Lady Katherine Afternoon Birthday Tea


A Special Afternoon Tea for Lady Katherine’s Birthday
All the battenburg tablecloths and napkins are new for my Birthday. I had 3 new servers bought but were delivered after all the guest arrived, so I made do with my Early American Crystal, trays with bowls turned
upside down to serve the food on.
My guest are arriving as I am getting dressed.
A Birthday gift from my sister-in-law Judy
Faye at one of the table setting
 My friend Kathy with Lady Katherine
Everyone thought the teapot cake was ceramic
 Clotted cream, lemon curd, honey, strawberry preserves
My daughter, Jennifer is teaching herself to make cakes, she made this teapot cake for my Birthday
Spearmint frozen Tea I made from the herbs in my garden
Lady Katherine and Hazel, The red hat a Birthday gift from my friend Kathy
Carmel pie, blueberry muffins, pecan pies, roma tomatoes sandwiches
Lemonade, chicken salad sandwiches, pastries
Teaching a little Tea Etiquette.
I used my Old Country Roses China, I did not have enough pieces for this large of a group, for I have been collecting the oldest set, My sister-in-law Judy went by the mail and brought the rest of the pieces needed.
You probably noticed some of the tables aren’t furnished setting. Not sure if you can see the little pink favor boxes filled with chocolate de creame tea, with their place card, a little bar of soap, and a  tiny teapot cookie
inside a a lace bag with green ribbon.
You may have noticed empty plates on the stands, the blueberry and cranberry scones were left warming under a light, until ready to serve
My daughter, Jennifer made the teapot cookies
With the help of the girls at the cafe, and my two daughters, Jennifer and Suzette
I could not have done this Tea Thank you for such a wonderful Birthday Gift Thank you for helping prepare the food, the tables, the decorating, all the errands ran for me. For the lovely cake, and cookies.
The girls at the cafe using my old carfe to refill the teapots
My guest list is very special, for these ladies, all while I been sick the last years, have brought food, picked up medication, brought me many gifts to brighten my days,  Kathy has taken me to the Doctors, driving an hour away to pick me up, an hour to the doctor, waited  hours while I was seen and having test, and driving me back home an hour, then driving home an hour.
I wanted to Thank  each one of them that have been there for my family and me.
Here I am trying not to cry as I tell what each lady has done for me, and how Thankful I am.
I think everyone had a few tears with me.
My sister-in-law Judy in the black hat, stayed and helped clean up until almost 9:00pm.
I was exhausted, but with her and the girls at the cafe all was was and dried
Saying Good-bye to my special friend Hazel, the first time I seen her in two years, she broke her hip,
and can’t drive, she use to visit and we would have Tea. So we missed each other so much
I hope you enjoyed seeing my Afternoon Tea, Tea started at 4:00pm and my last guest left at 7:30
I had a lovely time!!!! Thank you all for making my Birthday so wonderful!
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