Welcome to the 58th Tea Time Tuesday  
Spring is surely here! The birds are singing, and daffodils blooming.
The days are so much warmer, I have been sitting on the porch soaking in the sunshine! 
My hens are laying and chicks to be hatched soon. Today I decided to add birds and chicks to my Tea
Centerpiece: of daffodils in a green pail, my little creamer and sugar bowl with chick salt and pepper shakers 
My yellow bird teapot is from Hobby Lobby, sitting on my favorite wire Teapot warmer,
underneath my husband’s grandmother’s everyday plate, with a a green plastic plate
with little yellow bird chick candy
Yes, you will usually see a tea strainer on my table, many believe it not a place for the table.
Not I, I love using my tea stainer over my cup as I pour my tea. I brew my loose leaf tea in the teapot to let the leaves have room to expand. The tea leaves left sittting in the teapot will make your tea bitter, 
but my Tea is usually gone before then and another pot of tea is brewed.
For each place setting I used my husband’s grandmother’s everyday white plate, with a chick dish in the center with a green plastic plate as a charger, as this is an informal Tea.
Green napkins from Ross
Chick flatware holders from Cracker Barrel
White teacups from thrift store, a gift from my daughter Suzette
My white tablecloth from a garage sale many years ago,  I think paid around $1:00 for.
View out the French Doors, my husband cut ash limbs,
 and made the curtain rods for my Native American Indian decor family room.
On the chairs I bought for $2:50 each from the Annual Garage sale,I placed yellow placemats 
Many ask are my Tea;s in my home, yes they are. I live in a 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow, which we are remodeling and probably always will be. People laugh and say if I do not like a wall there it goes. They are right, lol We change and if I live with it for a while and decided I do not like it it goes. lol
For a three tier stand I choose my husband’s grandmother’s white everyday dishes, I never knew when I took them out of the cabinet and washed them up, I would love using them so much. They are smaller than a dinner plate, and larger than a desert plate, and go so well with many Teas.
I have a 64 piece set of white dishes I barely ever use, for I love using my husband’s grandmother’s dishes.
I also used Melamie yellow scalloped desert plates on top of the white plate, and a small bowl on top holding a chick in a little flower pot, holding a sign DREAM!  
Close up of centerpiece
Just adore these chick salt and pepper shakers
Close up place setting
The sun is shining brightly! So refreshing to see all the flowers blooming and trees budding outdoors.
I just love this whimsical Teapot!
Out the French Doors you can see a few of my chickens, in the background.
Close up of the chick flatware holders
I added little candy yellow birds to each teacup saucer
Doesn’t this just say Spring is here!

Next week I shall announce the winner of the Muse’s new book of poetry, Anthesis
I am so happy to give this lovely book of poetry,
 which goes so well while having a cup of Tea, 
in celebration of one year Anniversary of Tea Time Tuesday.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my little bird chick tea today, as much as I loved seeing Spring arrive.
This Tea would also be great for Easter. 
Next week is my birthday, I will be having a bluebird tea to show you. Hopefully I shall be having a Tea Luncheon with my family with my rabbit Birthday dishes my husband bought me last year on my Birthday:  from Cracker Barrel.  I do love the rabbit pattern Cracker Barrel has this year and it blends lovely with  my last year’s pattern.  I did buy the Tea Set of this years pattern. I am hoping to get the platter and a four more of the egg bowls. I would love to have the dinner plates, but if not I shall use my off white chargers.
As I am still not able to get out since my surgery, and still resting in bed.
 Looking forward to feeling stronger soon, and opening our Old General Store/Cafe!
Hoping by summer, I will have the Tea Room up and going at the Store, 
for we have many rooms to add to our dreams in the store.
Many of you are emailing for an address: 
Leesburg Mercantile
Lady Katherine
289 Hwy 481
Pelahatchie, Mississippi  39145
Thank you all that have sent emails, cards, and magazines, gifts, telephone calls,
 for all your lovely comments, and prayers. 
You all are so sweet to think of me, and I deeply appreciate  all you have done for me.
Thank you all for joining me each week for Tea Time,
 and I shall be posting each week for you to link to Tea Time Tuesday.
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
I will be joining:
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum
Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
The Tablescaper
for Seasonal Sunday
Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage and Bakery Center
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Welcome to the 51st Tea Time Tuesday  
Today I want to take you on a tour of a park with a Gazebo in a small town near me.
View from across the street, notice the brick street, and old wonderful building
As you walk up the sidewalk, this is the view.
 The gazebo is decorated for each season , can you see the park benches on the left side?

