How to Plan for a Tea


Planning A Tea

One of my favorite things when planning a Tea is to read my Tea Notebook .

Where I keep all my Tea ideas in.

I pour myself a cup of Tea, to sip while planning a Tea

Such an enjoyable time of dreaming and planning a Tea

Preparing for a Tea

How many guest am I planning for

Pick out Invitations for the Tea

What type of Afternoon Tea will I be planning for:

 Low Tea, High Tea, Formal, Informal Tea

 There is all kinds of occasions to give a Tea for
Breakfast, Brunch, Luncheon, Cocktails, Dinner Party

 picnics, ladies meetings, church events,

 baby showers, wedding showers, bridesmaids, children’s party

Any occasion you can think of to spend time with family and friends

 I like to pick a color scheme and theme for my Tea

Will I need help preparing the food

Will I do all the serving or will I need help to serve the Tea and food

What type of table to use, small, round, long, coffee table
  Where the Tea will be served, indoors or outdoors
 Choose the China, flatware, napkins, napkin rings, place cards,
 tablecloth, serving pieces, centerpiece

If I am planning for a large event, such as for a church group

I might use paper plates and napkins 

however I would serve the tea in china tea cups, and use flatware 

 While planning a Tea, Do not feel overwhelmed, 
for a Tea can be just simple pastry or muffin, and a cup of Tea
 A Tea can be simply casual at the kitchen table or in more elaborate setting.
You do not have to be a wonderful chef or spend hours in the kitchen preparing food.

Below are some guide lines to follow should you want to plan a Tea Event

 Be creative and your Tea will be lovely.

What is Afternoon Tea?

A Tea held several hours after lunch and several hours before dinner.

 Tea’s were held to give you something to eat before dinner is served
Afternoon Tea became a reason for a social event, 

to relish time spent with friends, and family sharing Tea

For the company, conversation, and a small meal with Tea  

Light Afternoon Tea

Usually a Tea Serving:

 Scones,tea sandwiches,and bite size deserts milk, sugar cubes, honey, lemons, butter, lemon curd, clotted cream, jam or preserves

Full Afternoon Tea

Usually a Tea Serving:

A bowl of soup, bite size quiche, side salad, tea sandwiches, scones, bite size desserts milk, sugar cubes, honey, lemons, butter, lemon curd, clotted cream, jam or preserves
What is Low Tea?

Tea is served on a low table such as a coffee table or any other low table
usually for up to three people

For four or more you might want to serve Tea on a larger table

What is High Tea?

A Tea which is served on a high table, such as a dining table or other high table

Usually a Tea Serving:

A full course meal

 Planning A Menu

What will my budget be, what foods am I planning to serve 

Will I serve ready-made food, semi-homemade food, or homemade food
Check recipes for all the ingredients needed in the pantry
 If I am serving scones, check the freezer, or make fresh scones

 Bite size deserts, tea sandwiches, scones, or full meal 
with milk, sugar cubes, honey, lemons,
 butter, lemon curd, clotted cream, jam or preserves

Garnishes for trays and food:

edible flowers, herbs, fruit peels, curled chocolate

Types of Tea to serve

Basic Teas are:

Black, Oolong,Green, White, or Herbal in loose leaf or tea bags 
Suggestions of how tea can be served:

Hot Tea, Iced Tea Frozen Mint Tea,Tea Spritzer, Sorbets

Remember Tea can also be used in baking recipes

Whichever Afternoon Tea,or Tea Party you choose to serve,
Make the setting attractive, and the food appealing as possible 

  Tea Time is meant to be a relaxing time spent with friends, and family

or a just a few stolen moments to enjoy a cup of Tea alone