Oh my goodness, that was so beautiful from the time you entered the house until you had to leave. The home, the food, the full house and the tables, just a perfect time.

  5. Thank you for sharing this tea time for this lady’s 90th birthday and what a beautiful home and the food is so lovely. How special this was for her!

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