Simple white Tea

 Today’s Tea is Simple, all whites looking out my back French Doors.
I want to Thank all of you for making Tea Time a dream come true for over a one year.
I haven’t been able to visit, as I so wish to, I do read your lovely comments. They are heartfelt!!!
 Yes, I do read them all.
I am still battling some health issues, but I do plan to win. Thank you all for your prayers, 
the store/cafe is open and doing well, I am doing what I can to help.
 I am late getting this post up again, Thank you for understanding!!!
Today I am showing you a Tea I did early this year, hoping you will love seeing it again.
I know I have! lol 
I hope you enjoy my Simple White Tea
 As Summer is ad-mist it time to bring out the white again.
This Tea could be for a Mother and Daughter,
 or Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea.
What ever Tea Time you could want.
My Granddaughter’s hat on the back of the chair
On this chair sit my white hat, notice I used doilies on the chair seats
I love using this chrome teapot warmer, for it goes with everything.
My teapot sit on a charger, I do love to use a charger or 
tray underneath my teapots, in case of spillage. 
I love my sterling silver strainer, some think a strainer shouldn’t be used at the Tea Table.
Oh, but I adore using one, as I use loose leaf tea, 
and loose leaf tea needs room to expand as it steeps.
My teapot is empty before the leaves have a chance to turn bitter.
Place Setting
I have used the cups many times, this is the first time I have used the chargers, which are the same pattern. The plate is smaller than a dinner plate, and larger than a desert plate. The plate and bowl are my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes.
Flatware is my Renaissance Reproduction pattern 
Cup, Saucer, and Charger I bought a few years ago from TJ Max 
The 12×12 Tea napkins, I made
Tablecloth was a garage sale find many years ago
My Tea Set is from Ross
My three tier holds, my husband’s Grandmother’s everyday dishes from long ago.
I used faux ivy and white hand painted roses, which are shower curtain holders.
I wanted to show you the view out my French Doors!
I am very lucky to see this view every day from my 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow.
My chickens, now layinga dozen eggs day

My gulf coast native sheep
My ram is in another pasture

Lambs, Bella and Hope playing with Garfield 
Bella was born the December 26th, 2010
Hope was born on Christmas Day 2010

Gulf Coast Native Sheep ready for feeding

Bella and Hope are so cute

My lambs, Hope, Pansy Lee, and Bella
Pansy Lee is in the middle, she was born just a few weeks after Bella and Hope
Pansy Lee was born a morning after, I had just lost a Ewe and her lamb the night before
I use to have a 100 plus sheep, another breed, and I have never lost an Ewe and Lamb in birth.
Pansy came here so tiny, and needing my help

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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14 thoughts on “Simple white Tea

  1. Lovely to have the blog working and visit with you again! Hope you are well. Lovely, timeless white! Love the cat & sheep photo. We have lambs around us in spring and we love to go watch them play. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a beautiful table, Lady Katherine. I love all white and love seeing it used all together. You did a wonderful job with the details.

    Your lambs and sheep are precious. I love the picture of them sniffing the kitty!! it would be wonderful to have a barnyard full of sweet animals, I am sure they bring you much pleasure!

    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better and hope and pray you continue on the path to wellness with each passing day!


  3. Whitefully beautiful! I’ve never seen a tea warmer like this. I will be keeping my eye out for one. Great pictures of the colorful chickens and cute sheep. Praying for you this evening.

  4. What a beautiful and summery white table. But you KNOW what really calls to me, don’t you? YOUR CHICKENS!!!!!

    Oh how I LOVE chickens.
    i’m just burning up jealous of your clucking hens.

    The lambs are mighty cute, too. 🙂
    I love visiting with you!
    All the best …

  5. Hello dear Katherine! I’m so happy to see you and to be joining in with your tea party after such a long absence. I hope that your week has been wonderful.

    Take care and best wishes,

  6. I think this is one of my favorite tea posts of yours. The white tea setting is calming & peaceful, just like a good cup of tea.Simple yet elegant.

    Your Gulf Coast sheep intrigue me. Do they produce good wool for spinning? Can you tell me much of their history…well, maybe I shall Google them.

    What country home is not complete without a flock of chickens to produce eggs and entertainment for us?You have a pretty flock there.

  7. This is a beautiful tea setting… the white makes it simple and yet elegant at the same time .. taking for sharing tea with us.

    I keep you in my prayers .. I know to well(unfortunately) what it is like to not have the energy and to try and balance daily activities -when life has been sent on an unexpected detour. Take care of you my dear … we will be here …

    Your chickens are priceless!!! and your goats made me smile… wishing you a restful and blessed week-end! xo HHL

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