Welcome to the 23rd Tea Time Tuesday
The Beverage Center 

 Today I am sharing with you a day spent with my Granddaughter Hannah
We had Tea, We Baked, We Played!

When my Grandchildren come they think we have to have Tea for any meal or snack.
On this morning I almost forgot to take pictures

Hannah at Breakfast Tea
She found her place setting from the Tea that is from my Tea Time Tuesday Logo
and set it in front of her while Breakfast was being cooked.
She also added the doilies on the back of the bench
Have Tea With Me
As I look at these photos, 
I realize just how much has changed in my dining room and the sun porch behind.
Can’t wait to show you all my changes!

Hannah says I am through with Breakfast, 
Granna Please May I have another cup of Tea!  
I would like a little more Tea, Granna aka Lady Katherine
Instead of Water!
Teach Me! 
Granna is this the way to hold my Teacup?
I do love my Tea, just like Granna
 Oh No,my Tea is almost gone!
Granna, Please more Tea!
See my Tea is all gone!
Rock With Me!
Hannah sitting with Kitty in an old rocking chair, handmade by my Great Uncle 

Time to Smell the Roses
Walk With Me 
I love this Fairy Chime!
Swing with Me 
Lets Swing in the rope swing Granpappy made
Bake With Me
On parchment paper, using canned cinnamon rolls 
A small heart cookie cutter
Hannah is unrolling the cinnamon rolls and shaping hearts
Working hard on her creation
All Baked and adding the topping
Granna, I can do this with you
Hannah’s Cinnamon Roll Creations
When Life keeps you from doing things with ones you love,
Take a day using a can of Cinnamon Rolls and Tea 
Watching a Creative Lovely Granddaughter 
In A Day of Love and Time Spent Sipping Tea, Baking, and Playing
This is my Morning Star,  Hannah, she keeps me looking forward to life

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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me
Lady Katherine

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Fairy Tea Party at Crescent Bend House

Welcome to the 21st Tea Time Tuesday

Today we will be taking a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee
Where each year The Dogwood Arts Festival is held at Historical Crescent Bend House.
My Guest, Julia lives in Wears Valley, Tennessee,  a small community nestled in a valley near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The last two years Julia has entered a Tablescape in the Dogwood Festival Tablescapes Contest. Each participate is asked to pick out a painting hanging in Historical Crescent Bend House,in Knoxville, Tennessee. The participates then has to create a dining experience depicting what each person sees in their selected painting. 
Julia emailed me back in the Spring, asking if I had any advice I could give her on doing a Fairy Tea Party. Julia explained what she was creating.  I told Julia Your Fairy Garden Tea 
is going to be lovely, you do not need any tips from me. 
As you can see:
 Julia’s Lovely Fairy Garden Tea
Just look at the lovely pink shawl Julia draped on the chair! The tablecloth is so lovely!
A few bunnies peaking out from amidst the potted plants to greet the Fairy!
The painting Julia chose for Fairy Garden Tea is:
Appalachian Springs 
by Artist Wayne Blankenship
photo courtesy of Crescent Bend
Transfer came in a little fuzzy
Julia’s Fairy Garden won 1st place in the Floral Division
Notice the painting is hanging the background
This photo was taken in Julia’s home, 
I wanted you to see Julia’s Lovely Tea Set 
she used in this Fairy Garden Tea 
I just love the iron gate to the right of the Tablescape,
all the colors blend so beautifully

Julia’s created a beautiful Dogwood Tree with in this lovely Fairy Garden Tea!
Historical Crescent Bend House/Armstrong-Lockett House
and W.P. Toms Memorial Gardens
Built in 1834 by Drury Paine Armstrong, Crescent Bend was once a 900 acre working farm.
Crescent Bend House is one of the South’s finest house museums, 
and botanical pleasure gardens.
Over 30 thousand tulips are planted on the grounds

