Welcome to the 48th Tea Time Tuesday  
Today in my parlor my Granddaughter’s had a guest join them for a Tea Party
My Granddaughter Hannah, is four years old
My Granddaughter, Brianna is three years old
 My friend Earlene’s Granddaughter, Maggie she is six years old
Earlene made a video of their Tea Party, I was not dressed, and hope she did not get me in the video! lol
I even made a few mistakes, for I have never been video during a Tea

 The three girls are ready to start the Tea Party!

 Cheese cake, Strawberry pastry, and two types of cookies.
Maggie and her Grandmother made the cookies today, as I got the table ready for Tea
The cupids I made from ceramics and painted years ago.
Notice the wonderful trunk, Maggie brought it full of dresses 
The little girls loved looking at all the dresses in the trunk
Oh, yes they are planning another Tea Party!
Many to pick from!
What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, teaching little girls about Tea, Dresses, and Sheep!
 I think Earlene and I enjoyed this Tea as much as the three lovely little girls!
As we served Hot Tea, I decided to pour, usually Hannah pours and serves. I know she was disappointed, for she always is the hostess when she an Brianna have Tea.
Brianna is thinking, I placed my napkin on the table, oh should I leave the table?
Strawberry preserves for the cheese cake is in a little crystal bowl
While they had the Tea Party, we talked of my sheep, and how I spin the sheep’s wool, 
and knit, weave. We even looked out to the pasture to let Maggie see the baby lambs, next time we will visit the barn, for today it was too wet, to go out in their lovely dresses!
Brianna wears a dress from Maggie’s trunk
Hannah decided to wear a dress of her own
Maggie wore a dress from her trunk also
All the little girls in their fancy finery already for Tea
How they loved the shoes from Maggie’s trunk
Yes, they love Fancy dresses and pretty shoes
As they had Tea, I talked with each on how to stir the sugar,
 and milk without making a jingling sounds in their teacup. How not use the sugar spoon to stir your own tea. Where to place your spoon after you have stirred your Tea. Then how to look in your Teacup as you sip your Tea, no we do not sip our Tea from a spoon.
They love pouring their own milk, and adding the sugar. 
The little girls had Hot Tea, Tasha Tudor’s Breakfast Tea, the milk helps cool it down, 
for safety, I did pour each cup. They loved seeing the tea leaves as they were caught in the strainer,
 and placed back into it little cup.
What could be more lovely than seeing my Granddaughters, adoring their fancy dresses
Maggie and Hannah playing dress up, tie the bow on Brianna’s dress.
Yes, Maggie has invited them to come to a Tea Party in her play house.

Maggie is was so happy with her bow
Maggie, now takes the time to fluff out the dress
The girls are using a Tea Set, my sister gave to me years ago.
Notice the tea napkins, and the cupid napkin rings I made too.
The table cloth a resent find for $1.00 at a garage sale.
A sheep and lamb sits in the center, as I have 3 new baby lambs born.
A little place setting using demitasse teacups, and flatware
We talked of the spearmint leaves on the cream cheese cake,
 Yes, you can make, 
Tea, I crushed a leaf and let Maggie smell
How Lovely and Charming are these three lovely girls!
Thank  you Maggie for coming to Tea!
Thank You for Joining me for Tea Time Tuesday
As Always Save A Cup Of Tea For Me!
Lady Katherine
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