Tea in the Parlor Makeover

Tea In My Parlor

 old chairs found in our 100 year old craftsman bungalow notice the wood walls, ceiling and floor are wood 
 Mantel After remodel with library added
 Mantel before remodel
 The cupid plate are dated in the 1800’s the cup bowl is old too, the clock found for $10.00 while working traveling in  Dunlap,Tennessee.
 My favorite corner now gone
 my old piano,

 candelabra garage sale for $1.00
 My hospital here for now, I tried to make it look like a day bed, the pictures are now down, and others up

I love my firescreen a gift from Helen, the candle is now broken, because of one of my falls
Preacher gave me this table, he said he knew I would be the one to love it!!!

 Pink swirl china a gift from my daughter Suzette

 Another corner showing my Monet of Poppies

 Bought the silver on Ebay

 I love to spin on my wheel
 This was my favorite corner to have tea, now the library take it
 Notice the small purse, bought it while working traveling the cupids are napkin holders, I made long ago

 One day I hope to recover the chairs in this room they have the horse hair in them
 I painted the mantel and library then stained them I love how it all turned out, even the fireplace wall is painted to look as it wood has been burning in it

I miss you all so much, and blogging, they has taken a different turn for me and taking up to 65 hours a week sometimes more.
Thank you all for still be around for me, I still post on facebook once in a while. 
My granddaughter had a bad accident and will be having surgery in the morning. I decided I need to relax a little so here I am doing what I love to do. I may have posted this before but many have not seen it. 
Thank you all
Lady Katherine