Purple and Cream Rabbit Tea

Welcome to the 54th Tea Time Tuesday   
As you are looking at this Tea, I will be in surgery for eight to ten hours.
I will have Tea Time Tuesday each week posting as I recover, for you to link to. I can’t wait to be able to just sit and enjoy all your Teas, Table settings, and food.
I am very late getting this post up, for I have done many Tea Tables this week, 
Instead of posting, I have been doing Teas, for you to enjoy while I am in the hospital. 

My Daddy had major heart surgery  this week, as I had a bad asthma attack, my asthma is better. I went to see my Daddy last night an hour away, I have not been able to walk for 3 days. Just a swollen knee, but no idea why, so I had to go and have test to have it checked out. All my test came out negative, the Doctor thinks, I may have sprained my knee somehow, 
 I haven’t fallen lately. lol
 Daddy had my family call and he was not doing well, as I too wanted so to see him before my surgery. I decided to visit him, while at the hospital he is in I went and and my tests. I was thinking they would only do one test, I stayed six hours in the hospital last night. I did not get my post up, as I got in bed at 3:00 am. I sent family on errands to buy things I still needed for the hospital stay today. while I have been getting things ready for my hospital stay.
  It almost 3:00 am again, and I have to be at the hospital in a few hours for surgery. 
Many of you have asked for an address to send cards and gifts, so sweet of you all, but not necessary.
This is the address to our Old General Store/Bistro Cafe we have bought and working on opening in a few months, it will have a large room, where we will have a Tea Room also.
Leesburg Mercantile
Lady Katherine
289 Hwy 481
Pelahatchie, Mississippi 39145

I have pictures of a Tea I have done with my Birthday Dishes, My husband bought me last year from Cracker Barrel. I still need 4 more bowl cups as you will see pudding in, and I so want the dinner plates, for Cracker Barrel did not have the dinner plates last year.
Look close at the dishes and the Tea Set, for they are different, but blend so well together.
I do have last year’s Tea Set that matches the dessert plate, bread plate, and bowls.
The new set this year has daffodils on it, and some of the same patterns as last years set.
So for my family, that says I am so hard to buy for, I can’t have flowers at the hospital because of my asthma, and my Birthday will be in just one month. I want to add to this collection to have a Birthday Luncheon with these dishes, my husband bought me for my Birthday.
Cracker Barrel also has a wonderful platter to match. I was born on Good Friday, so these dishes are wonderful for my Birthday Dishes!  
I will warn you, I have many photo’s without food, and with food.

I used this dish as a bread and butter plate, but it would also make a great dessert plate
This Year’s Tea Set
Notice the daffodils on it, the dinner plates look just like this Tea Set
Tray for Tea Set, notice the butterfly, same as the egg cup dishes from last year 
Added the desert,or salad plates to my three tier stand
Yes, I have daffodils blooming,and used pansies 
Also added in a little lavender rosemary from my rosemary bush 
The rabbit says Not enough Thyme, see the butterfly in last years egg cup
I ran out of time this week, so sorry!
Here are the egg shaped bowls, I need four, then I will have enough for my four grandchildren
The mugs are large, and I want to find a simple cream set of Teacups to go with my Birthday Dishes

 On back of two yard sale chairs, I tied lavender ribbon and used little handbags, I bought while traveling

I also used the cups to hold clotted cream, and jam
My friend Kathy gave me six of these bowls last year for my Birthday, when she heard my husband had bought me this set of dishes for my Birthday.

 All the rabbits on the table came from Dollar Tree this year, 
my daughter Suzette got for me to do this Tea.
Thank You Suzette! 