Crescent Bend gives tours of the home and gardens all year.
 The Terrace hold many lovely fountains
For Teas, Weddings or Other Special Events 
To find about more just give 
Judy McMillian, Events Coordinator a call
Thank You Judy for all your help with information and pictures about Crescent Bend.
photo courtesy of Crescent Bend House

The month April for the Tulip Festival, Crescent Bend holds High Tea for the public.
 Any other time of the year Crescent Bend will give a Tea for 25 or more.
During April the United Daughters of the Confederacy Ellen Renshaw House Chapter, 
will dress in Period Dress, while teaching the Art of the Victorian Fan Language.
Remember if you hold your fan to your lips, you will be asking to be kissed! 

High Tea at Crescent Bend House
photo courtesy of Crescent Bend House
Julia’s Tablescape for the Dogwood Arts Festival 
Fairy Garden Tea
Julia used silk flowers, plants, bird houses, tea set, fairy, rabbits, and iron gate
To create this lovely Fairy Garden Tea
Isn’t this Fairy just lovely with the bunny at her feet.
You can see why Julia won the Floral Division, her creation is Breath Taking!
Thank You so much Julia for sharing your Fairy Garden Tea, and introducing us to
 Crescent Bend House in Knoxville, Tennessee

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As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me
Lady Katherine

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Welcome to the 17th Tea Time Tuesday
June is National Iced Tea Month
Roosters Table Setting
And few Chicks Too!
Upon my side board sits, a red basket of egg gourds, a Rooster  Chef to count how many fresh eggs laid daily, a sign I painted many years ago, behind it sits of my new lanterns. A black and white metal Rooster, Sunflowers, and Rooster soup bowl  stacked on wheat saucers. 

Good Morning!
Welcome To A Rooster  Breakfast!

Close up View of Side board, Sunflowers White bowls and another metal Rooster

Close up of my black and white metal Rooster.
  My dish cover made from screen, with  yellow flowers and bees.

View of  Rooster Table setting facing side board, I made from the wood from our walls.
Notice the end place setting I used a different charger and added a bowl for my husband’s Grits.

View of table set with my Rooster Toile Tablecloth and Rooster dishes faces the small sun porch. 
 Stay tuned for there is a surprise behind the bench, My grandchildren want you to see!

View of Buffet, I made using two drawers from the old kitchen island.
A red and white hen on top, A rooster with a sunflower on his back,
 with a tin punch lamp shade which holds a candle.
Blue and white hen casserole dish

This hen heart says Home Sweet Home, and her necklace,
 I made from blocks and eggs, says EGGS
View of the Hutch I traded the bottom part for a wool felted hat I made, plus a little money.
I made the shelf above from wood of the old dining room walls,
 which hold my white Great Gathering Dishes.
 This shelf was stained and did hang above my stove.
Story goes hubby threw it out, after a few months in the rain, with me looking everywhere for it. 
Hubby told me it was in the junk pile, he helped  nail it back together. 
I did a brown and white crackled finish on this now hutch, which I use to serve Beverages. 

Close up: Notice the star on my Early American Precut Crystal Pitcher.
 Some call this pattern the Star of David.
 I this pitcher use to serve orange juice or iced tea. 

This garage sale find, iron and wicker shelf bought for $1.00.
  Holds a metal rooster filled with  soft peppermint, and my wheat creamer and sugar bowl, 
bought at the Valentine’s Auction with a set of dishes. 
The coffee pot was bought with the wheat dishes all for $20.00.
This is one of my favorite Roosters. It is wooden and I bought it on my last trip home from working and traveling with an aviation company.  Three years ago, from Cracker Barrel for $6.00. 
  A small basket of faux sunflowers and wooden corn.
My white teapot from Jerome Tanks,
 in Philadelpia, Mississippi bought for $4.00

 Close up view of the hutch top/ Beverage Center top

Notice the Rooster Apron on back of the door, My friend Kathy lives an hour away, 
she comes to visit me every few weeks, and brings me what I call happys to brighten up my day.
Kathy, Thanks for making me this Wonderful Rooster Apron!