I have always wanted to photograph this gazebo, and this day, I finally had my camera along.
This gazebo is at the only traffic light in town.
I just love the hearts, and the cupid beneath the gazebo

This is a better view of the park on the left
This cupid is so great, I do not know who the artist is, but I love it.
The small bushes below the cupids are covered in red lights

Close up the hearts and benches inside the gazebo 

Wouldn’t a Valentine’s Tea be lovely here in this Gazebo????
This small town has given me permission to have a Tea here, can’t wait to show you.
Waiting for a warmer day, if not I will be there one day next week. 
Here you can see the brick on the road
Hope to see you next week here in this Gazebo, having Tea!
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
I will be joining:
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum
Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
The Tablescaper
for Seasonal Sunday
Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage and Bakery Center
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Welcome to the 43rd Tea Time Tuesday 
Run, Run, Run as fast as you can to see my Gingerbread Man Tea! 
In my Native American Indian Family Room
First photos are Tea Setting without food.
Place setting with Girl cup and plate 
Gingerbread Man Tea Pot
On the left is the Gingerbread Sugar Bowl, with creamer
Three Tier filled with peppermint plates and gingerbread man and lady plates
Sitting by the warm fire in the wood heater, I should say stove. 
My husband loves to cook on the top. I had hoped we would get the glass door 
wood heater in this year, it sits in a shed waiting to come in. lol
Now for the Goodies
On the top tier is Rice Krispies Treats molded into gingerbread men, and a wreath.
Made by my daughter, Suzette
On the second tier are Brownies with pecans
On the third tier are Chocolate Chip Scones
I like to put my scones on the bottom, to serve while still warm,
Etiquette says to place scones in on the middle tier 
Close up of the goodies!
Suzette, Thank you for making these Rice Krispie Treats, they are adorable!
Small Gingerbread Man Chef ornament
A close up just for Gloria! 
Here he is! 
Aprons used on back of chairs
I think the Tea turned out adorable!  Since I thew it together this afternoon.
I have been doing a Gingerbread and Peppermint Table Setting since 2008, 
This is the first time I used my collection for a Tea.
Just so Yummy!
I collect each year more Gingerbread men, and peppermint.
My table and buffets will be covered with new things this year. I will show it next week, 
for we have Christmas Breakfast with this setting and the Grandchildren love it!
Place setting with a Tea Cookie
They are so delicious!
I just adore these dishes! 
Above view
Just Adorable, don’t you think??
 Notice I have Drapes up! Yeah Hubby cut Ash Tree limbs,
 and used a draw knife to take off the bark.  I hope to add some fabric,
 and beading to the leather drapes.
The drapes were hung last night and the wrinkles will fall out soon!
Vinyl Tablecloth: from Walmart
Napkins: from Pier One
Aprons: from Pier One and Dollar General
Peppermint Plates, Gingermint pattern: from Cracker Barrel 
Gingerbread men and ladies: from Cracker Barrel and Dollar General
Tea Set: from Cracker Barrel
Gingerbread Man and Lady Cups: from Cracker Barrel
All other Ornaments: from Dollar General
Gingerbread Men and Lady plates and small bowls: from Burke’s
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
I will be joining:
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
 Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
Michael Lee at Designs By Gollum
Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie
The Tablescaper
for Seasonal Sunday
Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage and Bakery Center
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Welcome to the 28th Tea Time Tuesday 

