Tea on the farm

Welcome to the 93rd Tea Time Tuesday

Sharing a Tea my granddaughter’s did all by their selves.
They spent the weekend with me, and asked Granna can we have a Tea Party like we used to.
We cleaned the big table,( I bought this summer at the annual garage sale), and we added a rose where the umbrella goes. I said, Yes you sure can, but Granna not feeling well enough to cook for you. They found a cherry pie and split it, and a few crackers.

Brianna and Hannah, notice my rose bush is still blooming
Hannah is being the hostess, this is the first time, I have let them use a real Teapot by their selves.
See the rose they added in the center
Hannah loves pouring the Tea, but while waiting for me to take the picture, she over filled it.
Here you can see the Tea spilled on the table, so glad they didn’t use the lace cloth they love to use. lol

My grandson’s had been out swinging on the tire swing, they wanted to join in with a cup of Tea
Brianna is holding a baby chick
Here she must be thinking my brother, Gage is trying to get my chick. lol
They went out to the chicken coops, to help feed the chickens. With all we have had going on, we haven’t had time to pick up the eggs, So the hens set, and hatched out the eggs in the nest.Not one chick is a silky as in this white hen is.

 The chicks are growing fast, their Mother hens are keeping them warm, soon they will go into a larger pen all together with their Mother hens.

Thank you for letting me share a little of my love for the farm and my grandchildren.
Sorry I am up late with my post, I spent all day yesterday at the Doctors, with more appointments this week.
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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10 thoughts on “Tea on the farm

  1. Oh, Lady K!

    This is just so sweet—all those GRANDS playing and having tea parties and enjoying your place and your company so much.

    And you’ll laugh—I just did, and I even have my glasses on. (I’ve been rompin’ with a four-year-old since 7:30 a.m. and she just left—that’s my excuse). But this old farm girl took one look at that first “Dominecker” or is she a Rock?—I can never remember—and I thought she had a tee-ninecy full-grown baby nestling under her feet! Then I got my eyes focused.

    Just lay it to “I’m Tired” and maybe I’ll do better next time.


  2. What a wonderful tea you have shared with us today!! Looks like you have two little Tea Hostesses in training… beautiful and handsome grandchildren!!! Those chickens are too adorable!

    Wishing you good news at the doctors, sending you many hugs and blessings..xo HHL

  3. This is what tea time is really all about for us Grandmas! Looks like you all had a very good time. Chicks just “put the icing on the cake”.

    I hope you’re not feeling too bad, and recover soon.

  4. It’s wonderful that your grandkids ask to continue with the tradition of tea at grandma’s home! But I’m sorry that you are not feeling well. I’ll be praying for you.

    [The thought came to me that since they want to continue the tradition of lace, perhaps a plastic lace doily or tablecover would have worked for the outside setting.]

  5. I’ve had tea with my son since he was very small. We never really had ‘tea parties’, we had real, ordinary grown-up tea. :o)

    Even at 18 he still loves when I serve a breakfast tea with our big family pot & all his favorite tea foods. I’m sure none of us will ever outgrow it.

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