Valentine’s Tea in the Gazebo

Welcome to My Cup of Tea 

My Cup of Tea is things I love. 

An Afternoon Tea I  was so pleased to be able to do in  Pelahatchie,Mississippi  Gazebo

I contacted the city, got permission to do this Tea.

Place-setting: Beaded placemats, ruffled charger, plates, and martini glass  Walmart

Heart dish: Ross

Cup Saucer: Ross

gazebo valenitne tea 003Lady Katherinegazebo valenitne tea 033 - Copy

Centerpiece: Cupid dish antique full of silk hydrangeas

gazebo valenitne tea 005gazebo valenitne tea 065My cup of Tea
gazebo valenitne tea 051 gazebo valenitne tea 053 Marttine glass I wet with peppermint tea, and dipped in red crystal sugar

served with peppermint teagazebo valenitne tea 054 gazebo valenitne tea 050

Tea set: from Ross

gazebo valenitne tea 046

Three Tier Server: TJ Max

Sandwiches, Scones, and Cookies

gazebo valenitne tea 041

Heart Peppermint brownies, I made

gazebo valenitne tea 040

May I pour you a cup of Tea

gazebo valenitne tea 028 gazebo valenitne tea 017 gazebo valenitne tea 015

Bird’s eye view

gazebo valenitne tea 012 gazebo valenitne tea 008

Bowl with cookies: Ross

Clotted Cream bowl with sprinkled peppermint: Ross

White cupid: a gift long ago

Cupids: I made and painted

gazebo valenitne tea 006

Thank you for joining me for Valentine’s Tea in the Gazebo


Easter Picnic

This Easter will spend the afternoon outdoors hunting eggs with our grandchildren.
We decided to have a picnic with just finger foods.
As you will see why we there is no flatware used
We will have iced tea, as it was a hot afternoon.
My whole family is to be here,
it’s been a while since we all had a gathering together as family
My daughters, and grandchildren help take out the dishes and set the tables.
My grandmothers pink roses in the background are blooming a few weeks early this year
By the end of next week they should be in full bloom
Hoping I can do a tea, as I usually do each year
I want to thank my daughters, son-in-laws, and my grandchildren
for setting up the tables.
I uploaded my photos and learning to size them in a different way, on WordPress.
My rabbit on the wagon is carrying egg cups, and dyed egg the grandchildren dyed.
My grandchildren also came up with the idea, and put them in the wagons.
Centerpiece: is my two rabbit wagons, and a bunch of star gazer lilies,
my daughter’s husband brought her.
Arbor of roses in background
Place setting of my Rabbit Birthday dishes, from Cracker Barrel
Charger from Walmart
Goblets from thrift store with napkin inside
I just love my rabbit wagon from Cracker Barrel
My friend Lene, stopped by, we sat at the tea table, between the picnic,
and the children’s table
Yes, I still look pale, and I have on makeup! lol
My grandchildren set up their table, and had to have the tea cups they always drink out of.
They picked out what they wanted to use on the tables
My grandchildren placed eggs all around a tray,
I was really proud of them,
setting both tables
Thank you for joining me for Tea, I hope you all had a lovely Easter.
 Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
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Pumpkin Tea With A Friend

Welcome to the 95th Tea Time Tuesday
A Simple Tea Spent With a Friend last year.
I hope you will enjoy seeing it again.
My friend called and said she was 100 miles away coming toward my home.
I was not feeling well, as I usually go try to pick up and clean up before someone comes to visit.
Oh, but not this day, not up for it.
Nearing her arrival time, I thought I would fix us a little Tea, for she had been driving most of the day pulling her new RV, I knew she had not eaten. Her husband is a pilot with the aviation company, that my husband and I use to work for. I was one of his bosses.   Maryann and I met while working and traveling, when Maryann came out to stay with her husband. Out of 12 men I was the only woman, and we worked the southern states, coming home for just a week here and there each year. I use to drive a 40 feet Motor Home, Maryann is now pulling a large RV with a truck. It is hard to drive on small roads.
 I wish her so much luck, for I do not think I would like to pull an RV!

As my dining room is now gone, I had to hunt for everything I wanted to use.
I still haven’t found the fall tablecloth I bought months ago! I have hidden it well. 
 I just started pulling things out, I was going Halloween, as you see the black runner, 
but changed it when I could find my dishes. lol
Adding finishing touches to the 3 Tier plate rack.
I used my pumpkin plates, love that I can use different plates on this Tier.
Reese’s Candy, Cinnamon Cake, and Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Added a few fall vines to the tier.  By each leg of the Tier are pumpkin salt and pepper shakers.
I found this pumpkin Teapot and cream and sugar at Ross last year for $8.00, I do love a bargain!
This is the first time I have used it.
Creamer and Sugar 
I added a pumpkin plate underneath to catch any drips from the teapot