My friend Maryann came for a visit, and stayed the whole afternoon with me. 
We had a little Tea and lots of conversation!
We haven’t seen each other in near a year. She gave me a call fifteen minutes before she arrived.
As we ran around straighting the house. I put on a kettle of water. 
I went from room to room gathering accoutrement for our Tea.
 As I had a Tablescapes going in one room, my parlor holding my hospital bed.  
 I was looking for a place to have Tea. 
So the Family Room it was to be! 
Now you will notice we are remodeling our 100 year old home and many things need to be done, like the French Doors do not have trim around them as of yet, Just look over the remodel.
 For we had such a Lovely Time!
My friend, Maryann from Alabama
Yes, she tasted her Tea first, I then talked her into taking a little milk too! She loved it with milk!
With Time so little, and my family stopped by, no time to bake the scones, 
I keep in the freezer for times like this.
I wanted to make a few sandwiches, but Maryann had a late lunch.
So I opted for Chocolate Wafer Cookies and Raspberry Sticks. 
Thanks BJ at  Sweet Nothings for the wonderful tip on how wonderful these chocolate wafers are!
While searching Walmart for these rich chocolate wafers, 
I spotted these wonderful raspberry sticks! They are divine! 
Garnished with my spearmint and raspberries.
I served my favorite Vanilla Cream Tea. Which is so lovely with sweets.
I love to use this sterling silver tea leaves strainer.
Some say there is no place for a strainer at the Tea Table, Oh but I do love using it!  For I like to add my tea leaves to my teapot and pour the hot water in from the kettle, after I have tempered the teapot, by adding a little of the hot water and swirling it around and pouring it out of the Teapot. I then add one heaping teaspoon of tea leaves per cup and one heaping teaspoon for the teapot. I do love my Tea Strong, so always add a little more tea leaves and brew the same amount of time should you like your tea stronger. You can’t tell by how dark the color is, for having strong tea.  By adding the tea leaves to the teapot, doing so the tea leaves have enough room to expand. Some tea leaves infusers are small, lacking room for the Tea to expand. Most of my teapots have a strainer made in the spout, but I find the fine leaves will seep through.
You can see the small tea leaves in caught by the strainer.
I love the sterling silver ornate designs and notice the strainer has a little pot for you to sit the strainer on, so no mess is made on your tablecloth.
Tea Set, cups and saucers,  from Marshall’s
Metal Iron Tray, from Hobby Lobby
Tea Napkins, a set of six given by my sister, Gloria
Flatware: Renaissance Pattern reproduction, from Walmart
Table and chairs, garage sale finds  for$30.00

 I sent  Maryann off with samples, of different flavored black, green and white teas.  I hope she is having many Tea Tasting, while she working/traveling with a friend! 
 I can’t wait to hear which Teas Maryann loved, 
I know she is going to love drinking Hot Loose Leaf Tea!  
What a lovely way to spend an entire afternoon with a wonderful friend and a lovely cup of Tea!
Even though we didn’t have the sconces, sandwiches, and cakes.
I enjoyed this Afternoon Tea so much my dear friend!
I will be joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch 
for Tablescape Thursday

Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie 
for Saturday Favorites

As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

Thank You for Joining me for TEA TIME TUESDAY
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Welcome to the 25th Tea Time Tuesday 
Join me Today for a Tea with Special Guests in the Garden,
 as I announce the winner for my give away a $100.00 Gift Card from CSN Stores.

Today I have very special guests for Tea
Olivia is a lovely lady, I have met  through my website and talked with many times.
I won one of her many give aways, a Christmas ball place card holder set.
Olivia, my pet name,( came about with a joke we have) 
for Susan at Between Naps On The Porch,
 hostess for Tablescape Thursday, and Metamorphosis Monday. 
Where one can find many lovely Tablescapes, and wonderful makeovers of Design. 
 Olivia has through Email, and telephone  calls, has become a special lady in my life.
 Olivia and I have many long talks of Tablescaping, and Design. She has been a great friend through my surgeries. A lovely book of Tablescapes for Christmas came in the mail for me to read as I recover!  I am so honored to call  Susan, friend and her join me for Tea today!

Another of my special guests is the lovely Micheal Lee, whom I have also met through my website.
Michael Lee is a special lady in my life also.  We have talked through many Emails.  I won one of her many give away, a Le Creuset Stoneware Pear Casserole Dish. 
We have had wonderful talks of our farms, her encouragement for my writing. 
  Michael Lee once lived in my home State of Mississippi. 
Many great writers are from Mississippi, and Michael Lee West is one of them.
 You might know her from at Designs by Gollum,  hostess  for Foodie Friday.  Where one can find many wonderful food, recipes, and design ideas on her website.
I am so honored to have Michael Lee, another lovely friend join me for Tea Today!