Now for the food
Chocolate candy, Fancy cakes with real pansy blooms, and blueberry scones

I used butterscotch pudding, crushed butterscotch candy and sprinkled on top of pudding

The salt and pepper shakers are in shape of an egg, and the New Tea Se,
t this year has the same iris pattern on it’s spout.
One has a bird house and a blue bird which if you look close at my Cracker Barrel Birthday Dishes, you can see them. The name of this pattern is Easter Traditions.
Yes, this would be  a wonderful Tea for Easter, Spring, or my Birthday! 
Hope to have all the dinner plates, more bowls, and the platter by my Birthday April 5th.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my Tea Today, As you come to the end Please say a little prayer for me today while I am in surgery. My daddy needs many more prayers, I called hoping I would get to talk with him before I go to surgery, but he was not feeling well! 
Someone call him today and tell him I thinking of him and love him! 
I will not be able to link the next few weeks to anyone”s Tea’s or Meme’s. I hope to be back up and well soon! My daughters will put an update about me on my facebook page.
Remember I will be having my give a away this month of Muse new lovely book of poetry, Anthesis
You can find Muse on facebook, or look at last week’s post, I have a link there, should you not want to wait on a chance to win in my give away.
Thank You all For Making Tea Time Tuesday, a dream come true for me!
I will be having posts each week for you to link to. Talk with you all soon!
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine


Today Is My 100Th Post!
Post Give Away
Tea pot, sugar and creamer dish, journal, note cards and a rose box.
Click on photo to enlarge.
Lady Katherine, who is she? Today on my 100Th post of articles, I  am going  to tell you about my life.
First, why did I decide to name my website, After taking a leave  absence from work, for my illness. I started to ordering Tea Time Magazine, looking on Internet at tea information. I found a few sites I loved to visit and studied tea, and tea parties. After, a few years, I decided to start a website, at first I thought, it was going to be just about afternoon tea. For one day, I would like to have a tea shop are just give afternoon teas. As I studied about blogging. My first post was on my painted kitchen floor. I decided to share things I love to do. In my parlor I do have afternoon teas.
 God has blessed me to learn to do many things in life. Too many to name,  We did have every  farm animal you could name, from ducks,40 chickens, 40 angora rabbits and New Zealand rabbits, 100 or so sheep and goats. I love to spin on a spinning wheel, weave on a loom, knit, crochet, build things, herbs and roses and grapes, and Lilly are some of my favorites to grow.
I worked in a florist as a young girl, while working there, I also learned to run a cash register, pump gas, how to help find the right fertilizer or plants, I also learned to do the accounting for the whole garden center.  As my children were born and I stayed at home, I sold Home Interior, made floral arrangements for other florist and gift shops. I did the accounting for my husband business, and mine.
 I opened a gift shop, but my customers turned it into a florist, for they liked my floral arrangements. After having a hystermony, we closed the florist and moved to the country. As our farm grew,
 I was became very happy. This city girl,  had missed her life and friends. My husband and I were 4H leaders for one of the biggest clubs in Mississippi, where we taught the children much of the gifts God has given to me, and my husband for he can do most
 anything, he is very talented. 
 I worked five years in a Corporate office, in the accounting department.I took an interior decorating course, I took an esthetician course. I have sold Mary Kay make up. I had a nail salon prior to going to work with an Aviation Company.
  I have been members of Chambers of Commerce, Mississippi Goat Association, Fire Dept. board of directors.  Member of Weaving and Spinning Guild. I done many demonstrations of spinning and weaving.  I have taught spinning and weaving at the local college. I am writing a book on spinning and weaving. I also home school my girls from the seventh grade on. After our girls were grow, for about five years My husband and I traveled working, to  all the airports in the south eastern states, from town to town. Staying in a motor home, from 10 months out of a year. During this time we had two daughters, married, and three grandchildren born. We now have four grandchildren. The big C word came into my life in January 2003, I had chemo twice that year. We went to surgery in 2004, two surgeries turn into thirty-nine. I continued to work and have surgeries. Until my husband and I took a leave of absence from work in 2006, thinking we would be gone two or three months. 
We now have been home three years. We have added to our farm  more chickens, and a few goats, and a guard dog.  My husband is also is experimenting with Mississippi State University, growing craw fish in ponds The farm life is a life that I have enjoyed so much. I miss traveling for I got to go to a lot of cities and towns out of state, and shop at antique shops and gift stores.  

I want to thank all whom visit, follow and comment on my blog website. Thank you all for taking the time to visit me.

This week I am going to only post my give away.
 I have included the links below to visit other websites, I have enjoyed visiting and participating in each event hosted, by these websites. 
Please leave a comment on this page and I will enter your name for the drawing of my 100Th post give away.  For subscribers by email, just send me an email at: ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com
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