I have to interrupt this Rooster Party,
 for I have little chicks hatching out of the blue and green eggs.
Notice the egg close to the front, it is hatching at this moment.

Table setting for my little chicks, I mean my Grandchildren!
I used plastic rooster plates with  Cambridge Demitasse flatware,
 and Demitasse cups and saucers. 
Early American Prescut Crystal Juice Glasses.
Rooster Teapot sits on top of A wooden sunflower.
I used an black and white gingham valance for the table cloth.

View of Grandchildren’s table with little Chairs that were in the old church by our home. 
Large Tea Towels for their napkins placed on back of the chairs.
Yes, they need big napkins! lol  Did you say why is there table behind the bench?  My grandchildren love it there. I have tried to move it and they say Please Granna! 
What can I say? lol

Metal 1950’s Party Table,
bought at a garage sale hold extra blue plates,
An Early American Prescut Crystal Syrup Pitcher, which was my Mothers.
 Rooster, Hen and Chicks on top.

Toile Tray behind was my 90 year old neighbors, an egg basket, 
lined with a cloth dinner napkin for biscuits. 
Yes, it is the name of this basket, for I have made many. 
A Rooster Tapestry on top, and a blue and white butter dish.

Close up of Mother’s Early American Prescut Crystal Syrup Pitcher

Rooster Table Setting

I have used Many different Rooster chargers, dinner plates, and salad plate used for pancakes.
The coffee/ tea cup and saucer is of my wheat patten.
Round black woven placemats, from Ross

For the place card holder, I used a sunflower and a corn cob.

Close up of Early American Prescut Crystal Juice and Water Glass.

On the pew, my husband cut down. 
I am letting you have a peek on what going on in my dining room. 
 My  Farmland blue toile fabric,  which will cover the bench seat, my chairs seat, 
and I am making curtains to match. 

Yes, MaryAnn from Sweet Water, Alabama,
 I shall keep the lace sheers You love so much! 
 On the back of the bench is a Rooster feed sack cloth.

View of the back side of the Rooster table.

For my Centerpiece:
My large Rooster, I bought years ago from Landrum’s, just outside of Laurel, Mississippi.
Where I use to demonstrate weaving on my loom, and spinning on my spinning wheel.
 The day after Thanksgiving every year.

My daughter bought the egg holder from a garage sale, I think it use to be a spice rack. 
A little sign I painted years ago.
Two smaller roosters one each side, and the white Roosters are salt and pepper shakers.

Can you tell which eggs are real or faux?
The two real eggs are by each corner of the sign I painted years ago.

Collage of place settings, chargers and plates used.
I have shown many close ups of my Early American Prescut Crystal for I have a huge collection. Which I have collected all over the South.
 and I have had many  asking to see close up of my collection.
This Ends this Rooster Iced Tea Party!  
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine

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TEA TIME TUESDAY- Princess Hannah’s Birthday Tea Party

Welcome to the 3rd Tea Time Tuesday
Lady Katherine and Princess Hannah
 Welcome You 
To Hannah’s Tea Party
Hannah has rosy cheeks for she been in the play makeup!

View of Table from the Family Room
The fabric used is miscellaneous fabrics we had around the house, 
the chairs have pink tulle bows with Butterfly placemats on the backs.

Place Setting: 
 Pink paper heart paper doily
White Great Gathering Desert Plate: Big Lots
Pink and white stripe saucer: Hobby Lobby 
Chantal pink heart bowl: Ross
Tea cup: gift from my sister, Gloria
Cambridge Unforgettable Style demitasse flatware: Ross
Purple paper napkin, using a candy ring for napkin ring, wand
Cupcake holder, I made using two candle holders, turned one upside down and glued a pink hand painted rose on it. Since I took off the taller base candle holder, for height reasons. 
I added a crystal berry bowl to the bottom and a candy bracelet around the base.