My next guest is the lovely Laurie, I have also met through my website. Laurie is a very special lady in my life also. We have talked through Email and Telephone calls. Laurie has been so wonderful, my last surgery Laurie not only called to check on me, 
but sent and forwarded many lovely cards from you ladies in Blogland. 
Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie, 
Hostess for Saturday Favorites.
 I am so honored to have Laurie for Tea Today.
As my lovely guests pull up a chair, which I painted my favorite Gentleman’s Blue.  
 I also wove strips of fabric to make the seat in these old ladder back chairs.
 I found these chairs, some at garage sales, thrift stores for just a few dollars. 
I also had a few of the chairs given to me by my neighbors.
 As I sit down to my place setting
I shall pour each of my guests a cup of  Vanilla Creme Tea.
(bought from Vintage Tea) 
One lump of sugar or two? Milk?
(Always serve milk not cream with Tea)
I am serving  my guest Chocolate Chip Scones,
 (made from a mix bought from Victorian House Scones)
Fancy Cakes with a pink rose bud on top, 
(Little Debbie’s Fancy Cakes)
(Yes you can eat the rose buds, no chemicals were used on the roses.)
Chocolate Cookies with Vanilla Icing 
( Little Debbie’s Chocolate Cookies)
Garnished with Peppermint 
(from my Herb Garden)
We can enjoy at the birdbath of floating roses
Bird bath with floating roses
On the table we shall enjoy a Heart Pierced bird bowl of floating pink roses
 Enjoying another dish of floating roses, which I won from Becky at Holiday at the Sun
Becky has been dropping by to visit me often!
Becky I have another chair and will add another place setting just for you to join me for Tea. I want you to see my lovely Oak Tree which you and I have climbed together!
 Held on tight together while swinging on a branch! 
While Emailing and Talking on the Telephone! 
Welcome my  lovely friend, to my Garden Tea!
Now this is all the things I have won while enjoying my website the last Two Years! 
 The Winner for the 100.00 Gift Card Give Away from CSN Stores!
Congratulations to Concetta at Concetta’s Cafe
Concetta, you shall be able to buy what your heart desires,
 from any of CSN Stores, and they have many  Stores Online.
Please email me at ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com your Email address, 
to claim your 100.00  Gift Card from CSN Stores.

Tablecloth: White linen cloth, topped with a cream sheer
(given by my husband’s Aunt Johnnie Nell)
Cream Three Tier Stand: Fred’s Dollar Store
Chargers, Cups, Bird Bowl Pattern: Pierced Heart, from Ross
 Cream Dinner Plate: My husband Grandmother’s everyday dishes
  Blue Rose Desert Plate Pattern: Wood and Son, made in England, from Ross
Flatware: Renaissance Reproduction, Walmart
12×12 Tea Napkins: I made
Napkin Holders: Dollar Tree
Tea Set Pattern: Pierced Heart, from Ross
(Sitting on an old aluminum embossed tray, covered with an old doily)
Bought from a Antique Store
Plant Stand Holding Tea Set, Draped with an Old Shawl
Bought from a Antique Store
Plant Stand Holding Tea Set, Draped with an Old Shawl
Metal Bird House: Jerome Tanks, Philadelphia, Mississippi
I have added another table!  For Christine at Christine Home and Travel Adventures has stopped by and will be joining us for Tea! Christine sent me a wonderful book on designing yards for me to enjoy as I recover. I love talking with Christine by Email and telephone. I have had Tea with Christine twice in the past year as she lives here in Mississippi. I have enjoyed the time I have spent with Christine. I had so much fun seeing her home in real life.  She been a wonderful friend and is a member of the Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles. MMSB is a  group of ladies from Mississippi who all have met for a Tea Luncheons this past year. Christine is a lovely person do stop by her website and see her Tea this week. She is the first Tea Time Tuesday link this week.

 Beverly at Pink Saturday is joining us for Tea also! Now I can add place setting for Becky. Christine, and Beverly here on this iron table covered in a crocheted tablecloth my sister, 
Doris gave me. A bowl of Early American Prescut Crystal with floating Pink Roses.

