Great-Grandmother’s Making Biscuits and a little Tea

Welcome to the 91st Tea Time Tuesday
I have permission from my Granddaughter Hannah’s Aunt to share photo’s of Hannah’s Great Grandmother on her Daddy side of the family making homemade biscuits.
Using an old Dough Bowl, making biscuits by hand
Mixing them just right from memory
Ready to go in the oven on an iron skillet 
She made homemade biscuits for her husband everyday, Hannah’s Great-Grandfather

My Granddaughter Hannah is on the right,  my other Granddaughter is on the left,
in the middle is their friend Maggie
They loved dressing up, for Tea
 Here I threw a Tea Party together for them in just a few hours
In my Parlor at home.
The table set for Tea

My granddaughter’s love to set the table for Tea, and enjoy having Tea whether it is a cup of Tea and a cookie, or a light afternoon Tea.  I do hope they keep the traditions not only from their Great-Grandmother, but from what I have also taught them. Hannah is so lucky to still have her Great-Grandmother living.

Hopefully one day Hannah will make biscuits for someone special in her life, 
as her Great Grandmother once did.

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Lady Katherine

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11 thoughts on “Great-Grandmother’s Making Biscuits and a little Tea

  1. What a lovely post.Grandmother baking..great.And the little princesses having the teaparty with all the goodies.Excellent;)

  2. How precious! This brings back memories of making biscuits with my grandmother! She taught me! My Aunt has her bread bowl! The girls are gorgeous! Such a lovely tea set for them – looks delicious! Thank you for sharing and for hosting!
    God Bless,

  3. Dearest Lady Katherine,

    What a heartwarming and precious post! The grandma making the biscuits is charming and the darling little girls at tea.., Oh my!

    So adorable! Thanks so much for hosting a delightful tea party once again.

    God bless you dear lady, know that you are in my prayers.

    Hugs, Wanda Lee

  4. I love posts about grandchildren and the hope we have of passing on special times to our grandchildren. I think your granddaughters cannot help but appreciate and pass on their grandma’s love of sharing tea and treats with those most special in her life.

    I love seeing the pictures of Auntie baking biscuits in her cast-iron skillet.

    Thank-you for hosting Tea Time on Tuesdays Lady Katherine.

    BTW, your granddaughters sure do look like you!

  5. What a wonderful post showing Great Grandmother making biscuits. It is a treasure to have Grandparents around you. Your little ladies are so lovely for tea. Thanks for having us!

  6. Oh how cute-your little girl tea party is precious! Love Hannah’s great-grandmother making biscuits! I had wonderful great-aunts in Alabama and remember them making homemade biscuits in the morning..nothing is better! (Especially with fresh butter) Thanks for sharing this lovely post!
    Miss Bloomers

  7. Hello, Lady Katherine! I just discovered your blog; and what a great site you have!! Such lovely images and treats! I am happy to link up for Tuesday Teatime. I am your newest follower; and I hope you will follow me, too! God bless you!

  8. this is real living: family, home made cooking, dressing up, playing. we need plenty more of this these days. thank you for being one of the sharing ones.

  9. Oh, Lady K.!!

    I always enjoy your parties, and this one is just the sweetest gathering, with the little girls in their finery, using their very best manners. I love how you often have angels on the table for your little ones.

    If you’d EVER consider lending a couple of your pictures, the ones of the dear hands making biscuits are absolutely ART. I’ve written several times about my Dear first Mother-In-Law and her sweet ways and her biscuit-making. She taught me SO much, and these could have been HER, except for the jug—there would be a big crockery one in the picture, with the homemade buttermilk she’d made up from dry milk and some starter from the last batch. She kept that in the fridge at all times, and taught me to make that, too.

    I’m about to get all teary-eyed at these memories. Just perfect.

  10. This is so precious. What lovely pictures of Great Gramma making biscuits. That is a memory maker! And the tea party is adorable. Such lucky little ladies. I wish I could be a guest with them, I’ll be the conversation (and manners) are delightful! This has really brightened my day!

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