The heart bowl has vanilla pudding with slipper, star sprinkles. 
This photo does not have the pink sugar dust I used on top of the pudding.

View of the table with the side board of food
Centerpiece for sideboard is:
 flowers on a pink dress form on an over turned silver heart bowl,
 and Hannah dolls 
I made the bouquets of flowers and added flowers to the dress form: Hobby Lobby
Tier Plate holds:
Strawberry Tarts, pink and white sprinkled flower sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies

View of the table facing my china closet

Centerpiece for Table:
Cloche: Peebles
Hannah Princess Doll
Early American Prescut Crystal Bowl, and Cake Plate Stand
Two small EAPC  juice glasses with purple and white flowers
Slippers: I painted pink: Dollar Tree
Hand painted pink rose shower curtain hooks

Our Birthday Girl, Princess Hannah’s Chair

The Crackled Hutch I use as a Beverage Center
For the Adults:
Pink Tea cups : gift from my sister Gloria
White Tea Cups: TJMax
Extra Teapots for refilling the small Teapots sitting on the table: Hobby Lobby

China Buffet, blue drawers reclaimed from my old Kitchen Island made to hold dishes:
Holds my Spring Dishes: Spring dishes a gift from my friend Kathy
The top holds the food and dishes for the adults
For the adults:
 I used the pink and white stripe desert plates: Hobby Lobby
Hannah’s Great Grandmother’s white dinner plates

 Princess Hannah has a Small Cake at her Place Setting
All the children were served cold tea,
 for safety, and each had a cupcake 
The Adults tasted Lady Katherine’s favorite Hot Vanilla Cream Tea.
Princess Hannah, Sipping Her Tea
Lady Katherine’s Oldest Granddaughter is Four Today! My Morning Star! 
Notice No Pinky finger out, ! Yeah! She was listening to her Granna/ Lady Katherine
All the girls with the help of of their Dads made little purses.  
Yes, Dads! For the Dads and Grandmother’s brought the children.
The boys played  on the tree swings.
We were having a girl and boy table, but as some of the girls couldn’t come.
 I only set the one table. All the children had goodies bags to take home.

Lady Katherine’s  Youngest Granddaughter Brianna, 
with her little purse
My Little Dragonfly!
Now where shall I put the balloons off my cake? Granna, you did not tell me this one!

The Chandelier is covered in pink and purple butterflies
At this point Lady Katherine was getting dressed,
 for she was up until 2:00 am and back up at 6:00 am, as the guests were arriving, she was in her gown still working away! Thank Goodness they were family! Well, some were friends!
So next time, for equitte, Please be dressed before the guest arrive!

So Mom and Dad say: What do we do?
 Play a game, or make the purses,
 I call from the dressing room.

Notice Hannah’s Daddy is serving tea from the right side of each guest! Yes, that right! 
Oh, how was I suppose to unfold this napkin? On the table? No? Upon my lap? I will just go on the table!  Where is Hannah’s Granna? Oh, No it was suppose to be on my lap! 
Where is Hannah’s Granna, is she looking? No, just Hannah’s Mama, Suzette, 
who is serving the guest.
Should we have taken our hats off, usually we do at the table,
 If the ladies can wear hats to Tea. 
Why can’t we? Oh, ours are caps! Oh, Well!

Oh, there comes Hannah’s Granna! She didn’t see me unfold my napkin! Oh, Hannah’s brother,Creighton went to get his Tea, as Dad was getting a refill in the little Teapot.
Dad says: Now who’s idea was this?? Using such small Teapots and Tea Cups! 

A last look at Princess Hannah’s Four Year Old Birthday Tea Party!

Thank You All For Joining Me For 
Tea Time Tuesday
I had such a lovely time!
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me! 
Lady Katherine 

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