Beverly has been a special person in my life also, Beverly is the hostess for Pink Saturday, which is for the Awareness of Breast Cancer. Beverly features a website each Saturday, I was the first website she featured and such an honor for me. Beverly has emailed me such encouraging words, as I have been recovering from my 40th surgery.
 I have had many complications, and still have many complications,
 along my journey of Breast Cancer since 2003. 
Each person is asked to share an experience for The Miracle Party. 
My Miracle
I would like to share through my journey of Breast Cancer, I am Thankful for all the friends I have and have made through my website. For all the lovely gifts, cards, and food I have received.
Most of all through this journey, my husband Terry, has been my caretaker. Being a caretaker with all we have been through he has stayed at my side, not only taking care of me, but running the household, being my nurse, my hair dresser, my cook, my maid, my list could go on and on. The caretaker job is very hard, demanding, and burdensome. We have stayed close and he is my best friend as I am his, as we have known each other since we were 8 years old. Childhood Sweethearts and married for almost 33 years. I want to hold my glass up and give Cheers to my husband for all the things he has gone through with me. He deserves the Husband of The Years Award!
 If had one wish I would give him something so special, that he has dreamed of, 
yet he has not been able to do, for he has stayed at my side. 
I am Thankful for My Wonderful Simple Man Makin It Do!
I am so honored to share with you a special event,
 Beverly will be having on August 28, 2010.  
Beverly will be joining a MIRACLE PARTY,
 to celebrate Collette’s Recovery and Miracle Makeover sponsored by Guide Post!  
A Lovely Background of my Grandmother’s Roses, with a Lovely Table Set for Tea 
I hope you enjoyed my Garden Tea for my Special Guests! 
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

I am joining these ladies weekly events, just click on the photo to go to these websites!

Welcome To Tea Time Tuesday
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How To Make Peppermint Brownies and Peppermint Tea

Welcome to the 16th Tea Time Tuesday
Peppermint Topping for Brownies and a simple Peppermint Tea
These brownies are great for Christmas, Valentine, or July 4th you could add blue icing and a flag. 
I think they are perfect for anytime!
Would like to learn how to make these wonderful Peppermint Brownies?
Here is How!
I will take you step by step in making these easy
Peppermint  Topping for Brownies!

one box of Duncan Hines Chocolate Lovers Walnut Brownie Mix
Branches’ Star Brites hard peppermint candy
(This peppermint candy melts easier)
Betty Crocker Butter Cream Icing,
(one can will do three sets of brownies)

I used about a twelve by nine inches cookie sheet
add Parchment Paper on cookie sheet
Unwrap the peppermint candy

Line the candy in rows of six across and eight down the length of the cookie sheet. Spacing the peppermint candy evenly as you can in each row.
Preheat your oven I use 300 degrees,
but my stove is older and your may need to be a little hotter.

Place in a preheated Oven, and be careful not to tip or your rows will not melt evenly. You can move each peppermint back in place if you hurry for it will start being sticky just seconds after placing in the oven.

I baked my peppermint candy for six minutes. You need to stay at your oven and check on the peppermint as it melts. When you see it melting, and spreading. I take my melted peppermint out when I see a couple of bubbles only!
Not a pan full of bubbles! Watch it close!
For you do not want it to turn pink or tan or yellow.

You will want work QUICKLY AS YOU SCORE the melted peppermint.
Score the melted peppermint just after taking it from the oven on the parchment paper lined pan, it was baked on.
I keep a pizza stone warm and ready, for as I start to score the melted peppermint, it may try to melt back together. I then place it on the warm pizza stone and finish scoring, until I am sure it is not sticking together. Taking it on and off the stone as I need to.
I use a pizza cutter and keep a small knife close to score the edge on each side of the pan. ( Where the pizza cutter does not get close to) You may have to score several times. Should the melted peppermint start to stick back together keep scoring. Making the size blocks you want.

This is what you want your Melted Peppermint to look like.

See how I made the ends too large, now you can make you measured out temlate from parchment paper.
I just eye ball it and you will get better at it the more you make.
The Melted Peppermint will be very sticky.

This is the colors you do not want your Peppermint candy to look like as you bake it. Then too it is too thin for I used less candy. To have your topping of melted peppermint THICK ENOUGH use as many as I showed above.
The melted peppermint can look pink on top, but the bottom will be a light tan.
Something you do not want. None of the are good!