After setting the table I realized I did not have cups to match, I used a wheat pattern for the teacups
Place Setting
I used little pumpkins for the napkin rings
Here I sit awaiting my friends arrival, I am very tired this day. Yes, I know I look pale, even with a little makeup. Being sick, I almost did not show you any photos of me. lol
My friend Maryann Arrives
Notice in my family room lots of my pictures are down off the walls as I’m trying to make do with some of my dining room in there. Haven’t got it all in place yet. 
Sure wish I would have taken off the black scarf, I hadn’t planned to take photos.
I did have two rocking chairs here in front of the wood heater, Maryann loved to sit here with me.
On the right by the French Doors is an old wood box, I made to hold firewood.
 My family room is Native American Indian, 
The silver chandy is one I have been silver leafing for another room.
Do you notice my family room is a DOG TROT?
A dog trot is usually about 8 feet wide, ours is 15 feet wide x 28 feet. The dog trot was 36 feet long,
we added a wall to make a 7 feet wide porch on the front of the dog trot.
When designing the house floor plan, my husband wanted a dog trot,( a large hallway going from the front to the back of the home, used as a porch to let the southern breeze flow in) Well I comprised with adding French Doors on each end, for the chickens, cats, and dogs be laying in here, I did not want to have to walk outside through the dogtrot to get into the dining room and kitchen.  Instead we made it a family room.
 After realizing the room that is 13×16 was just too small for our family gatherings.
The smaller room is now my parlor. Which is still piled with boxes of dishes from my dining room.
My daughter stay is temporary and will be moving out.
Then I will get my dining room back together.
 I am telling Maryann about Tasha Tudor Tea, and about Afternoon Tea 
We are drinking Tasha Tudor’s Breakfast Tea
Which was great with just sugar, but loved it even more with a wee bit of milk!
The large TV will be finding another room soon!  Hubby has wood stacked close to the house this year.
My husband comes in taking our picture and she tells him I made her use the cloth napkin, for I was prissy. lol
Really she did not want me to have to wash anything, as I have not been feeling well.
We had opened the door for the fire in the wood stove was hot. I said how’s this for prissy?
My Manners Went Out the Door!
I then threw a piece of bread out the door to some of my chickens,
 we see just outside the door. lol
Big Red is saying Hey, throw some more. lol
Country Life, and the Love of Afternoon Tea
Only could I do this with a Friend! lol
We both got so tickled for what I had done!
As you can see! 
I do love this pumpkin tea set! I’m working on another Tea, 
which will not be thrown together as this one was, hopefully!
Maryann and her husband stayed in their RV two nights, here with us.
She said the next morning when she woke, she looked out and seen the smoke coming from the chimney stack. That my home looked like a Thomas Kincaid Cottage, with the arbor and flowers growing along the fence. My home is really a 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow, which we are remodeling, 
and will be for a long time.  Everyone jokes if I decide I do not like a wall where it is,
 it gets knocked down. lol
Maryann wanted to take me shopping as I never get to get out much. We first went to Jackson an hour away down the Natchez Trace to eat and shop at Cracker Barrel,(one of my favorite places)! She then asked me where I wanted to go, but I was so tired, I just said home. We had planned to go to some of my other favorite stores. Maybe next time. I showed her how to get back on the Natchez Trace, as the exit we took to come home was just a few miles from the Airport. Maryann decided to take me to see some of the pilots,
 I had worked with for five years. When we arrived my husband was there on his motorcycle.
It was so much fun seeing these guys again, we were like family, when working and traveling.
Oh, being around the pilots and the airplanes brought back so many memories. 
Four and half years ago, we took a leave of absence from work, thinking we would be gone just 3 months. My Health and Doctor would not let me return to work. 
I do miss it all the guys, and work so much!
Oh, but soon we have a new adventure, I will be telling you about!

As you all know, my new adventure with my husband , we bought an old country store/cafe.
I’m at it 16 hours a day, with no time to visit, all on your websites. I miss it so much. After staying home five and half years alone. It is a big change for us. I do not get home until near 10:00 pm and sometimes later.
I only get a few hours at home on Sunday morning. All the other time I’m a sleep or washing clothes.
I am sick, but hoping for life not to end anytime soon. I have lost a lot of weight since these photos were taken. I am trying to help my family with their dream.
I have one dream of making Lady Katherine’s Tea Parlor a real Tea Room.
 I have had a few family Tea’s here in the cafe. I hope to have a few public Teas in the cafe soon. I have a huge room, which is as big as the store, and cafe combined. It is my dream to have my Tea Parlor in it by next year. We thought we would be able to remodel it by this winter.
 As we are so busy at the store/cafe, it hasn’t been possible.
Should anyone wants to join me for Tea one afternoon let me know.

Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
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Halloween Birthday Tea

Welcome to the 94th Tea Time Tuesday  
This week was my daughter ,Suzette’s Birthday
We set up a Halloween Tea in the cafe, as we all can’t leave our store/cafe at the same time. 
We as a family all run the store. 
So wish our other daughter Jennifer, her two children and her husband to be Josh,( whose Birthday is the same day as Suzette’s Birthday) could have been there.

We always have a pumpkin cake for Suzette Birthday, I wasn’t up to making one, and could not find one. 
I asked the lady at the bakery if she could take a cookie cake and make it look like a pumpkin. She was so happy how the cake turn out, she started making another one before we left. 
Pizza made from our cafe 
                        My witch’s brew pot from Cracker Barrel hold ice and Dr. Pepper
The cream onion dip with a spider on top, I added a crow to the witch, but it fell down in this photo 
My pumpkin teas et covered in spiders
I couldn’t find my sugar bowl, still looking. lol

Happy Birthday Suzette
I used my pumpkin to serve potato chips, and the cake also sets on one.