I scored my peppermint 3 to four times and sometimes it hard to keep the scoring in the same place. You will have little pieces left from the edges. Some will break so make at least two cookie sheets of candy for one box of brownie mix.
As you score you can feel the candy getting harder, this is when you want to go to the warm pizza stone if you do not have all the pieces cut loose Yet or need to do a little trimming up on the edges.
Do not let it slide off to the floor you will have a sticky mess. After I made my topping and/or brownies I cover both in aluminium foil should I want to finish up putting them together later.
Make sure they are cool!

As you can see here some of the pieces have broken.
Another tip I would like to mention is I have another cookie sheet with parchment paper (cool) to lay the scored peppermint tops on make sure you lay flat and work fast for they will bend or curl on you.

I save the pieces and use them in my tea, Yes, I sometimes add Peppermint Schnapps too, but just 1/2 teaspoon or less per cup of tea. I sit and drink this as my brownies and peppermint tops cool.

I make the Brownies using the cake brownie recipe on back of Duncan Hines box.
Using a eight by eight glass baking pan.
I just like baking brownies in a glass pan.
After the brownies are done,
I press down the top so it will be flat and not a peaked top.

I place the pan on a wire rack to cool. Within less than five minutes I turn the pan over onto the wire cooling rack. After the Brownies have cooled. I then place them back into the same pan (washed and dried).
I usually trim off the outer edge of the brownie with a knife.

Below is Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate Brownies Mix I added walnuts to.
For I forgot to take pictures of how to put the brownies together Christmas.
My larger pan has gotten broken, now the new brownie pan might not work with this unless the cutting divider will cut through the Melted Peppermint Candy.
Should you try it let me know, I might go buy one. lol
I used Betty Crocker Butter Cream Cupcake Icing
In a can. Homemade would be great. But then so would Brownies made from scratch. This is all about Semi-Homemade.
When placing the Melted Peppermint Topping and Brownies together,
Make sure both are totally cooled.

I added the icing around and around on top of the baked brownies,
which are in the clean dry pan they were baked in.
This helps keep the size of the peppermint topping in portion.
I start placing the blocks on top, you may have to rearrange them to fit.
All the toppings are on top of the brownie
I now cut the brownies to the size of the Melted Peppermint Topping.
Cutting around each side of the Peppermint Topping.

Place cut Brownies on your favorite dish and enjoy!
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I made my Peppermint Brownies.
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea for Me!
Please visit the following websites to see many table settings,
food and recipes, by clicking on the pink words.
Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
Michael Lee at Designs by Gollum
Please Read
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Thank You for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday 
Remember To Save A Cup Of Tea For Me
Lady Katherine

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A Tea Party for Lady Katherine’s Birthday!
Here I am enjoying a little tea, in My Old Country Roses Teapot in one, with a lovely pink rose floating in my Early American Prescut Crystal bowl. Yes, I having a poptart with strawberry perserves! I would love for you to join me in this April 5, 2009 for My Annual Birthday Tea Party.

Want you join me this day, April 5th to celebrate my Birthday, by giving a Tea Party! This will be an annual Tea Party event, given every year on my Birthday April 5TH.

I would love to have you join me on this day! You can have a Tea Party for one, two, or three. I you like you can give a large Afternoon Tea . Set up a Tea Party inside, on the porch, on the lawn, or a picnic, just whatever you wish. You can use ice tea or hot tea! Even a punch would be great!
I would be honored if you would join me in celebrating another year of life. I shall be fifty-one! I am proud to say, for I shall have another Birthday!

Please comment below should you want to join me this day. For my email subscribers if you wish to join in on the fun, just email me your pictures to ladykatherineteaparlor@gmail.com I will be having my Birthday Tea Party on April 5Th. You can give yours anytime before April 5TH. All you have to do is have your Tea Party Posted on your blog website and  I will  come to you and link you all on my Tea Party Post.  I will send each of you an email, to remind you about your Tea Party Post.

Please let me know if you wish to join me on this day, April 5th, 2009 for My Annual Birthday Tea Party,  deadline  March 30, 2009

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